●                    The minute speech that is totally not small but pretend it is.

Ahem, I actually consider myself quite new in the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, having only joined it around two months ago- perhaps more but my mind is quite blurry- as if I were in a forest during humid hours at the rise of dawn… Anyways, never have I seen such a welcoming fandom to be completely honest. I have honestly met such wonderful individuals, so much support it leaves me dumbfounded~

Thank you!

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     so, it’s been a long run with you guys. i can’t believe i’ve been here for over a YEAR, something i’ve never done before. i may have passing fancies for other muses, but i always seem to roll back around to westley. i’ve never had such a deep attachment to a muse, and i can honestly say i’m so happy to have met so many wonderful people and to see the community develop into what it is today. to put my mushy gushy-ness to a close, a lot of you have guided me through rough times in my life and helped me to pull through smiling. also note that these are in no particular order! just where you happened to be in my ‘following’ pages. and yes, there are probably duplicates of muns lmao

𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℭ𝔞𝔭𝔱𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔰 𝔗𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢- ( people i’ve interacted with IC/OOC and just generally enjoy being around )

     @willbeshot, @loadeddiice, @chariisk, @squiirehearted, @pineshewer, @bcttercup, @destructiveglitch, @jcstachild, @covntdracvla, @horatertiadecima, @xghxuls, @pyronicaaa, @sntuzv, @tbyq, @chosemercy, @preparetodiie, @fromtheprecipiceofchildhood, @youlcse, @oftheranger, @wcathereye, @hivaeth, @theydependonme, @dxdger, @motherofasgard, @hofdingi, @illsnaphisneck, @memorous, @extrahoo, @falseservant, @asundrop, @eidetic187, @mischixvous, @lordiism, @talentforlying, @eastxrnsea, @thepromiseofredemption

𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔓𝔦𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔢'𝔰 ℭ𝔬𝔲𝔯𝔱- ( people i’ve never really talked to, but admire from afar )

      @wiishfulheart, @deaterminus, @egofaptpr, @biblotheq, @sicutcanis, @ofgoodform, @mxdam, @indyiisms, @mcyormabel, @engliishgentleman, @ofcollections, @treepined, @thefckyoulookinat, @cnne, @perfidiosa, @radiiantqueen, @lordveined, @aristccrat, @piraticalwit, @wardenjail, @softcraft, @finelendal, @hangtherules, @donapirata,
 @wcrstpirate, @glcsseye, @endliing, @iccrus, @woodcrowned, @thaneuerebor, @telcxntar, @purrsuasion, @celevonthel, @ashiidanza, @desouffrance, @mistressmxleficent, @queenxcersei, @crxella, @qxill, @fragiliis, @unseenmockingjay, @xgamora, @immortalspxrrow

𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℭ𝔯𝔢𝔴- ( amazing writers, characters i enjoy, these are just people that grace my dash with awesomeness )

     @unbeliiever, @shotgunshellsandfeathers, @primxs, @prcttykitty, @afvaerd, @bravescarred, @quitethepirategal, @sempervinctus, @sheshines, @dcnnysexbcng, @ghostlyanon, @hetiwr, @grcyheart, @xmoriar, @lxllio, @virtuedmagic, @goodliest, @truander, @toyisms, @pirelien, @dxrahex, @imnotxbad, @femmelieutenant, @mcncheri, @valieente, @tummyflowerisms, @staticskull, @cxrpusnymphe, @xanodite, @jailaccountant, @wisefelinity, @charismatiiic, @deardxn, @gutterpoem, @undauntedloyalty, @ablissmal, @hotpatootiie, @aranequus, @debauchiing, @tentimesthedemxn, @ancnomes, @mutxntrage, @redhairedflower, @spotbug, @weakncss, @princegumball, @upchuckfactor, @fineknight, @cptphasma, @deliveryboy, @slightlytaller, @stillamemberofthisfamily, @dxughterofeve, @flowerwreathed, @ofthefourthking, @ofsomnixm, @pearledpriincess, @kingoffallengrace, @lordlyandgracious, @audaciia, @toempirecity, @lcthargia, @gxptooth, @dogisms, @secretusreginam, @tinkiisms, @hiswxrriorprincess, @heroiques, @cornelia-hxle, @cinneamhain, @mewniroyalty, @lxzuliii, @webheadjrr, @cursedcurios, @bloodthirstygod, @guylinr, @primaverx, @allonsyalone, @americaslegend, @bxllanotte, @outatiime, @noxpraelia, @lordofelves, @kempybowe, @belovedfear, @ofdaggers, @fightsback, @piiratescave, @ashskinned, @shieldarmed, @lowborns, @sanaskad, @herunfailingkindness, @pippinxtook, @morguliis, @nevermisses, @warhornofgondor

