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A Place to Ponder by Sharon
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Is it any wonder that anywhere you wander is a good place to ponder?

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Some Haircut tips for trans men and/or transmasculine people!

Hello everyone, it’s mod Jay! I thought I’d share some helpful tips I’ve collected for those looking to get a more masculine-styled haircut! I’ve done plenty of trial and error myself, so these are based both on my own experiences and from anecdotes of other trans men and transmasculine people. These apply mostly for short hair. If anyone would like help finding tips for other hairstyles, don’t be afraid to reach out, I’d be glad to help!

  1. Buzzed or very very short (Furiosa-esque) hair can often have the opposite effect that people are looking for—While the cut itself is seen as masculine, it can make a more rounded, feminine face seem even more rounded and feminine. It brings more attention to the shape of your head. Of course the results will vary from person to person (I was gendered correctly (he/him) several times with this cut), but I advise to be prepared for whatever the results may be. Don’t fret, though—It will always grow back!
  2. The most common haircuts tend to be undercuts (short/buzzed on the sides and longer on the top). I find this cut to be very good for framing and squaring out the face. To really discern this style as masculine, here are some things to ask your stylist for:
    • The bottom hairline at the nape of your neck should be squared or faded, not rounded. Rounded hair tends to be more feminine, while a squared or faded hairline tends to be masculine.
    • If you wish to part your hair, ask for a permanent part. This means the stylist will edge in a line with a razor where the part in your hair should be. This part will usually separate the longer top section of your hair from the shorter side section. After I got this myself, I noticed it immediately seemed more masculine than any other hairstyle I had before.
    • Ask to have your sideburns squared off. Tapered sideburns tend to lean more feminine, where as a squared off sideburn gives more of an illusion of the separation between your hair and a beard line like many men have.
  3. As frustrating as it is, unnaturally colored hair (blue, green, purple, etc) tends to be a divisive factor between passing and not passing. Of course, go for colored hair if you so wish, I’ve personally had my fair share of the rainbow, but if passing as a guy is a major priority for you it may not be within your best interest.
These are the few tips I’ve managed to amass! I’ll certainly be looking around for more, and if anyone else has more suggestions don’t hesitate to send them in! I as well as many others would love to hear! ~Mod Jay ✌🏽

It’s ocean time! 🌊 Another project finished, another set of 16 dailies, another opportunity for me to mess around with little frames– it’s a good time. :) And also it’s about time!

(All ocean waves are ©1833 Hokusai, it’s not a homage but it’s also not not a homage, you know?)

Mellow Frames: SU Character React to Edgy Theories 2

I had a few left over from the first post.

Part 1:

Part 3:


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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Eleven- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Eleven

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 1,900
Warnings:  Language. Fluff out the wazoo. 
I am still tagging for the series.  Just shoot me an ask.  I’m still working on my google doc for tags. 


I’m hooked on a feeling
I’m high on believing
That you’re in love with me 
-From Hooked on a Feeling By Blue Swede

You had been in the restroom for nearly an hour though you had been ready nearly thirty minutes ago.  Your heart squeezed painfully in your chest and your stomach heaved.  Nervous didn’t even begin to describe how you felt as Dean waited in the room next door.  Oncing over in the mirror, you frowned at yourself as the wavering instercutires hit you.  

There was no reason to feel like that and you knew it.  Dean had seen you in your rawest and most vulnerable times.  Still the girl in the mirror was a stranger.  Sure she wore your clothes and you had done her make-up, but there was something different about her.  Something more than she had been.

Chewing your bottom lip, you reached over to the box with your contacts in them and gasped in horror.  The box was empty.  You groaned loudly when you looked over to your glasses case.  This trip was almost double as long as you had packed for and you were feeling the burn of that today.  First, you still had no underwear and now no contacts.  You would have to resort to wearing your glasses.  

You were just intensely glad that you had that extra outfit that you always carried with your other bag.  You glanced at yourself in the mirror again and pulled your glasses out of their case.  They were simple black framed square glasses, but you wouldn’t be able to see a foot in front of you without them.

The light knocking on your bathroom door made you jump before the sound of Dean’s voice echoed from the other side.

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Mellow Frames: Garnet’s Rocket Fist

Garnet in the TV show is like my little sister when she plays as the Siren in Borderlands 2. She rarely uses her awesome power. Garnet in this comic is like me when I play as the Siren in Borderlands 2. 

Valphalk - the “Sky Comet Dragon” from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.  

This one took some trial and error fitting those wings inside the square frame.

Marktplatz in Butzbach, Hessen, Central Germany, located about 15 km from Gießen and 35 km from Frankfurt am Main. The Landgrafenschloss, used by the U.S. Army until 1990, is now utilized by the city council. The so-called “Roman Way Housing” of the U.S. Army with more than 1000 apartments was returned to the German Government in 2007 and has since been renovated and rented out to the public. The “Schrenzer” hill (or Heidelbeerberg, 385 m) overlooks the town and the country north of Frankfurt, called Wetterau. Another higher mountain nearby is the Hausberg which features a look-out tower.

I can’t believe I got to meet a woman who “never introduces herself unless strictly necessary because direct introductions dilute her personal branding” and the boy who thinks the word ‘rectangle’ is “pretentious and artsy” and therefore calls them “weird squares” on the same day. Nature is such a rich tapestry