'Dangerous' Frankie....

I had to make a post in regards to the Jokers update calling Frankie dangerous.  I have made a point to not shut down anyone for their opinions this summer, as I hoped people wouldn’t shut me down for mine.  Aside from some silly twitter drama, I felt like most of what I said was well received, and I never sought out articles/tweets that were 10000% opposite of my view just to pick a fight.  

That being said, tonight it was brought to my attention, as well as the attention of many others, that someone at Jokers posted an article about Frankie, and in that article he was deemed dangerous.

Let me stop right there, I read the entire article and laughed at most of the accusations, but the word dangerous is something I couldn’t shake from my head, it took me about an hour but then I realized why.

I have been the victim of sexual assault, I was raped at age 18.  Someone decided that my body, my voice, and my virginity were not mine to protect or mine to keep.  Someone decided it was their place to steal innocence from me.  This someone was a boy I’d gone to school with 3 years prior, our first time seeing each other in over 1,000 days was at a new years eve party where he drugged my drink and forced me into a room where he stole something from me.

That, my friends, is danger.  He, my friends, is dangerous.

By definition Dangerous means able or likely to cause harm or injury.

Dangerous does not mean someone who flirts with boys in the house even though they said they are straight.  Dangerous does not mean someone who has touched the men in the house only to be greeted (9 times out of 10) by laughter or touch right back.  Dangerous does not mean someone who is affectionate (and sometimes can be called too ‘touchy’).

I could go on to call you delusional if you think he’s dangerous (because every time anyone stands up for Frankie that’s the first word someone wants to throw at us), but I will take the high road and tell you that from someone who has experienced danger, you are insulting me, and demeaning what happened to me by saying this boy, stuck in a house with guys who have flirted with him just as much as he’s flirted with them, is dangerous.

Frankie is someone who draws people in, and if these men he is in the house with really had problems with it, why are they not being man enough to pull him aside and have a serious conversation with him?  Do you really not think that if they had such issues they couldn’t walk into the DR, ask the producers to let them speak with Frankie about it, and get it taken care of??

Frankie is not some ring master in a giant abusive dangerous cult, Frankie is not giving homosexuals a bad name by being affectionate, and Frankie is not tying peoples hands behind their backs, taping their mouths closed, or removing their ability to stand up for themselves if they wanted his advances to stop.  I can’t remember every little moment in the house but I believe if he ever was told to stop (and not by Zach who giggled as he asked Frankie to get off of him, all while hugging Frankie so close to his body that he literally couldn’t move) Frankie stopped.

Choose your words wisely when you speak about sensitive topics, or any topic really. 

Here are some examples of Frankie being not at all dangerous, aka…the male houseguests he was accused of 'crossing the line with’ making advances just as equally at him.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the BB family’s were as sweet to Frankie as the Reynold’s are?

Caleb and Frankie’s friendship was incredibly revolutionary. Caleb came into the house with established bigoted and conservative views, having made homophobic and racist statements on public forums.

Everyone expected him to be just the same inside the house but Frankie was able to make him change his views of gay men and women and even challenged his concept of transgender individuals.

He has no problems interacting with Frankie and his mom actively supports the “Fraleb” friendship on and off social media. Caleb had no problem being physically affectionate with Frankie because he is secure in his sexuality.

Caleb and Frankie showed that two people on completely opposite sides of every spectrum you can think of can still manage to be best friends.