Wow! what a year. 2015 really was a year of change, of community, of improvements. I met a lot of new cool mun friends & improved my skills alot! I’d like to take everyone esp god ft. Jesus, Olympia, Pokeanime, my sons and dorters. So! let’s cut to the chase kay? Everyone is fire but here are a few peoples that make my roleplaying experience grand.


@spookidan, @sola–cordis, @andromediii, @ferociter, @ikanotita, @lookertickets, @dhampyrite, @ocelthot @vincitxmnia, @honeycrafts, @brideofsparda. @shunrae, @decadra@wingsland @galaxychord, @thebestshxt, @menrites, @achromatic-colress, @perpetualshades, @eternalcrimsoneyes, @arraneous, @destructiveglitch@spacesavior, @unstoppablefate@astriferouus.

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oh my god. I just ? Here I am. At 1.2k followers, I seriously can’t believe it! Like, thank you so much everyone, you guys have no idea how much this means to me ! For all that have stayed && dealt with my bullshit, && everyone I roleplay with or talk to ooc ! Thank you. THANK YOU. I love you all so much.  

                       @tefechi @isalarevas @elthorn @chalceum @calisvol @spooky-mami
                       @cleverindeed @lethanaviir @path-of-sorrows @lightpaved @svikinnar
                       @toshootfirst @brideofsparda @madeofwildfire @malucro @thaneuerebor
                       @toocliched @zimtec @xstrange @willprevail @ichinosc @emoticlysm
                       @ryusxnka @iindiscriminate @iinterspooky @organdoom @pactumanimus
                       @arraneous @falsequerade @finiis @falsedivinity @fragiliis @cogncscens
                       @vampiremcther @desbearer @starpumpkin @grishildr @ghoulpatch
                       @homicidalgrin @josiewosiie @judexcrederis @ledovna @lunaeterea
                       @xghxuls @nyxvuur @cruelladeviill @arielshepard @xarentia @kxrei
                       @deshevo @mortiferae @mordorshi  @pariias @ryoet @mortiferae
                       @bellicosa @baranami @millenniumpharaoh @autocratie @aurcrean
                       @clownitorii @celevonthel @desxrtking @desouffrance @revasalas
                       @alexstrazsaiist @daddyearth @runedblade @gouudin @godstare
                       @kuroboshii @iussumetry @unrevf @spookypyromancy @coquettishcrown
                       @courtxjewel @fcithfacade @hoboblaidd @hisfledgling @thundcrs
                       @theeternalsun @anivara @spookygraced @ghostfuckboy @violentii
                       @ofmunroe @soliitudo @sulahnnan @mikanuspooky @immondente
                       @atercordis @josiewosiie @faiirbrook @spookyge @servanting @bravurai
                       @phantasmagorxa @mxdousa @spookidan @maotaisei @prettywxman
                       @warscarred @ancnomes @markerbcy @senarius @orangeascot @hamndgirig
                       @ofthetwilight @oftheranger @faithfallen @path-of-sorrows @nuytism @piltovxr
                       @favcurite @asaredu

This is Halloween — This is Halloween — HALLOWEEN — HALLOWEEN ~

With a cute banner for the occasion uwu. In honour of one of the BEST holidays ever, I am sending out some love. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope you all are feeling extra spoopy and scary this season, but more importantly, I hope you are all doing well and feeling happy. You are all such awesome people and I just want to thank you again for always making my time in Tumblr roleplay better! ALSO SHOUT OUT TO MY NON MUTUALS FOR BEING BEAUTIFUL. I really want to put everyone I follow on here but I follow 700+ wow. Sidenote: if your url is here that includes all of your urls. xx.

