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Mom's message to her daughter;

These are just few of the many moments when I feel blessed and thankful to have my mom always beside me, whenever I need her and most even so, even if I actually do not. She had been supportive ever since and I could not ever imagine to to live without her all the days of my life. She’s my go-to person and she knows understands me, exactly, even in silence.

Yesterday, she asked me to go with her to a spa or beauty salon for my cluttered mind to be de-stressed and at peace. That three hour stay with that kind of ambiance – fragrance of the scented candles, hearing the chirp of birds, gush of air and feel of nature in that place calmed and comforted me.

This morning, I woke up with my loving mom preparing breakfast for us, sat beside me, while I was reviewing for my upcoming exam, read and shared to me this story of the great Sylvester Stallone…

“Life is tough. Doors will be shut on you. People will steal your glory and crash your hopes. You will push and push. And yet nothing will happen. And then your hopes will be crashed; but, never let them crush that dream.

Whatever happens to You, Keep Dreaming. Even when they crush your hopes, Keep Dreaming. Even when they turn you away, Keep Dreaming. Even when they shut you down, Keep Dreaming.

No one knows what you are capable of except yourself. Fight ON! Fight for Your place in history. Fight for your glory. Never, ever give up! As long as you are still alive, your story is not over.”

Keep Up the Fight. Keep your dreams.
And, keep that hope, ALIVE.
Yes, holding on to that dream,
With Positivity and Faith ✨


She is a little fireball of delight, laughter, noise, and excitement. This little treasure is loud, excited, fun… and  you know when she is quiet she is up to no good. She has a bit of a temper, so whatever you do, do not put her in a cage. She needs freedom to fly. When she gets mad, her wings set alight. Her pixie dust is blood red. You will likely come home to a messy house, she loves getting into everything


She is a little earth princess and she will enjoy as much time as possible out in your garden to dance amongst the flowers. She makes music when she flies and will be found getting into your make up and beauty products. She would love a home filled with candles and fragrance. And the little pixie loves cookies. She loves to relax with you on your days off. Get her a hammock to sleep in so she can hang it between two sunflowers


She is a playful and mischievous little pixie who is here in a moment and vanishes in the next. She is a clever creature who will be found flittering amongst your bookshelf and tip toeing through the encyclopedia. She will help you with your homework and enjoys going to school with you, hiding in your pencil case and listening in on the learning. She knows how to make you laugh and giggles as she flies. Her pixie dust is the colour of teal


This cuddly little pixie is a delicate delight who loves cosying up underneath your blankets and sleeping most of the time. She prefers to stay indoors and likes to flitter around your photographs. When she cries, she sprays a lilac perfume, but her laughter is a melody, and she is happiest when surrounded by your whole family. She has a way with babies and likes to sit on their nose and play. This little pixie needs a lot of affection and to be reminded she is safe and loved. She really fears being abandoned. Her pixie dust is the colour of light purple


She is very playful, a flittery childlike pixie who requires lots of love, kisses and cuddles. She will become fiercely protective of you in times of danger.  She will lose her sunlight without adequate devotion and affection. She has a bright yellow aura and glows in the dark. She may be found rummaging around in your precious jewellery. Her pixie dust is the colour of the gold. She will love playing with your pets and giggle her heart out around children. You will need to remind her everyday how beautiful she is


This flowery little pixie petal is very clever and loves nature. She will need lots of time outside amongst the wildlife and also loves cosying up with a book. She is a very talented pix and fixes anything you have broken. She also has a great knowledge of medicine and will be of tremendous help when you get ill. She needs a lot of reassurance because sometimes her anxiety can get the best of her. Better for somebody who likes to keep their room very tidy. Her pixie dust is the colour of lime green


This precious little pixie is charming, cute, and very friendly. She will need somebody by her side at most times and may get scared or sad when she is left alone for too long. She will be found getting amongst your make up, beauty products, and she loves to be read to - especially Disney fairytales. She makes beautiful sweet music whenever she flies. Her best friend is Cupid. Her pixie dust is bright fuchsia 


She is a solitary and moody pixie who needs a lot of alone time and space to fly away into her own world. She will be a lifelong healer and devotee to those who love and respect her, and she will teach you more about the hidden secrets and magic of the universe than any other! She may be found flittering away in your journals or secret safes and enjoys heirlooms. She will also enjoy the night and prefer to stay awake in the dark. She likes to sit near crystals. Her pixie dust is bright purple.


