And I'm more lost now than I was back then
But I never once imagined I'd be begging for empathy

It’s a little Chanter! Maybe not the best course of action but I find it rather reassuring to have something familiar to cling to at a new place. Going to be a terrible crawl back to 60 but I’m a bit excited about it ^^

It’s funny cause my first toon ever was on what’s now Tiamat so, wouldn’t it have been great if I’d never learned about EU and just stayed here the whole time instead of wasting two years on bullshit…


The Fearsome and Powerful Witch was also wise and knew what the Chanter said was true, and so she turned her back (though not before threatening next time she would use a less appealing form, perhaps a dancing penguin) and we have all reasons to believe that they lived happily ever after or at least for a month or couple of days THE END.

You can probably expect our Christmas special around Valentine’s Day!

Hi this is a not very good picture of my babies that I wanted to share anyway! It makes me quite happy, and also demonstrates the partial completion of my wishlist (at this point I’m just missing the gray dye, but mostly because I haven’t decided what I could use it on).

I have to say I’m incredibly pleased with this event because it gives the little Haibane wings as a permanent item! I’ve wanted them from the day they were announced so like… almost for as long as I’ve been playing? And now they are mine. Yes. I like this!

ETA: yes I know the event skin lasts for 7 days, however it doesn’t seem to have a timer unless you actually use it. That’s to say, you can keep it forever if you don’t use it for remodel. The one from the BCM lasts 30 days when used, but only 24 hours in your inventory.


Remember last Winter when I posted Laxis & Frakir’s Halloween story I said their Christmas special will come around Valentine’s Day? Well I’ve been location testing for something like a Valentine photoset today, and at this rate it may (or may not) get finished around Halloween time. But since I already talked to half of you about it, I guess there’s no use trying to keep it a secret!

Frakir’s pet bird is so ridiculously huge it could as well be a mount but that would be kinda undignified ehe ^^; This is from yesterday when I ran around PvEye trying to farm AP for stigmas. I got enough for about half… of a stigma. But I guess it still counts for something!