Spooky Scary Skeleton Squad ;

🎃 @justanemptymeatsuit , @supervivientc , @ethanthebroken , @screamxlydia , @silveronce , @unrulcywolf , @scarfiisms , @trickortitty / ofcleavage , @notapriize  🎃

Tricks & Treats ;

🎃 @acexfspades , @adeloes , @adoptavit , @adultwar , @aherosdeath , @allxson , @alwaysfiguresitout , @ambitiousxmonsoon , @americasfinestlegacy , @andneverfall , @archently , @arielswail , @armanicuddles , @augurcrowned , @azurxous , @bby-clarington , @bcttlebcrn , @belezamxrtal , @bellexmort , @biigbad , @blindhim , @blueeyedregrets , @boltiisms , @booiisms , @boosterish , @breathingmild , @bullettrained , @cantabomortem , @carryinguilt , @chamberburied , @chimeristic , @claustrophobicwerewolf , @cleverwcrds , @cutestcoyote , @cyclone24 , @dannyfxckingmahealani , @deadraiiser , @deathisarose , @deathsiren , @elderwandskeeper , @fightsback , @fiirstbeta , @forgottendyer , @fragiilis , @fragiliis , @frozensoldiier , @fugiitiive , @fullofkniives , @fxrechild , @ghoulishgrangcr / expulsiion , @gloryandgcre , @grawpiish , @hardknocked , @hauntedbetaerica / badassbetaerica , @hauntinglydia , @hedidntbelieveme , @heromentality , @hewhofiightsmonsters , @hisevolution , @hisfairy , @hisgrief , @hisyoda , @holeyweaslxy , @holyweaslxy , @howmanybones , @ifthemoneysgood , @illbebatman , @ivyleaved , @jarofmuses , @justwakeupstiles , @kanimascales , @keepingwatch , @kiritsvne , @kreinvahlok , @likethcrns , @littlebrokensurvivor , @lostlovethrice , @ly-martin , @lycangene , @mccallito , @mccallofthewild@mcputa , @munchingmuff , @nobodyisbatman , @notborntolead , @notwrath , @ofhamartia , @oflcyalty , @pcmegranates , @postvoided , @princegriffinxavier , @pupbar , @purevibranium , @queencvak , @raekvnball , @redhairedflower , @sanityleavesme , @sarcasmsasssnark , @scarredanger , @scottmchungup , @shadesofanoracle , @shewailed , @shroudedspark , @shroudedxheart , @silverheartsilverskin , @sixthisms , @snaremaker , @starwreathed , @stillwiththem , @sullenalpha , @sweetscreamer , @sxsure , @thebansheeofthepack , @thebeautyofnarcissus , @theliel , @thewailingariel , @traumeriin , @triskelion-king , @txkeyouout , @undelgado , @unseenmockingjay , @vcxnihili , @veilled , @voicxs , @vulpestiles , @vulpesvos , @weaselkiing , @wiithscott , @wolfspirals , @wxndybird , @wxngman , @wxrriior , @xdemondrinker , @xspellbound , @xvoicxes , @yourbatmxn , @youremybrxther 🎃

  s o o o o o    here  it  is  ! !      A little while overdue, and not nearly as extravagant as I
  was      planning.           You      know,      when     I     first     started     Phillip     as     a
  secondary   account, I  never  expected  that  I would  develop   this  much  muse.  I’ve
  made such  wonderful friends that I could spend   hours   gushing about,        and have
  met    some   of     the     most      FANTASTIC      writers    ever.          I’m  privileged to
  be even acknowledged in my portrayal of this nerd prince!!      I    started   this  account
  with     the     intention     of     reminding     people     about     the         MAGIC          of  
  Classic     Disney,                but I never knew you guys would be reminding me just how
  GREAT    people    can    be.      You    know?        Like   I   can’t   be   amazed   enough.

