Remember last Winter when I posted Laxis & Frakir’s Halloween story I said their Christmas special will come around Valentine’s Day? Well I’ve been location testing for something like a Valentine photoset today, and at this rate it may (or may not) get finished around Halloween time. But since I already talked to half of you about it, I guess there’s no use trying to keep it a secret!


… this photoset is ironic considering I get nauseous if I have to climb on a chair to reach something on a high shelf. Sometimes I wonder if Daevas lose their fear of heights upon Ascension? That would be convenient, what with all the places they’re forced to jump off daily.

Frakir’s pet bird is so ridiculously huge it could as well be a mount but that would be kinda undignified ehe ^^; This is from yesterday when I ran around PvEye trying to farm AP for stigmas. I got enough for about half… of a stigma. But I guess it still counts for something!