holy shit guys. i never expected to reach this milestone in a billion years. i was surprised i even hit 100… & look where we are now. i’m blessed to have all of you following me, whether you just followed or you’ve been following since my first url, gasmaxk. you have all been so supportive of me, even in my hard times. thank you SO much for sticking around. & maybe if i’m lucky enough, i’ll be able to reach 3k!

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    I can’t believe it ! !! ! ! 1.6k of you ! !! ! Thank you so much, every single one of you !!  ! I’m so ? ? ? aaaaaaaaaaaaa there is so many of you, && I’ve not made a follow forever in quite sometime but asdjkl. Thank you so much. My loves. I’ve had such a BLAST here on Sylvanas, despite my activity being here && there, but —— I’m so happy. I don’t know what else to really say here. But just THANK YOU.  

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                             Loyalty. Honor. A willing heart. I can ask no more than that. 

Never did I imagine I’d get so far & so developed with Thorin; he’s become of of my all time favorite muses to write and can’t see myself without him now. I just can’t believe after three months I have over 1k followers & so many friends that has given such support. This is a shout out to the people who I simply adore to see on my dash & interact with;; despite me a slug <3 <3 ƙιɱɱιҽ

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        Yes, it is that time of the year ! In Azeroth, we are celebrating Winter’s Veil ! && I would all like to wish my followers nothing more than happiness. I love you all && this will be the 2nd Winter’s Veil I celebrate here on this blog. I know I’ve just very recently made a Follow Forever, but this is something more of an appreciation to my friends && those who I greatly admire here on this blog. 

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