                                                                       ♡ ♡ ♡ aqssa

   As     a     small,    small     token     of     my     thanks,    here’s   this     giveaway  !!!
   There’ll  be          TWO WINNERS         chosen  randomly  who  will  receive either
   1 full sketch or 2 mini (more rough) sketches of whatever they choose!    Some    small
   examples    are    here:

R U L E S  a r e   s i m p l e   !  !

         You  must  be  following  me .
         Don’t  follow  &  then  unfollow  wtf  that’s  rude .
         Reblogs  only !  But  you  can  reblog  as  muuuuch  as  you  want .
         This  will  end  July 5th,  2015  at  12  AM  EST  ! !

B I A S    L I S T (continued under the cut)

   WITH A DISTINCTION!   For my buds Katy ( asundrop & xbastion ) and Al ( ababwa )
   who’ve been with me on tumblr rp since day ONE,     and who I literally would not be
   writing without.     You guys mean everything to me, but I tell you that enough for you
   both to know.     We’ve been through SO MUCH! these past two and a half years and
   I can’t imagine a second of it without you both   ! !   I love you two so, so, sooo much.

also s/o to disneyismyescape !! not a rp blog but literally my fav disney blog ever and who has an appreciation for sleeping beauty  i wish more ppl had !! im v happy we’re mutuals EwE

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                          OR: EXCUSE ME, BUT WHAT?

i recently reached 300 followers  ( i still don’t really know what you all are doing here, but i appreciate it so much, regardless of whether or not we’re mutuals )  & figured it was a good occasion for some sort of follower appreciation post. i made this account back in january & honestly never expected for so many of you to follow me ––– let alone actually ENJOY my portrayal of ruby, since there are so many wonderful renditions of her out there. i still get insecure about writing her sometimes, but i’ve loved every second of being here & you guys definitely make it worth the while. so, THANK YOU for sticking around.

special mention

exsecratum  |  jcphiel  |  horribleluck  ( & about a million of her other accounts ): if you’re not following winny already, you’re honestly missing out. i’ve known her for six years now & she is not only my oldest rp partner, but one of my favorite people in the world; not to mention her portrayal is always on point, no matter what character she takes on. roleplay partners come & go, but winny is one of the few i haven’t lost touch with yet & after all this time, she remains almost a sister to me. definitely go check her out.

other fabulous roleplayers

below you’ll find a list of all my mutuals, older & newer. unfortunately i haven’t had the privilege of roleplaying with all of you just yet, but hopefully i will in the future!

thesmophoric  |  indxstress  |  noxpraelia  |  athanato  |  sweetheartsnark  |  ofcxritas  |  xthimble  |  hangtherules  |  unseenmockingjay  |  imnotthesavior  |  thelxstsavior  |  incredibleliar  |  rufiofalls  |  changedsongbird  |  changingpontius  |  druidofiron  |  gildscipe  |  dominatrick  |  sxmniare  |  slytherrus  |  piiratescave  |  adeloes  |  magnetance  |  terribiliis  |  ofheroics  |  furiisms  |  riddarii  |  nymehros  |  poiseandcomposure  |  withoutbanner  |  mayorbelle  |  veltedis  |  thedarknesstohislight  |  greywindking  |  storybeliiever  |  owedbetter  |  svikinnar  |  bifrostism  |  bloodiedwolf  |  moranument  |  earmires  |  chxrmante  |  souvreign  |  deathsiren  |  yourunhappyending  |  nevermisses  |  offabletown  |  giiliath  |  veinsofwar  |  theinfamouscaptain  |  kinginnuendo  |  killianns  |  druiidae  |  bxthory  |  constantgrief  |  wiintry  |  prxncecharming  |  avicuula  |  skaifok  |  ahbutimavillain  |  nojudgeofbeauty  |  xtestis  |  veilled  |  blaackfyre  |  siinnerr  |  rcndir  |  ironiisms  |  stxgos  |  prophetry  |  ofgasmasks  |  rexofsilva  |  malignitas–mali  |  liarliiar  |  pondelistic  |  coldblxxded  |  hisgrief  |  msmarvelism  |  strifeofwar  |  insxrgo  |  offiasco  |  tokillmonsters  |  bclicvcr  |  labyrxnthine  |  likeashoelace  |  exitiosaxe  |  smartcrthanyou  |  bravebury  |  masterofgoodform  |  materxnatura  |  wolfixis  |  domestiics  |  voiidstuff  |  obsodil  |  slavicshadcw  |  grvkinn  |  librariians  |  hcartless  |  lostdorothy  |  lightcrowned  |  sanctuus  |  moralistwithmoney  |  pricstess  |  ofsaviourisms  |  devilout  |  wxndybird  |  identityfraud  |  cestatie  |  wiickcd  |  alhxli  |  raisedbetter  |  vvulfric  |  bitteriism  |  tormentxm  |  serenityfixed  |  dinglehxpper  |  lionessism  |  rascalist  |  chcrredqveen  |  toocliched  |  lixnheart  |  daringdevil  |  soldatzimy  |  tierical  |  poisonedplant  |  magicdoesntfail  |  iracundix  |  southronbeauty  |  gavemyforever  |  schrrecken  |  likedirt  |  valorborn  |  hairpullings  |  ofmiidnight  |  pulledfromhell  |  frostivity  |  saviorheart  |  ofblindsight  |  antisavicr  |  againstworlds  |  brckenwatch  |  isolatedhxnter  |  feraliity  |  fastlly  |  fragiliis  |  punziiie  |  courierr  |  anamnesiis  |  edhelernil  |  nosignsofpain  |  brrucebanner  |  ofraventree  |  uaigh  |  mcthermaterial  |  stanfcrd  |  scarletniightmare  |  havfruc  |  madnessfromwithin

