So, the college semester is almost over for me (YEAH!)

Unfortunately, scholarships are where I get most of my money, and I still have Things to Pay For (UNYEAH!)

Things ™ include such luxuries as:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Taking my roommate to the hospital so she doesn’t Die of Mystery Illness

So, for a Limited Time Only, all digital goods are 20% off!

Want some Spicy Fanfic?? I got ya, my man.

Want some cool art of your OCs, favourite characters, whatever?? I am Here For You!!

I do ns/fw, furries, robots – whatever you want, basically! 

If any of this sounds like stuff you’re interested, feel free to check out my commissions post + shoot me a message or email (lackingbinary @ gmail)! 

Examples: ns/fw art @fragtastic , fic on ao3 under lackingbinary

note: I’m still open for sewing stuff, but unfortunately there’s an unavoidable Physical Goods And Shipping cost for those, so I can’t really discount that.