I know this is probably isn’t related to nails since this ig is only about nails but I just wanted to share with you all who’s my role model as of now — this lady Doe Deere, creator of @limecrimemakeup. Shes representing every girl in this world and supports all of us no matter how we look and all that and tells us, girls, to love our bodies no matter what. 💜💗💚 (psst psst I want all of her nailpolish collection hehe)

finallllly a Halloween mani of mine! I screwed up yesterday so I had to do it allover again today. 😫😖 but anywayy I’m liking this look. And I get to use @blackcatlacquer’s 999 Happy Haunts on Sinful Colors Happy Endings and Essie Lilacism then topped it with Orly Matte. 😊 As for orange one, I used Sally Hansen Sun kissed and topped it with CG Fairy Dust & Matte as well. ^_^ I really wanted to do elaborate Halloween manis but since I only started so I don’t have any tools to do those stuff. 😊👏👍