Happy Holidays! (This is also for my Mickey Milkovich @softesthug .) I know Christmas has passed, but I consider the winter holidays to run until January 3rd or so (before school starts again). I was waiting to make this so everyone would have their non-festive URLs back (sorry, that sounds Grinchy, but it is just easier). I hope you all had/are having great holidays!! I hit 1k followers on Christmas day and have been able to maintain that since then which is wild. Thank you so much for all of your support and friendship, to my mutuals and non mutuals alike, you make this blog enjoyable to be on. Considering I dropped the show long ago, it is more meaningful to me than I can express that I still find joy in this fandom. I tried to mention people who have positively affected me this year, but of course I might have forgotten some. (All of your blogs are included in the mention!) So, without further ado…

*Michael Bublé voice* Santa Buddies (the squad) ;

@civicproud , @ethanthebroken , @holefallen , @justanemptymeatsuit , @notapriize@scarfiisms , @screamxlydia , @silveronce@supervivientc , @weaselkiing . ❄

Stocking Stuffers (chapstick, chocolate, scented candles, etc) ;

@acexfspades , @adeloes , @adoptavit , @adultwar , @allxson , @ambitiousxmonsoon , @americasfinestlegacy , @archently , @arielswail , @augurycrowned , @azurxous , @badassbetaerica , @bcnedead , @beanshith@belezamxrtal , @blueeyedregrets , @boltiisms , @booiisms@breathingmild@chamberburied , @chimeristic , @claustrophobicwerewolf , @cyclone24 , @deathisarose , @elderwandskeeper , @expulsiion , @fearmadeherkind , @fiirstbeta , @fragiliis , @fxrechild , @gevaudans , @hauntinglydia , @haydcnromcro , @hedidntbelieveme , @heromentality , @hisevolution , @hisgrief , @howmanybones , @intermiiittent , @jagerbxmbastic , @jarofmuses , @killedher , @kiritsvne , @kreinvahlok , @lavanduleaes , @likethcrns , @littlebrokensurvivor , @lupinctuum , @lycangene , @mccallito , @mccallofthewild , @nobodyisbatman@notwrath ,  @ofcleavage , @ofhamartia , @oflcyalty , @pcmegranates , @princegriffinxavier , @pupbar , @rabiies , @scottmchungup , @shadesofanoracle , @shewailed , @shexhowls , @shroudedspark , @shroudedxheart , @siilverson , @siirenae@silverheartsilverskin , @snaremaker@sullenalpha , @sxsure , @thebeautyofnarcissus , @theliel , @thewailingariel , @traumeriin , @trucxnagual , @txkeyouout , @vcxnihili , @veilled , @voicxs , @voidworn , @vulpestiles , @vulpesvos , @vvulfric , @unseenmockingjay , @wiithscott , @wolfspirals , @wxndybird , @wxngman , @wxrriior , @xspellbound , @xvoicxes , @yourbatmxn , @youremybrxther . + blogroll (esp. to mention my people on hiatus). ❄

