fragment of the demon

Demon’s Deal

So this is the prologue chapter to a  long complicated vaguely Crimson Peak-inspired fantasy Haikyuu AU I’ve been bouncing around (generally known on twitter as the Sad Ghosty Demony Witchy AU)- thought I’d throw it out there for everyone to enjoy! If you’d be interested in the rest of the story, please do let me know. 

The old witch stood in the pouring rain, and stared down at the dying demon lying in the roots of the willow tree.

“I didn’t think you’d come,” the demon said. Fragments of a shattered sword littered the ground around him, tiny constellations sinking into the black mud.

“You called,” the old woman replied, impassively. In the tall trees all around them, shadows watched. Standing behind his mistress, holding their boat as rising river water sucked at his feet and soaked his fine blue cloak, the witch’s apprentice watched back.

“You offered me a pact once,” the dying demon said. “A pact to leave the gemstone mines to my people, when you’re gone.”

“You turned it down,” the old woman said, her stony face unmoved.

“I did.” The demon closed his eyes, head falling back against the tree holding him up. “I’d like to reconsider.”

“You’re dying,” the old woman stated.

“So are you.” The demon sighed through a tired smile. “So really, what’ve either of us got to lose?”

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“We all have demons keeping us awake at night,” Erwin had said gently.

The moment spun out by the guttering candle, shadows gnawing into their ebbing halo of light.

“It’s not the demons,” Levi said finally, each name etched in the purpling bruises of sleeplessness under his eyes.  “It’s all the angels I couldn’t save.”

He kept their wings in a box - those few salvaged from blood and broken bodies.

Scarlet Vision, according to the Avenger’s guidebook

Was there ever a more unlikely couple than the Vision and the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)? One was an android, the other a passionate mutant. Yet these two opposites matched up perfectly. They married and, thanks to the Scarlet Witch’s hex powers, had two children.

But their domestic bliss did not last. The Vision’s leadership of the Avengers ended in disaster when he tried to take control of the world’s defense systems. He was dismantled and rebuilt as an emotionless, white husk. Although he would later acquire new emotional powers, his relationship with the increasingly unstable Wanda was never the same.


The kidnapping of her children brought Wanda close to breaking point. Then she discovered that her children were fragments of a demon’s soul! Her emotionless husband was powerless to give her the love and support she needed and the marriage foundered.