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Cas brings up marriage and is surprised when Dean gets angry and stomps off. Proposal fic.

“Should we get married?” Cas’s question rolled off his tongue long before he had time to think about what he was saying, which wasn’t really so unusual for him. He was staring up at the television in the corner of a humdrum convenience store they’d come across following a hunt. On the screen there was a news anchor. She was interviewing two young men, both of whom were clearly happy about their decision to get married despite the controversy circulating the country pertaining to gay marriage.

“What?” Dean was standing beside him, pausing in his search for potato chips.

“Marriage,” Cas repeated, finally looking away from the television to take in Dean’s furrowed brows. “After an allotted amount of time, human couples normally get married, don’t they? Should we get married?”

Dean blinked, silent as he tried to digest what was happening. Sam too, who was on the other side of the aisle, paused to listen in on the conversation. It’d been a year since Dean and Cas had finally gotten together, but their time knowing each other extended so much further that it seemed like much longer. At least to Dean. Cas’s idea of time was somewhat skewed, what with him having been an angel and all.

“Are… are you asking me to marry you?” Dean practically balked, still uncertain of what to make of where this conversation was going. “Are you proposing?”

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