so like im honestly surprised how far Eclair has gotten in her bakery and the friendships, acquaintances and other people that eclair has met in her life as far as this week and half of last week has gone. I’m honestly very happy with where I am as far as characterization goes. I’m so lucky to have you guys here to interact with and talk to, thanks so much for following, interacting and roleplaying with me. It means so much to me and I know I can’t exactly put everyone on this list, if I could I would, but I just want to say thank you to those that have really made Eclairs welcome feel warm and happy.

Note just because I don’t add you on this list doesn’t mean i don’t love you, because I do, I just can’t put everyone on here and my brain tends to like not remember things, but yeah like I said thank you all so much for being here with me today and I hope to interact with you all soon. Okay on with the list.

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         I did not think I’d EVER get here, not in a million years, I did not think I could get a blog, such as a World of Warcraft rp blog, to 1k+ followers. I’ve not even been here a year, I’m so flattered && happy ;A; I’ve made so many wonderful friends && met AMAZING people on here. I’ve REALLY opened up, && I’m so honoured to have such amazing followers. Thank you. 

     isblod iindiscriminate isalarevas willprevail warriorofvalhalla wyntrveined
     witandcharms edrord ryusxnka thaneuerebor sola–cordis arielshepard
     svikinnar desbearer dhampyrite fragiliis flirtiings spacerangcr finiis
     falsedivinity grishildr gamburoo ghoulpatch gammamade josiewosiie
     kcresoteira ledovna homicidalgrin lightpaved zimtec zingiing xprodigium
     xghxuls xshoakuma caedxs cleverindeed calisvol veilled velvetiiin venatorx
     blacksxar notadiick ncthanprescott naragukil nyxvuur metalsided madeofwildfire
     whcle thundcrs thegreatbritannia azymus kekkane glaiveofshadow deshevo
     desouffrance path-of-sorrows paladinisms patroxus falsequerade falondiiin
     alleriia elthorn oflavellan ellasin ofthewheatandtail wcrshipper donyokuu erorisus
     arraneous betrayxr exterreris bondofhatred anivara earthwarden thcriddler
     arteriius ghoulpet aquilacor aibhleiss aijohime shedancess shuuiisms tofeign
     totalwood hisfledgling millenniumpharaoh soulchord tefechi organdoom miscra
     courtxjewel coquettishcrown corvusungula orangeascot honorificus houtousha
     draicon durmstranged theplaguelord nuytism sulahnnan surrealiity survyve
     ryoet dedpuul clownitorii karkxt glaieulux svrchovany vvolka couronnex archaeolxgica
     mxntis mxstergenkai maotaisei gourmetgoule ancetres kxrei senarius brawxl
     iinterfici curufinwefeanaro diabolusvenator dominaredio legacycaptain praesidiium
     xarentia hiinami irmorisenatha chaoseeds chlorophillain swallowingsnake
     unearthlydemise aecoria naaklein naeniiie naggwauull future-son stormbrella
     bloodwritten bloodimagery bloodybloke asymmetried susurriventus talonisms
     victoryfated falondiiin vanuslupis ofthetwilight atramortiis ichinosc icathiaism
     lumennox halvedhope havocism


i’m going to start off with a little story time before i jump into the part that everyone is actually waiting for. i first created viktoria on november 23rd of 2013, which absolutely blows my mind honestly, and revamped her for the first time on september 1st of 2014. so viktoria has been a character i’ve written on and off over the past (nearly) two years. i never thought i would bring her back again or that she would be welcomed with open arms into so many different communities but i did and she has and you are all absolutely wonderful people and i just wanted to say that when i revamped her on september 26th, i didn’t think i would enjoy it as much as i have. so thank you so much for making this a wonderful place for me. i appreciate it more than i could ever really say. now, onto the goodies. 

i wanted to do a giveaway as well as a little follow forever list because so many of you deserve recognition and i also just love making icons and wanted to give back a little since you’ve all been so great to me. this follow forever list was not made to upset anyone and i’m sorry if that is what happens. please do not take it personally okay? because you’re all beautiful and marvelous and amazing and you all mean so very much to me. the list is also in no particular order. 