She is a fun, frivolous, and funny pixie who enjoys traveling with you and sleeping on a globe. She loves to tip toe along the countries in the atlas and enjoys watching documentaries with you. She needs a lot of freedom to fly and flitter amongst flowers and nature. Good for a person who has a puppy - she loves dogs. Perfect for a frequent traveler or a backpacker. She knows a few different languages. Her pixie dust is the orange of Jupiter. She is a lucky charm


She is a dainty little creature who likes to keep busy and occupied. She would prefer a home that is in order and will be found sitting on the edge of the clock hands bouncing as the minutes tick by. She will help you with your homework and always stay up later than you so you are protected while you sleep. She likes to think herself as your parent. And take her out in the snow.. she is a snow angel. She has a halo ring around her like the rings of Saturn. Her pixie dust is sparkly silver


She is a clever little creature who enjoys swimming in chemistry sets and flittering around your textbooks. She likes the warmth of the laptop and likes to sit on top of your iPhone. She has a great knowledge of the world and can answer anything you inquire. The pixie has trouble sleeping and has some strange domestic habits. You’ll never have to use power again - she has her own electricity. Her pixie dust is baby blue


She is a water baby pixie who needs frequent time around the ocean and see her mermaid friends. She will frequently go missing flying in the direction of her daydreams but bring back a well of mystical and enchanting stories. Lots of love and reassurance required. She sleeps often and will often be found in slumber under your pillow. Her pixie dust is lilac and turquoise. When she flies, you can hear the sound of harps. If you can’t find her - check her bed


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Words: 4,778.

Genre: Hogwarts!AU, fluff.

Summary: Ask any girl that thought Jeon Jungkook was handsome or any boy that thought Jungkook was a god and they would say he smelled like the purest form of any man with a harmonious smell of musk, cedar wood, and oak; like fresh rain that soaked in the middle of a mossy forest, spices, and black coffee – but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

A/N: I have no idea what made me want to write this but it was fun and I’m most definitely thinking of making an au for all the boys.

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Girly Things

It started off as little things, just a couple items here and there that Joe would casually leave behind, but Jack never thought much of it, because it meant that the two were becoming more serious, and that pleased the younger man.

He was enjoying exploring the relationship that had blossomed between himself and Joe, the one that had started off as them being just friends but had grown into something so much more; it had been exciting and new, thrilling and intriguing. Now, they were settling into a more comfortable place, finding their little niche in each other’s lives.

Which meant that Jack would pick up multiple pieces of Joe’s clothing when he went to do laundry, or if he walked into his flat after a long day, he’d be welcomed by the smell of one of Zoe’s many candle fragrances. The changes were subtle, Joe integrating himself further into Jack’s place, but none of them really bothered Jack. To him, it meant that Joe was comfortable calling the place home, calling Jack home.

Plus, he didn’t think his flat had ever smelled so nice, and it was a huge step up from when he lived with Conor and Josh, when there was an ever hanging cloud of man stench floating around.

But there came one change that Jack adamantly refused, and it was when his boyfriend brought it up that he realized how much the changes were truly affecting him.


“Why not?!”

“It’s weird!”

“How is it weird?” Joe’s nose scrunched up in confusion, “I do it all the time.”

“And that isn’t weird to you?” Jack asked, shifting on his feet, his arms crossed against his chest.

“No, not really.” The older man shrugged, leaning against the wall. “Want to explain to me how exactly its weird?”


“Because?” Joe prompted, waiting patiently.

“Because it’s a girly thing to do!” Jack finally blurted out, “All of this is just so…girly! You’ve completely changed my flat, Joe! And I don’t know, I feel like…I feel like we aren’t man like any more.”

Joe really tried to not laugh, because he understood what Jack was trying to say, but the way he worded it was just too hard to ignore, and so a small snort of laughter escaped him.

“Oh great,” Jack rolled his eyes, “And now you’re going to laugh at me! Well, have fun taking your bath alone.” He snapped, turning and walking away from the bathroom, where they had been stood outside for the past five minutes.

