fragmented world

alright, let me tell y’all a story about two badass gay (allegedly, but who are we kidding) resistance fighters in nazi occupied poland.

(rudy is on the left and zośka is right)

tadeusz zawadzki (aka “zośka”) and jan bytnar (aka “rudy”) met in 1937 at age 16, being classmates in high school in warsaw. they were also members of an underground polish scouting association called gray ranks (pol: szare szeregi) and they were both active in resistance actions and sabotages. some of the actions included ripping down nazi flags and putting up polish ones, painting “PW” on walls, symbolizing “polska walcząca” (”fighting poland”), blowing up train tracks or writing slogans over nazi propaganda.

rudy was arrested by gestapo (nazi police) on march 23rd and interrogated to get information out of him about gray ranks and the resistance. and by interrogated i mean beaten until he lost consciousness and then woken up to be beaten some more. but rudy was like “screw you i ain’t tellin you shit” and basically acted like he didn’t know anything. he was injured so severely that on the second day of his arrest he had to be taken to the prison hospital and transported back for interrogation on a hospital stretcher. so zośka decided “fuck this” and gathered a team of 28 people to rescue him from arrest. the action was succesful on march 26th when they rescued rudy and 20 other prisoners during their transportation to a different location. rudy died from his injuries on march 30th with zośka being right by his side. before his death, rudy managed to tell others the names of the two main officers who were interrogating him, one of which was herbert schulz who was shot a month later by zośka.

aleksander kamiński, also a resistance fighter, wrote a book called “stones for the rampart” which describes the history of zośka, rudy and other people from their scout team fighting in warsaw. the title, “stones for the rampart”, comes from a poem “my testament” by juliusz słowacki, which zośka has read to rudy on his deathbed and has insisted on calling the book that. (also because another book, rudy’s favorite, was called the same way)

“But I beg you – let the living not lose hope ever
And bear the torch of learning before their compatriots;
And when called, go to their death one after another,
Like the stones tossed by die Lord onto the ramparts…“

zośka died 5 months after rudy during a resistance action. they were both 22 when they died and both were awarded with the war order of virtuti militari (latin: “for military virtue”) which is poland’s highest military decoration for heroism and courage at war.

alright, you might say, but why do some people think they were gay? well,  elżbieta janicka from the institute of slavic studies said “because we’re talking in a homophobic culture, where questioning someone’s heterosexual orientation
isn’t an ascertainment but an accusation, i’d compare zośka and rudy to achilles and patroclus, a couple of legendary warriors.” in her opinion, a particularly telling part from “stones for the rampart” was where after rescuing rudy from arrest, zośka lies down next to rudy in bed and they talk about moving in together after the war and living in a countryside where they would spend unforgettable and happy days. zośka also says that during that time “when we were together, he enjoyed me holding his hand or petting his hair.” there were also rumours about the boys’ sexualities during the war, said zośka’s liaison officer. 

but whether they were gay or not, they were still bomb-ass resistance fighters and you should read “stones for the rampart” by aleksander kamiński (there’s also a movie from 2014)


Paolo Ventura’s Fragmented World 

In his new series “Eclipse,” Paolo Ventura continues his exploration of memory, history and narrative using the tools of photography, painting and the stage. The series is on view in his first show at Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York City, which runs until November 11.

Fragment of a relief with a Persian warrior, one of the guards of Darius or Xerxes. Iran, C. 500 BC. 

This relief shows head of a warrior in a tall tiara, with a quiver for arrows behind his back and a spear in his hand. (The Immortal Alexander The Great, Hermitage Amsterdam 2010) 

Honestly I think the entire world was fractured in 1983 into many different timelines. It varies per timeline what caused the fracturing and what happened to the timeline after that but I think that’s the point at which our Night Vale got weird, basically.

I’m also 95% sure Cal is from some irradiated version of Night Vale and that in his universe, he survived the atomic blast, but his wife (and so many other people) didn’t. That would explain how discombobulated and physically deteriorated he is. He’s basically living in a post-nuclear-disaster timeline.

