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eruri zombie au.......................jkjk okay erurimike coffee shop au


Actually though i think a normal eruri zombie au would be so different from living things lmao BUT OK ERURIMIKE COFFEE SHOP

1. Mike and Erwin are long time friends and both work at a huge starbucks and regularly deal with picky asshole customers and are accustomed to having to grin and bear it.

2. But there is this one asshole customer who seems like an asshole but is actually very considerate of them and their coworkers and tips them every time and reassures anyone who gets his drink wrong that he really isn’t picky and no, you don’t have to make a new one, you guys are busy. He comes in every day and Erwin and Mike both find themselves crushing on “Levi,” (as they are told to write on his cup) and one day Erwin actually grows a pair and instead of asking for his name, he asks for Levi’s number, and Levi gives it to him. However, it slips both Erwin and Mike’s mind that they have to give that cup back to Levi, and they forget to take down the number elsewhere. Levi writes it down on a napkin and hands it to Mike.

3. They’re both fraidey cats and never call him, so one day Levi goes in and orders a coffee and says they should join him on their breaks. So he sits in the coffee shop all day and they both take a few breaks over their shift and sit and talk with him and try to out-impress the other.

4.  Levi starts out seeing both of them separately and casually and, while he thinks he maybe prefers Erwin as a long time partner, he really does like Mike a lot. He maybe mentions something along the lines of liking both of them quite a bit to Erwin, who smiles and replies that he’s sure that neither of them mind sharing, and that’s the first time he ever sees Levi blushing.

5.  Occasionally, the coffee beans are mislabeled or the labels are just missing, but never fear! Mike can tell the blends apart purely by smell.


It’s fraidei madafakerns!