“No, wait, Jack!” Joe quickly pushed himself off of the wall and followed after his boyfriend. “I’m sorry, alright? I wasn’t laughing at you it was just….man like?”

“Shut up,” Jack mumbled, sitting on the edge of his bed, “You know what I mean.”

“I do, love, honestly,” Joe took a seat beside him, taking one of the younger man’s hands in his own, “And if me bringing candles and flowers and other stuff here bothered you that much…”

“It doesn’t.” Jack quickly cut him off, shaking his head as their fingers laced together, “I don’t mind that stuff, not too much. I don’t think…but, well, a bath bomb?”

“They’re relaxing.”

“They’re girly.”

“Why though? Why do you say that they’re girly?” Joe tilted his head as he studied Jack’s profile, “Lots of people, of both genders, use them.”

“I don’t know…” Jack mumbled, his eyes locked on their hands, “They just are.”

“But they aren’t, love. They are just simple things.” Joe explained softly, “Yes, majority of the users do tend to be women, but they aren’t girly things. The same goes with candles, or flowers. Those are also just things that people have made us believe are girly.”

“I feel like….I don’t know,” Jack sighed, “I already feel like people look at me as less of a man because I’m dating another guy, and now having a bath with a bath bomb?”

“That’s what worried you?” Joe blinked over at his boyfriend, having never realized how worried Jack was before.

“Yes…no…I don’t know!” Jack groaned, falling back on the bed, “This is all so stupid!”

“No, it’s not.” Joe told him firmly, shifting on the bed to look down at him, “Jack, you shouldn’t feel like that. And if it really makes you that uncomfortable to come have a bath with me, while using a bath bomb, than you don’t have to. I can take back the other stuff too, if you want.”

“I don’t want you to though,” Came the soft reply, and Jack turned his head to look up at Joe, “I’m sorry, for being so insecure about all this. I really do like the candles and flowers. Make my flat seem more…homey and lived in.”

“You didn’t say girly,” Joe grinned.

“Maybe because you’re right….”

“I usually am.”


“Sorry,” Joe laughed, “Do you want to try having the bath with me? We don’t have to use the bath bomb…”

“No,” Jack sat up, “Let’s use it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” He nodded, smiling at the excited look on his boyfriends face, “I’m sure.”

“You’re going to love it,” Joe told him, already standing and tugging Jack to his feet, back towards the bathroom, “The best part is watching it dissolve. I’ll let you drop it!”

Laughing, Jack allowed himself to be pulled back to the waiting bath, taking the honours of dropping the bath bomb into the water.

A short while later, the two were relaxing in the bath, a few candles lit, and the lights turned off. The water was pleasantly warm, and so was Joe’s body against Jack’s, their fingers dancing together in front of them.

“You were right,” Jack mumbled softly, “Again.”

“What about this time?” Joe asked, his head falling back against Jack’s shoulder.

“I do love it,” The younger man admitted, a small blush on his cheeks.

“I knew you would.”

“Thank you…for convincing me.”

“All you have to remember is that they’re just things, Jack. And why should we deny ourselves the pleasure of a relaxing bath together because someone has decided bath bombs are girly?” Joe asked, giving the hand in his a squeeze.

“I’m also not complaining about our position…” Jack smirked, his free hand trailing along Joe’s thigh, enjoying the sharp intake of breath from his boyfriend.

“Of course you aren’t.”

“Are you?” Jack’s lips trailed along Joe’s neck and up his jaw.

“Not at all.” He mumbled in response, tilting his head to the side, “Actually, I think we need to have more baths together.”

“I think we could arrange that.”

First Dates I

this is my first fic on here! Feel free to read n enjoy!

genre: comedy/angst/light smut? idk, etc

pairing: johnny x reader

word count: 2345

Parts: I II III IV

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Hey Sasha, I was just thinking... wouldn't it be the biggest troll in the world if the announcement is actually a fragrance dropping on the 7th? Harry's fragrance and scented candle line called "clean"

LOL Actually that would be very Harry. Because, even though it’s been put on ice lately, we know he has a good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. We also know he loves candles, but perfume, not so much. Remember when he disappeared from You & I perfume promo after sassing his way through an interview? Good times. 