On a character level, this last episode did something I always love when this show does, which is remind us that Night Vale is actually a pretty fucked up place to live. Like, these people form their own communities, they stick together and are there for their friends, they use love and art and science to carve out a place in their fucked up world. But their world is still very fucked up and there are people who want to get out, who want to experience time normally, who want to live somewhere they aren’t under threat constantly. And that’s totally understandable. It’s also ultimately not helpful. I think it can be both.

Cecil’s message of solidarity hits hard in the age of Trump and neo-fascism. Everyone wants out of this, but for most of us that’s not reality. For most of us we are going to have to keep making our way in a really fucked up world. And Cecil is saying, let’s keep doing that. Let’s stick together because we do know this evil, and we’re scared but we can live, we can outlast it. Night Vale, like our world, has never been able to rely on the benevolence of its government. This new horrific fragmentation of worlds is no different. So much bullshit is going on in Night Vale that it feels like the actual news cycle, and I think that is completely intentional. Cecil is saying don’t let it swamp you down. Focus on fighting it. Focus on solidarity with your community.

Umineko Ramblings: The Structure of The Umineko Universe

Since there’s a lot of confusion in this regard I’ve tried to come up with a graphic and an explaination on the Umineko universe. Note that there’s no clear explanation about it through all Umineko and that this is a fantasy world so, when Ryukishi created it, he made up its rules.

This is how I understand it. As usual I might be wrong so you’re free to reject my interpretation and make up your own.

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tired days

the tired days

the weary eyes
the distant gazes
a thought delves

into unspoken burden
cinched will
hope bores faith

speak of your sorrow
how it burrows
leaving furrows

trenches of what was
turbulent echoes
settling dust of

the tired days


A crypt keeper with a once sweet disposition, it found a fragment of another world. The mask possessed it and turned it cynical and aggressive.
It enjoys taunting adventurers with vague or impossible tasks, and eating, though it doesn’t seem to need to.
It’s mask is able to shapeshift into any assortment of weapons/horns.

Design sold on DA. 

About a year ago I set on a quest to write and post one short story per week, and I have reached a total of 49 short stories. Theoretically less if you take into account the stories divided in two or three parts, but to me they still count as 49.

Overall, I am glad I spent the year writing these short stories, because I feel they have helped me immensely in terms of improvement. True, I still have much to learn, but I’m still satisfied of what I have done and it’s an experiment I’d definitely recommend. Without this experiment I would have never written of virtual border patrol guards, of workaholic lab technicians, of cybernetic arms with unexpected side effects… and I would have never tried to write a concept I’ve been toying with in my mind for years. The concept of Kel-2698’s story, which I loved and you appreciated it more than I would have expected, bringing me great joy and excitement.

This is why I will interrupt the regular tuesday short stories for a while. I want to do something new, I want to tell you the full story of Kel-2698 and Aline.

You have met Kel-2698 as a dystopian enforcer whose world shatters as its helmet shatters too, and we have left him with his new helmet in his hands, tempted and doubtful. You have met Aline as a young resistance member who discovers something unexpected about her enemies, and we have left her at the moment of this discovery.

Do you want to know if Kel-2698 will wear his helmet again, and what will Aline do with her discovery? Wait and you’ll see!

My plan is to do something akin to NaNoWriMo: even if my goal is to write less than 50k words I will still try to write a first draft during the month of november. I will write the story in italian first and translate it into english later, and I will keep you updated about the progress of the story.

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21. Brainstorm the design of a planet terraformed purely for artistic purposes.

Something I’ve daydreamed about for a long time: a planet that’s tidally locked with its sun in the same way that our moon is tidally locked with Earth – that is, the same side of it faces the sun at all times. The planet would have one scorched side of perpetual daylight, one frozen side of perpetual darkness, and in between, a thin band of twilight that could potentially support life.

I looked it up today and it turns out this type of planet has a name – they’re called eyeball planets, and they might look like a bit this:

This article (which is also the source of the above image) has some speculative models about how the weather and climates might work. The glaciers on the dark side would melt as they approached the twilight region, forming rivers that would all run in the same direction, lightward. As they flowed further towards the scorched side, they’d boil and evaporate, generating steam, which would eventually drift darkwards, possibly clustering as clouds on the planet’s dark side.

