frail white girls


Wildflower by Hadar Ariel Magar

lizardsweetpea  asked:

A girl ran through the forest, she had long braided hair and a monkey tail. She was running faster than a normal human it was hard to tell exactly what she was or what she was running from. Suddenly she ran into someone.

*The frail girl with white hair and deep brown eyes fell on her side with a squeak, holding a little brown and fluffy dragon tightly like a teddy bear as they slept.*

Why do people advertise their own URLs on other people’s posts?

I get that you’re trying to get followers, but is a video of a dude licking a slug really the best place to attract people to your frail naked white girl aesthetic blog?

Prompt - Darling Pan - Paint

This got… interesting. And sort of long. And creepy. And wow for a DP fic it’s got very little Peter x Wendy interaction I apologize.

Forgetting how to fly (x)

Sometimes, even when all the windows were closed, the black curtain swayed slightly, lifting almost enough to reveal what was beyond it.

 The black curtain covered a square on of the third-floor corridor, not far from the door that lead to the attic of the Darling House : Wendy Darling noticed it when she was only a little girl, but it was always part of the décor, a piece of her surroundings she didn’t really wonder about.

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