“Stop that,” she said suddenly,
Her brow furrowing,
Her body retreating. “Don’t do that,
Stop that right now.”
“Stop what?” I asked, thinking
I had been doing nothing at all.
I stared at her intently.
“That…” She said slowly.
“Looking at me like you love me.”
But it was too late,
God was it was too late.
—  “No Return” - Nishat Ahmed

concept: every wall of my home is lined with books. it is warm and my carpets are soft. my hallways are narrow but in a cozy way. my tea is always the right temperature. all of my chairs are comfortable. i always have time to read and every room is lit with the perfect amount of gentle yellow light. 

concept: i live in a small apartment with west-facing windows and when the sun sets everything in my home glows golden. i am with someone who loves me and i am covered in slow honeyed kisses. there are always fresh flowers in my kitchen. we have a cat with a slightly crooked tail and a kind face. i buy fruits and vegetables from the greengrocer at the end of my street and i can taste the earth’s loving touch whenever i eat. the neighbours are kind, though they are much busier than me. i am happy and quiet and content. 

Once someone has let you go emotionally, it’s over, no matter how tightly or desperately you commit to hang on. Better to release yourself from the relationship with your dignity intact, than fight a losing battle and risk lasting damage to your heart.
—  Beau TaplinW i t h  D i g n i t y