As for the ecology – on the dark end of the twilight region, you’d have lifeforms adapted to darkness and cold. Animals with thick fur coats and big eyes, foliage with very dark leaves to capture the scant sunlight. If I was terraforming this region, I’d definitely seed this area with bioluminescent animals – it’d be dark enough that they could use their luminescence for signaling and communication (attracting mates, warding off predators, luring in prey) in the same way that deep-sea creatures do on Earth.

As you followed the rivers lightwards, the life would be more adapted for warmth and sunlight. You’d first find plants that were adapted to only catching the long evening rays of light – they’d mostly absorb in the red region (assuming the atmosphere scattered light similarly to how Earth’s does). Further on, the sunlight would grow stronger and more golden, like Earth in the early evening, and you might have enough light to sustain forests. These might be dense cloud forests, trapping water vapor as it drifts darkwards.

(pictured: Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica)

Even futher lightwards, the environment would become hot and arid, and as the rivers began to steam away, you might end up with some sort of fog desert. You could probably grow thermophilic algae in the near-boiling water, and select for the ones that produce spectacular colors.

(pictured: Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone Park, USA.)

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to grow sapient life on this planet, or if an ethics committee would stop me or something – but if sapient beings did evolve on this planet, their languages would include “lightwards” and “darkwards” as cardinal directions. Their early religions would likely all be dualistic, with a Deity Of Light And Fire and a Deity Of Darkness And Ice. They wouldn’t be able to use water routes for trade, since all the rivers run lightward and eventually boil away, so they’d have to become good at land navigation and crossing rivers perpendicular to the current. Also, it might take a long, long time for civilizations on opposite sides of the world to come into contact with each other.

“In order for us to awaken, we must first deconstruct our imposed fragmented view of the world existing independently (out there) from our minds. This old, egoic paradigm of reality is what creates the illusory division of a ‘separate me’ vs ‘all that is not me’ experience. The only thing that fundamentally exists is the changeless background of undifferentiated awareness in which all perceptions appear.  -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Source Wells, Energy & Their Effect on Entity Classifications

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Conjurer Lethe here! This post was inspired by @sordhent‘s post on Source Wells. I encourage you all to read it, since it’s a great way to gain more insight into the topic!

Finding in-depth, detailed information on energy alignments and how these alignments affect spirit work and entity classification (beyond Dark Arts, Light Arts) can be near-impossible. The information I have compiled in this document is Unverified Personal Gnosis, and derived from my own experiences and interpretation of these experiences. However, I believe at least some of these points are relevant regardless of what your personal practice looks like. I encourage you to assess  these definitions critically and challenge them, or incorporate them into your own personal views as you see fit.  

It’s also important to note that my understanding of Source Well theory is still evolving. As such, as I gain more information and continue to study/ have more experiences in relation to Source wells, etc. the information on this post might become obsolete or be updated.

What is a Source? A source is energy. (The kind of energy you manipulate, use to power-up your practice, fuel your spells and do your spirit work with). It is my belief that all sources are “alive” and have a certain degree of consciousness to them. The level of agency a source has is directly proportional to how developed/old it is. The source/ sources you connect to innately have a direct relationship with your energy core and the energy alignments you have.

Origin Sources: These are the “original” energy alignments. They are the “‘oldest” energy types (Ex. void, likely reiki). There is not a concrete list of Origin Sources although I would like to study them more.

How did Origin Sources come to be? Hell if I know. I have theories, of course…. But…. I cannot concretely say “This Is the Truth About How Origin Sources Came Into Existence.” 

Possible theory: At one point there was some “Universal” energy mass. This energy became so unstable that eventually…bam- the energies shattered/exploded/ separated leading to the creation of distinct Origin Sources.

Divergence Sources: Energy alignments formed throughout time, either by naturally evolving from an Origin Source or because Origin sources or different Divergence Sources intermingled.

Source wells: Unadulterated energy centre in its purest form. This is where all energy of a specific type would be derived from. Ground zero. Pure energy found in source wells is incredibly potent, but also dangerous. Energy direct from the source is so undiluted that the majority of living entities coming even close to it would be fucking deader than dead. Goodbye life cycles, goodbye consciousness, hello darkness my old friend. These source wells have energy pathways flowing everywhere. (Like veins of energy flowing into the living organism that is our lovely universe).