This was so extra, I love it! Since he seems to be wet and we’ve seen him emoting underwater in a Dunkirk trailer (acting, bitch!), I want it to be a single from the Dunkirk soundtrack. That’s because I also want him to get a Best Original Song Oscar. Make it so. 


Recently I’ve been testing a bunch of new fragrances to add to my shop, and now they’re up, so you can try them out too! 

A few of the new fragrances are in some of my newer fandom candles (like Moana, ASOUE, and Fantastic Beasts,) but now there are even more new fragrances available in my completely custom candles! 

New fragrances include: Birthday Cake, Coconut Hibiscus, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Icicles, Leather, Lemon Verbena, Ocean Waves, Pina Colada, Sweet Snow, and Very Vanilla!

You can see the full list of fragrances available in the cupcake candles, tealights, pill bottle pillars, teacup candles (only one pair left!,) and wax melts.

Clarke showing Lexa the internet for the first time:

Lexa: You mean, I can purchase my candles online? I can check if winter candy apple is in stock?  WITHOUT having to go ALL the way down there?

Clarke:  Yes but Lexa, there are much more important things than-


Clarke: Yes but you can let Indra and the others know when you-


Clarke: Lexa oh my god listen to me, you can literally contact people-


Titus: Heda, Wanheda is right. You could really use this to your advant-




Clarke: Oh my fuck. The Internet can allow you to see when Ontari is-


Clarke: *sigh* Titus, please?-


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How would reaper or 76 react to there s/o giving them a much need back massage


It’s been a solid week of non-stop work and everyone riding his ass about every little thing that they possibly could.

When you walked into his room to check up on it was almost impossible to open the door because of the tension Reaper was building. Wisps of smoke was flickering every which and the floor covered in a layer of the same smoke as Reaper was sauntering back and forth muttering angrily. His garments were strewn around his room leaving only his shirt, shorts and mask on. The scars and bits of decay with smoke emitting from them.

“Hey there big guy.” You spoke softly, not to frighten him and cause him to snap. But it didn’t go as planned as he turned around anger clear with his shoulders held high and muscles tense.
“WHAT!” You flinched even though you were expecting him to shout. His shoulders relaxed just a bit as he finally realized who has entered his room. “Sorry…” He hated yelling at you, he tries his best not to. The wisps of smoke started to slow and return to his body. It was his way of not trying to be menacing towards you.

All you did was softly smile towards him and lead him towards his bed. At first he was unsure of what you were going to do, but he trusts you.
“Take off your shirt.” He was hesitant but still did as you said and gave you his shirt. His muscles were clearly tense and didn’t have a sign of relaxing anytime soon. “Now lie down on your stomach.” When he was on his stomach you hopped on the bed as well straddling his legs so you could get a better angle of his back.

You cracked your knuckles with a smile. The man under you started to squirm in discomfort at the sound while unsure of what you’re going to do. But when you started pressing the palms of your hands against his back gliding them up and down. Reaper groaned in pleasure as his muscles started to undo themselves from the stiff knots they were in. Your fingers were pressing all the corrects points with the right pressure.

Reaper was practically putty in your hands right now. He was moaning, groaning making all sorts of sounds of pleasure from your handy work. After an hour has gone by you hopped off him stretching your own back cracking it. All that Reaper could do was turn his head to where you were standing in his room.
“Better?” He could only groan in response. Your hands were absolute magic.

You walked over to him and put a kiss on his mask and walked back to the door turning off the light in his room.
“I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.”


The old soldier was always either training or on a mission. The only time he would be relaxing is when he’s asleep or the five minutes he’s eating. He would always be on his feet moving around.

It worried you, for the case of his health. The tension could not be good for him. He just needs to relax for at least an hour, you just wanted him to sit down. So you thought to give him a treat- well force it to him because you knew how stubborn he could be, you were going to make him cave into it. There was no other option.

