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Dance Moms, Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2

I made these gifs myself, I didn’t steal them, the reason why I put in the rectangle was because i used imgflip and it had their logo in the corner

I also made this one , 

but tumblr only allows you to put in ten gifs at a time. but i thought this move was cool

i’m fucking fed up of you.

1. yeah not only that but ive had another receipt of you doing racist actions which i will keep anonymous unless whoever was affected decides to speak up. the reason i thought you putting fraizer in blackout was racist is because you considered doing it in first person. which portrays fraizer as yourself. taking on a race which is not yours, when you are white in real life, you cannot contribute to blackout from a 1st person perspective. the fact you considered it is racist. (unless a poc corrects me otherwise, in which i shall apologize.)

2. if you changed it. whatever, i didn’t know. even though a 17 year old is still a minor so… idk. but okay.

i’m also trying to move on. i wanted to apologize to sunny. she sent me reasoning for why she left, i was upset. i wanted to put forward my side of the story but her submit was not open and i had no other way of putting forward such a long message back to her. when i was viewed as ‘toxic’ and ‘manipulative’ towards others without being able to explain myself. those thoughts have simply been building up in my mind. the fact ill never be able the share my half of the story. all my emotions built up for a month. there was nothing i could do about it.

as much as i dont want to say this, i come from a background in which i was never liked at school. i was alone and bullied, which caused my anxiety, avpd. etc. ive never had an ideal friendship irl. this has affected my childhood terribly and its made it so hard for me to make friendships ever since. the fact the friendship was broken up so suddenly upset me, since i thought we had such a strong connection. my paranoia flared up immensely. i had a fucking massive breakdown. out of impluse i could not stop. the happenings of my earlier years simply reinforced my paranoia and caused me to become extremely pissed off. and yes i was incredibly outlandish. but i was constantly dying inside due to the fact i would never be able to say what i wanted.

that was the only way i truly felt i could move on from that situation. and thats done now. ive vented my feelings and i want nothing to do with this conflict further. and yet here you are talking about it. obviously you’ve been looking at my blog too to see this. this conflict between me and sunny had nothing to do with you at all, other than the fact sunny came to you, but you got deeper into it it seems.

i’m done with this bullshit. you wanna say get over it? people react differently. don’t act like you’re all high and mighty now. i’ve seen you vague me plenty of times, perhaps it would be best if we both fucked off now, agreed? i’m not discussing this subject any further.

[02:43:04] @officialfraizer: birds are like
[02:43:08] @officialfraizer: 80% neck
[02:43:34] The Big HooHa: Are you..
[02:43:42] The Big HooHa: are you 80% neck?
[02:43:57] @officialfraizer: imma nEEd top DRAW FOR THIS HOLD ON.

harpies do have somewhat long necks but usually for reaching around and preening as opposed to stretching them like this

gargs are better tho

AL Beats NL in All-Star Game 3 Years Running

AL Beats NL in All-Star Game 3 Years Running

Photo Credit: Fox Sports Just a few days without baseball makes us miss the home runs and strike three calls.  Let’s take a look back at this year’s All Star festivities that took place in Cincinnati! The beginning of the week starts with the Home Run Derby and then the All-Star Game is next leading to a 2-day much-needed break for the MLB. The Home Run Derby was won by Todd Fraizer. Fraizer is a…

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anonymous asked:

Sunny didn't go to Fraizer about it. He guessed it was about Sunny. Just putting that out there.

is this talking about the post i made? sunny was not involved in that. sunny originally went and apologized to fraizer when we first cut off connections (me + sunny) that is what i was refering to. i think that is what you mean? anyway no more posts about this please

Fraizer Campbell: (Hamstring) Expected To Miss Season Opener

Fraizer Campbell: (Hamstring) Expected To Miss Season Opener

Fraizer Campbell: Campbell (hamstring) limped off early after sustaining a hamstring injury in Monday’s friendly defeat to Dagenham