Source veins: Pathways through which diluted source energy flows. At times, these pathways intersect, creating distinct energy mixes. These distinct energy mixes can eventually evolve and become source wells too.

Is all energy trapped in this system? There  is energy outside of these wells/ vein systems but in negligible amounts. In order to do something like significantly manipulate energy or perform spirit work, etc.  you’d need a connection to a vein or energy system. Connecting to a source is not something you have to do consciously, either. Most of us are innately attracted to work with the sources that we are connected with, and draw energy from these sources subconsciously when we are doing spirit work or energy work.

Can I access energy sources outside of the one I am naturally connected to? Humans  can access different sources (although not every entity you encounter will have the same abilities, and not every energy worker will be able to manipulate other sources skillfully). However, manipulating energy sources outside of the one(s) that you are innately connected to can be extremely challenging. Furthermore, the level of energy work you will be able to achieve (if you do not create an energy system that is linked to this source) will be mediocre at best. You might find manipulating energy from sources closely related to your innate source to be easiest. Manipulating energy from sources that you are not innately connected to OR that you have not been aligned with [through initiation, for example] can be very trying both physically and mentally. Doing this for a prolonged period of time is not recommended or sustainable, particularly if you want to advance in your practice.

Fragments: For the purpose  of this post, they are considered conscious embodiments of the source. They are the source, but have also developed free-will and agency. They can interact with living things (as long as they control their energy output). As part of the source they have direct access and ability to manipulate unadulterated energy from source wells without repercussion. There can be multiple fragments of the same source. Fragments of the source are very powerful. Their personalities are distinct, but likely will mirror the qualities/ traits of the source energy they come from. They generally have little interest in interacting with the world/ humans/ other entities, although there are exceptions. Do not humanize them- they are unlike any other entities you will encounter. Avoidance is recommended. If not possible, proceed with Extreme caution. Do not seek them out, and cross your fingers hoping that you won’t run into one of them. They will fuck you up if they feel like it.

Deities: For the purpose of this post, deities are defined as high-level, highly developed entities. They are distinct beings from the source, but can access source wells and manipulate pure energy without concern (they will not be negatively affected by the concentration of energy, etc.). Not all deity-type beings are known to humans, nor do they always demand worship. Deities tend to be more comfortable interacting with the world than fragments. While all deities are able to access source wells, the extent of manipulation that they are capable of is highly variable. However, all deities are very powerful. Approach cautiously. (Although deities are likely less incomprehensible than fragments, they are still not human. Remember this in your dealings with them).  

Native Workers: Defined as entities who are able to innately access the energy from one of the pure source well veins. They derive their power, abilities, etc. from one of these sources but the level of purity that they can tolerate is variable. (Fire elementals, pure-void creatures, etc. are all examples of native workers). Native Worker personalities are all highly variable. Cultures, religions, & species that can be classified as “Native Workers” are countless.

Energy Hybrids: Entities who are able to innately access the energy from one of the mixed source well veins. Energy hybrids are not a “cross” between two species with different alignments. Rather, they are unique species whose source energy is a mix of two or more sources. They derive their power and abilities from this source mix, and might also be able to access (depending on their skill and power) energy from the pure source well veins that comprise their energy alignment. A Void reaper would be able to access energy from a death/void vein, as well as from a death vein, and a void vein.

Bloodline Hybrids: Entities who are a mix between two species that derive their power from different sources. They might be able to draw energy from mixed source veins, from only one source, or from no source whatsoever. A dragon/water hybrid would be an example of a bloodline hybrid.

Disconnected: Entities and living beings who, for one reason or another, cannot access source energy at all. They might have been cut off in a past life, had a binding performed, or they might be unlucky bloodline hybrids. Being cut off from source energy can have serious physical, mental, and emotional repercussions. It will also make spiritual work either exceedingly difficult or impossible.

Cool story, I still don’t care: Aside from impacting how we classify entities, the Source Wells you innately connect to have a direct impact on your energy core and on your energetic alignment. Having a greater understanding of them can be a great asset if you want to advance your practice/ energy-work skills. These two posts talk in more detail about how sources interact with your own energy core, and why alignments matter at all