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so i stopped watching regularly after s3 but i was seeing aurora's scenes on yt to learn more about her and i came across this quote "the frail little human that he has manipulated, abused, and compelled to be everything from stenographer to spy"... she spilled so much tea???? and when cami said that aurora's mind was damaged... isnt she a therapist, shouldn't she get what aurora goes through or does she only cares to help damaged psycopaths that she gots the hots for?

Did she really?! Oooh shit, what episode did Aurora say that? Because PHEW, THAT’S some good tea.

And you bring up an excellent problem with Camille’s character. Unless you were Klaus, who she was attracted to, if you were dark, it was a problem and you were a lost cause. There was only a way ‘back’ from it if you were him. She wasn’t very good at her ‘job’.