Day 4. Haiti Self-Portrait Project

With 4 out of 5 of the team sidelined by a super fun stomach bug the last couple of days, we should be back on track tomorrow to visit encampments with the project.  

Encampment residents have by and large been suspect of Westerners coming to “help”, as most of them have been in their situations since January 2010 and nothing at all has changed, except for some of them being forcibly evicted from what little they have.  

We are lucky enough to be working with FRAKKA (The Force for Reflection and Action on Housing), a coalition of Haitian community groups working on housing rights, as well as Under Tents; they have the community ties and have built the trust over the years which has allowed the Self-Portrait Project gateway into these encampments.  

Looking forward to what’s ahead for the rest of the trip.

- Andy