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When [the destined person] has reached the lowest point in their life,
the BEHELIT will find its way them.

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Black History Day 3: Cab Calloway.

Cab Calloway was groundbreaking as one of the first African-American musicians to be prominently featured on film. His work with the “Betty Boop” cartoons (as seen above) was legendary because it was basically the grandfather of what we know now as motion capture animation. They recorded Cab singing and dancing (dancing which included an early version of the moonwalk so take that Michael Jackson) and they TRACED HIS MOVEMENTS FRAME BY FRAME to translate them into the character he was playing. None of that unitard covered in ping-pong balls mess. Painstaking frame by frame tracing to capture his motions. You can watch full length versions of the Betty Boop cartoons featuring Cab Calloway pretty easily. I think they’re all on YouTube and they’re in the public domain so they’re easy to find and download. The names of the cartoon shorts are “Minnie the Moocher”, “Snow White ”, and “The Old Man of the Mountain”.
So go watch them now and appreciate a hard-working black musician who pioneered the jazz genre and was a key player in animation advancement.


Jeff Lynne (and Olivia Newton-John) in the Making Xanadu video - {x} (Part 1 here)

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experiment sixteen (m)

pairing: reader x park jimin

genre/components: smut // jimin’s a rich boy with a kink; dirty sex in a classroom with an angel is a must

count: 3802 words

a/n: my first smut with bts l o l i hope you like it also recommended to listen to [ take me to church by hozier ]

Park Jimin liked to live his life peacefully. He preferred to avoid complications and confrontations, which was the reason why he tended to steer clear of attachments. Expectedly, he was the heir to the biggest corporation in Korea that monopolized a greater part of the economy, including electricity, water, technology, you name it. It wasn’t surprising either that he was the top-achieving student in the most elite private school in Seoul.

Polite, gracious, and forgiving, he was adored by students and professors. It was disgustingly cliché at times but nobody could really despise Park Jimin for his success. He worked his sweat and bones to reach that point after all. No tears though, because he never cried a day in his life. Not when his mother passed, not with his father’s absence. If heaven gave its blessing to anyone, it would’ve been Jimin.

Though, it didn’t imply that he was a complete saint.

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Do you think Will would've let Dolarhyde kill Hannibal? Considering the fact that Will stood aside sipping his wine while gazing down at Hannibal bleeding out from his gunshot. It just makes me question their love a bit, and if it was just one sided after all.

No, I don’t think Will would have let Dolarhyde kill Hannibal. 

I think Will and Hannibal already both knew they were going to take down Dolarhyde together. Will is doing what he can to be ready, to read the room. And I think he’s admiring how Hannibal’s keeping himself together in the situation. 

I think Hannibal’s first look to Will is to check in, you with me on this, and Will’s steady stare is yes, just tell me when to act. He gives just the most barely perceptible nod. 

But it’s enough for Hannibal to know they’re working together. We get one of our beloved microsmiles.

It’s when Hannibal gives him the second look, when Dolarhyde opens the knife, that Will goes for his gun. 

It’s that look from Hannibal that tells Will they have to spring into action now. Hannibal can’t talk Dolarhyde down any longer, and probably feels he’s more or less assessed his own injuries from the gunshot and is ready to act as well. 

Now, Will still wanted to kill Hannibal. Because he couldn’t live with him or without him. Because if he didn’t kill him, he would become him.

How much more so, after accepting how much he enjoyed killing with Hannibal, that he did find it - and the connection - with Hannibal - beautiful.

Look At Me (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request:  Hey can u do #4 from the embarrassing dialogue prompt list ? With peter maximoff ❤️ +  Number 7 from the embarrassing prompt list with peter maximoff pretty please  
Word Count: 1209
Warning: Fluff, lil angst, swearing, Peter being a dork, somewhat nudity?? 
A/N: I combined requests because efficiency (and I’m lazy) So enjoy!! 
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“You think Y/n likes me?” Peter asked Jubilee as they laid on the lawn, music playing quietly through Peter’s speakers.

“I don’t know, I mean you act like a total idiot around them.” She stated propping herself up while Peter huffed.


“You totally do, you tripped over your feet when Y/n smiled at you, dropped a mug on the floor when they walked by and remember the time you walked into the lamp post.”

“Pfft no one saw that…did they?” Peter asked, somewhat desperately while she snorted.

“Yeah everyone saw you walk into a pole when they said hi. It was kind of hilarious.” Jubilee giggled while Peter groaned.