There were only two possible places he could be if he wasn’t on a mission. Training room or gym. So it didn’t take you long to find him. He was by himself in the gym on the treadmill jogging, not a single drip of sweat broken. You couldn’t help but watch him, he was your boyfriend after all. After a few minutes you finally decided to stop watching him in all his glory and approach him.
“Hey there soldier.” You greeted with a smile as you slid into his vision. Your sudden appearance caused the soldier to trip slightly, almost falling off of the treadmill but he quickly regained the pace of his jog.
“What is it you want?” He knew you wanted something with look that was on your face.
“What I want is for you to relax.” You could tell he was looking at you confused as his forehead wrinkled above his visor.
“Back massage.”
“When’s the appointment?” He knew you would plan something ahead and organize it all enforcing him to do the task.
“Now, if you step off the treadmill. I’ve set up the room already.” Jack sighed turning off the treadmill and started to make his way to his room.

When he opened the room he was honestly shocked as his room was fragrance with vanilla candles dimly lighting his room creating a relaxing mood. His muscles already becoming undone. I the middle of the room there was a table that a masseuse would use.
“Now if you could discard your clothes, and visor if you wish, so that way we can start your appointment.” You spoke in a professional manner. Jack quickly discarded his shirt and visor on his desk before placing himself on the table.

He heard you open a bottle and squirt something into your hands. He flinched as something cold touched his back but then soon relaxed as your hands started to work their magic releasing his muscles from their knots. Jack rolled his shoulder as he felt lighter and looser. Faint moans of pleasure emitted from the back of his throat as you applied more pressure and slowly moving your palms up and down.

When the hour was up Jack could barely stand up because his body felt so light and free. He rolled his shoulders with a smile, a true smile that you’ve only seen about once or twice.
“Thank you (y/n). You made this old dog feel young again.” 

Catching Feelings (2) (Jackson)

Request: part 2 of Catching Feelings—you and Jackson have a friendly, joking relationship but you catch feelings when someone says you look good together

Length: 1,739 words

Genre: Fluff/Angst

*A/N: Part one can be found here. I did not intend to write a sequel for Catching Feelings to begin with, however, my laziness is to blame when I decided to end the original scenario where I did. I totally could’ve concluded it… but I didn’t, so here it is :-)

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Nose: What is your favourite perfume/candle fragrance?

I’m a sucker for old school 90′s cucumber melon. I hate flowery smells and prefer citrus.

[160507 HYYH on stage: Epilogue] BTS USER MANUAL PT2

Description // Your favourite fragrance (these days) // Words that I made to represent me

Rap Monster;

“My name is Kim Nam Joon. Treat me sexily.” //

“Candle fragrance!” //

“Sexy MG (Sexy Music Geek)”


“If you see me, scream. Then you will see me really surprised.“ //
“Blueberry smell” //
“The most handsome (and eats well) guy in the world” (t/n: this part im not sure cuz it’s really blur..)


"I’m a sensitive person. I like to stay silent. However, when I feel good, I become a really funny guy. So watch out.” //

“Nowadays I mostly use INVICTUS BY PACI RABANNE” //

“Genius Min Suga”


“Be kind to me. Make a compliment, J-hope can do better (dance)“ //

"These days, I prefer wood fragrance!!!” //
“The more you see me, the more attractive I am.”


"Care about me and be nice to me.” //

“I have no preferred fragrance, but I like fresh fragrances” //

“Ddong Gang Aji (cute puppy)”


“Be nice to me.” //

“Well… Lately I like the smell of J-Hope’s bed” //

“BTS Cool Guy”


“Feed me good food and make me laugh.” //

“Simple soap smell. Whether or not it smells like perfume, it has a smell that anyone can call soap smell.” //

“Sentimental Vocal Kkuk”

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(Compilation: jeonsify) please take out w/ full credits

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nose, cheeks, hips, & toes :)

Nose: What is your favorite perfume/candle fragrance?

I really like the smell of lavender and oranges.  They remind me of home and my orange tree and lavender bush always have little happy apidae bees on them.  The smell always makes me smile.

Cheeks: Do you blush easily?

Ok so I originally was going to say no but I asked my boyfriend and he said I blush all the time (happy, sad, embarrassed).  I guess I do I just never realized it.

Hips: Do you like to dance?

Nope. I am not a good dancer at all.

Toes: Do you like country music?

It depends.  I used to hate it, but recently I changed my mind. I was a chamber singer and I am an alto, and a lot of country songs have great and deep vocals.  However, I hate the newest development in country music, which is “bro-country” about partying, drinking, and sexualizing/objectifying women.