frame 48


Frame 48

Playing with animation using the images from the Werewolves Versus Hollywood ad.

Needs some cleaning up, especially around the teeth, but pretty decent. I might offer this sort of tf as a commission at some point.

I can do more complex ones. This is 48 frames, knocked down from 100 for file size reasons, used SmartMorph to interpolate between 3 keyframes.

The Restorers at San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples

Artist: Thomas Struth (German, born Geldern, 1954)

Date: 1988

Medium: Chromogenic print

Image: 119.1 x 159.7 cm (46 7/8 x 62 7/8 in.) Frame: 48 × 63 in. (121.9 × 160 cm)

Credit Line: Purchase, Vital Projects Fund Inc. Gift, through Joyce and Robert Menschel; Alfred Stieglitz Society Gifts; Jennifer Saul Gift; Gift of Dr. Mortimer D. Sackler, Theresa Sackler and Family; and Gary and Sarah Wolkowitz Gift, 2010 © Thomas Struth

Accession Number: 2010.121 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Description and image from The Metropolitan Museum of Art:  "The working method Struth devised for The Restorers, one of his first portraits, would become his standard procedure: photographing only subjects he could get to know over an extended period and collaborate with on how they wished to be seen. He also decided to focus on couples or groups defined by a shared history—often familial—or a communality of purpose, as with this portrait of four art restorers he befriended in Naples.

The setting they chose was the restorers’ current work place—the former refectory of a church then being used as a staging area for paintings from the surrounding area that had been damaged in a recent earthquake. The almost hypnotic effect achieved in this picture is due not only to the artist’s intimacy with his subjects and their own understanding of his aims but also to his technical choices. Struth uses a large-format view camera on a tripod, which, with its oversize negatives and slow exposure time allows for a tremendous amount of detail, and the shallow depth of field subtly pushes the four figures into the space of the viewer.”  (met)

bellsblake  asked:

🎬 bellarke + "you think the world is ending and i’ve decided to live everyday like it’s my last and now we’re just crossing things off our bucket lists” (no tomorrow)

Thank you for this amazing request! I admit this one kind of got out of hand and I could totally see myself writing this out as a multi-chaptered fic at one point (not now though lol) Anyways, I’m sorry if there are any errors. I did do a spell check but it’s not beta’d. This is just pure Modern AU fluff, enjoy! :) also i have only seen 30 minutes of No Tomorrow’s pilot so it’s probs not like it

Clarke Griffin knew the world was ending. She just couldn’t explain it.

Well, she could actually but whenever she went into the details of City of Light, and space miners and the nuclear death wave, also known as “Primfaya” people looked at her like she was saying “The world will end in 2012 because Mayans said so”. So she gave up on explaining. She just knew. And she struggled with that knowledge for a while. She was a pre-med student with great research skills and rich enough parents to put her through a well known research school and nothing more. The night she put all the pieces together was the worst night of her life. The world was ending in approximately 8 months and 4 days. Her first instinct was to save everyone. At the very least, to tell people and she started with her best friend but Raven just laughed. Again, Clarke was just a pre-med student who had read too many articles and accidentally stumbled upon some classified documents and now she knew all about hypersleep and plans to colonize the space and Bill Cadogan.

Well, that was roughly 4 months ago.

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