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If Ben & Sophie were in a 1970s movie together

ANIMATION COMMISSIONS (frame by frame animation)


I’d like to try out some animation commissions! It’s a little experiment for me.


Full colored animation with background and shading per second: $15

(12-16 drawn frames; 1-4 work days, 10-20+ hours work time)

(really depends on the amount of backgrounds, actual drawn frames, movement and amount of characters portrayed)

Also loops and not moving frames are free of charge if it extends the amount of seconds.

Note: I will always draw a storyboard and present it to you how the finished animation may look like with sheets and sketches if you like. I also can send you my SAI file where everything is drawn.

Also please be aware that I’m not a professional and may not fully deliver what you may expect.

I’m mostly open to every subject to broaden my experience.

Payment only via PayPal in USD, please send me a private message if you are interested.

Kura are you even reading those pages or what.

Merry Christmas @glaringxdream! This is my part of our Xmas art exchange :D

The Cooper Falling Body

“The details are pretty thin on the ground and are really just a couple of sentences. About half way through the last century (judging by the clothes), the Cooper family moved into a new home somewhere in Texas. They took a photograph to mark this occasion and this thing appeared in the left of the frame upon development. Aaaaand that’s it. I’m told that the original snap has been cropped, which explains why the family is now not centred, as one would expect them to be. However, there is some degree of vignetting, which points towards the photograph being uncropped. Hmmm.

Another possibility is that a doll or something was being dangled in front of the camera to make sure the boys looked into the lens, but would anyone really let an object into the frame so much? Surely it’d be just as easy to dangle the doll above the lens.

I’ve had a quick Google, with a variety of keywords, but more details than the above evade me, so if anyone can squirrel more than I have been able to out of the internet it would be very enlightening to read. Furthermore, the farthest back it seems to appear online is April, 2012 – although I can’t find the original source.

Whatever the truth behind this photograph, it sure is an intriguing image.”

Via Ephor/Imgur


When your husband’s a big dork

Ok, now that the Rival Introduction video has been released, time to write this important list…

“How would I get rid of these girls”

  • Osana Najimi: Expulsion.

Never been fond to many female tsundere characters, and she’s tutorial level so it should be easy enough.

  • Amai Odayaka: Framing.

I’d love to be able to poison her food and see what face she makes…

  • Kizana Sunobu: Crushing.

You wanna be Juliet? With that attitude, you deserve to be “Captain Crunch” instead. On stage, if possible.

  • Oka Ruto: Murder-Suicide.

By using one of her own club members. At least she’ll go to hell thinking an actual demon possessed them.

  • Asu Rito: Burning.

Oh, you were the Swim Team’s captain? Joke’s on you, girl.

  • Muja Kina: Electrocution.

“An accident?” Yep, she was clumsy anyways.

  • Mida Rana: Rejection.

Think big front and rear bumpers will help you? Not if I can make you look bad, in other ways.

  • Osoro Shidesu: Match-making.

Brain beats brawn, so let’s make this awkward for her.

  • Hanako Yamada: Suicide.

Brother doesn’t need a girlfriend”? You just signed your death sentence. Fake or real… doesn’t matter to me.

  • Megami Saiko: Murder.