fragrant concubine


香妃,or 容妃, is the only Uighur concubine of Qing Emperor乾隆. She entered the palace right after the victory of Qing army over Xinjiang.  Few things were known about her and many,particularly Han people, misinterpreted her background by various fictions and poems about her. In legend,she was called 伊帕爾罕(ئىپارخان、Ипархан、Iparxan) and she was famous of her body fragrant. Many believe her story in based on a real consort Rong. Details can be found from baidu or wiki(fragrant concubine).


The Fragrant Concubine (Chinese: 香妃; pinyin: Xiāng Fēi; Uyghur: ئىپارخان / Iparxan / Ипархан) is a figure in Chinese legend who was taken as a consort by the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty in the 18th century… 

Although accounts vary as to some details, the basic story among Han Chinese recounts the discovery by the Qianlong Emperor of a Uyghur woman named Iparhan (“Musky Woman”), the granddaughter of Afaq Khoja, a local leader in the oasis city of Kashgar. Even more remarkable than her beauty was the scent her body naturally produced; captivated, the emperor sought her as an Imperial Consort for his harem. She was given as a gift to the emperor and carefully escorted all the way to the imperial palace in Beijing, washing every day along the road in camel’s milk to preserve her mysterious fragrance. (x)

Giuseppe Castiglione, Portrait of Lady Hoja [香妃/Ипархан/ئىپارخان /The Fragrant Concubine); Consort/配偶 (Rong Fe/荣妃); Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Emperor, China, oil on panel, c. 1760.