the hardest part about leaving toxic people is that you know when you leave, they won’t chase after you. they won’t be begging on their hands and knees for you like you would have done for them. they’ll just let you walk away, never even look at you in their rear view mirror, and move on like nothing has changed. and it’s terrifying, because you’ll finally have to come to the cold hard realization that they never cared if you stayed.

The secret is to never lose sight of the simple, everyday miracles in life. Good food, literature, laughter, music, compelling conversation, nature, and art. Look for them in every day, and even when it feels like your whole world is unravelling, you will never be too far from a needle and thread.
—  Beau TaplinN e e d l e  &  T h r e a d 

In fact, the stars orbiting that irresistible moon
Secret away their own luminous forms
Whenever she shines without restraint
Upon the world entire. 

Sappho, fragment 34, as seen in Icon ed. Amy Scholder


Ἄστερες μὲν ἀμφὶ κάλαν σελάνναν/ἂψ ἀπυκρύπτοισι φάεννον εἶδος,
ὄπποτα / πλήθοισα μάλιστα λάμπῃ
γᾶν [ἐπὶ πᾶσαν]
… ἀργυρία …