“Fuck, I can’t help it, when they’re around I just can’t think straight. Y/n just does something to me, I feel like I can’t breathe, but it’s exhilarating–I don’t know, never mind.” Peter shrugged it off while Jubilee ogled over his head over heels state.

“I’m pretty sure you’re past liking Y/n. You’re in looooove.” She chirped while heat rose to Peter’s face.

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Dean Ambrose - I Wouldn’t Miss It For The World

Dean Ambrose - He is dating a girl who is also an athlete/sports personality but she is a soccer player not a wrestler.

Request for - Anon

Warnings - Swearing, maybe some fluff

Word Count - 894 Words. 

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Being in relationships - with family, friends and lovers with your job as an international soccer player was hard enough; the busy schedules of travelling all over the world meaning you barely had time to see people until the season was over. But some how you and your current boyfriend Dean Ambrose made it work (mostly), and yes that is THE Dean Ambrose; WWE’s intercontinental champ and resident lunatic.

However, your schedules didn’t always work or coincide nicely together and this seasons final was a prime example of that. Tonight was set the be the biggest game of your entire career and an historical moment for your small town team who had never even made it to the quarter finals; let alone the actual final. In fact if you won this match your team would be promoted to a much better league and to say you were nervous yet excited was a huge understatement. However, you did feel a hint of sadness knowing non of your family could make it and Dean obviously had wrestling commitments. But you just kept pushing those thoughts to the back of your mind with a ‘the show must go on’ mentality.

You were sat in the rather grubby looking changing room with all of the girls as you all psyched ourselves up, each girl performing their own individual ritual. As soon as the team heard their cue you began the short walk to the pitch; you all had that nervous buzz settling in on every fibre of your beings; the overbearingly loud roars of your home fans vibrating the entire stadium filling you with adrenaline even before the match was underway. The home team advantage giving us even more confidence as you marched your way into the middle of the pitch. 

We all stood in our signature huddle circle giving each other some mumbled and damn near incoherent pep talk. The team broke the circle with a loud shout just as the whistle blew and the most important match of the teams short career. 

It was around 75 minutes into the game and the score was one - nil to the away team and you could feel the tense atmosphere of the stadium weighing down on your shoulders; even the hardcore fans had withered in their stances as only fifteen minutes remained to score two goals. Oh and to top it off your best shooter had been subbed off with injury.

You had just started to lose the hope you’d gained from the atmosphere, just as you went to collect the ball from the corner you heard a familiar shout; somehow sounding way above the din of the thousands in attendance. You cocked your head slight to see Dean standing right up close to the barrier, screaming his head off. You giggled upon seeing your shirt stretched over his muscular frame as he continued to shout words of encouragement; chants of positivity erupting from the crowd like a volcano. You smirked launching the ball at Abi, a girl with one of the most successful header rates in the whole of women’s football and sure enough the ball rocketed into the back off the net. The entire fanbase of your team let out a fusillade of screams - chanting all sorts of support.

Although the score was now one all, there was still an air of nervousness as time just slipped through your fingers. It was then in the 89th minute you saw the perfect spot; the goal was completely unattended hardly any players serving as obstructions yet your were just past the halfway pitch mark. 

Almost everything happened in slow motion as you threw all caution to the wind and punted the ball with your strongest foot; it seemed like the whole arena held its breath as the ball barrelled towards the goal. The ball pummelled into the top left corner of the goal just as the goalie mad an arbitrary reach for it.

Once again every single fan stood on their feet and cheered as the whistle blew and the small town team secured their place as the winners of the cup. You ran straight over to where Dean was standing and threw yourself at him, tumbling over the flimsy barrier, his powerful arms capturing your frame in a tight hug as he placed a sloppy kiss on your temple.

“I am so fucking proud of you babe, I love you so fucking much” Dean continued to hold you in his tight embrace.

“How did you make it here? You’re mean’t to be on tour” you muttered, pushing his hair out of his face - completely forgetting about the thousands of people surrounding you.

“Babe I wasn’t going to miss the biggest moment in your career for the world when you’ve been there for all of mine. All I did was talk to the big boss and move some shit around; you know me and Vince are buds” he smirked nudging your side with his elbow. “Anways, how about you go and have your celebration with your girls and then I’ll whisk you away for our own celebration” he wiggled his eyebrows at you making you giggle.

“Sounds perfect” you giggled as you placed another kiss on his lips before hopping back over the barricade; just to be lifted straight up on to your team mates shoulders.

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