@vigiilance | @makersblade | @fcrtiissimus | @halfawolf | @path-of-sorrows | @prophetry | @spireborn | @pearledpriincess | @rebelliontales | @oltheth | @howeabout | @unseenmockingjay | @slytherrus | @tethrxs | @sovereigncrown | @adeloes | @withoutchcnge | @ponyvorus | @thrandxuilion | @pcriah | @scettcio | @fragiliis | @dragonhuntcr | @parriies | @lionheartiing | @kapuletov | @juniicr | @maidofwinter | @littlewinterdove | @veilled | @spxndle | @deathwaking | @hamndgirig | @defiantqueen | @whiskeybcnt | @brokensmolder | @kazachxk | @silksongs | @endlcss | @harvalle | @burzxm | @dorzallty | @ofmiidnight | @piiratescave | @svyatost | @vitivory | @princexconsort | @fcithfacade | @xdeadjolras | @lipsoftheredrose | @siihas | @heartstutters | @myshkas | @shieldarmed | @northernis | @anicelybandiedword | @queenuntouched | @demisoeur | @ofoath | @bandiitry | @battlesung | @kingsdeputy | @ironiisms | @aurcrean | @ofwalks | @dxrknesswillrise | @ofthemark | @killianns | @goldinked | @nimueries | @rubere | @cerynitiis | @vxlois | @iindiscriminate | @ofwolfmaids | @ornxry | @lightcrowned | @strengthism | @bloodiedwolf | @datseabass | @lady-cassiia | @krigarofwar | @ignexs | @spoopyhans | @indxstress | @piietrosass | @wxndybird | @oathsayer | @forcedfromwaiting | @emmailen | @governorsson | @wiickcd | @malevolents | @darkinherheart | @littleelight | @makerslight | @renownedhorror | @konigrex | @savioxr | @toshootfirst | @lordiism | @hangtherules | @travmsoldat | @praesaga | @postvoided | @lcvelykenna | @nosavicr | @dcathfollows | @criimescened | @ptolemaica | @lionswrath | @seduceddeath | @svnsettler | @ilpure | @xthimble | @riddarii | @witandcharms | @mervoyage | @pondelistic | @ravenedscot | @enviouslittleviper | @ofpirateblood | @empressia | @newsavior | @herkiingdom | @charmerattack | @terriblcred | @showmaxter | @spoopyslayer | @audaciia | @ofredblood | @dacwnis | @iinured | @makersent | @bctterman 

now onto the rules of the giveaway. basically the winner(s) will be given a pack of 50-100 icons of the face claim of their choosing in the style of icon of their choosing. i will choose them at random using a website where i toss random urls into the mix and let the internet decide for me. the amount of people that will win is going to depend on how many notes this particular post gets. you must be following me. you must be a roleplaying blog. you must reblog this post. likes will count as a second entry. you can give your prize to someone else if you would like. the winner(s) will be chosen on october 21st at 9 pm cst and will be announced publicly. they will have twenty-four hours to respond before another winner is chosen. good luck and thank you so much.


                ♛ | ❛ (  NOT SO HEARTLESS AFTER ALL  ) 

             since i am not photoshop gifted or artistically inclined so i am going to toss out something to show my appreciation ( whilst neglecting drafts ). i am so honoured & completed flabberghasted that so many people have decided to make me a part of their roleplay life & tolerating whatever crap i decide to post on any given day from rants to feels avalanches to actual replies. & though my muse believes she deserves all the praise & attention for simply breathing, i am completely the opposite. i don’t deserve any of you to be quite honest, to have such a following, to have such wonderful writers present in my life. you are all so talented & an absolute pleasure to have on my dash every day. & though my dash has the pace of the indy speedway, i admire each piece that blurs by, pausing to appreciate it all as well as the headcanons used to add so much substance to a character, to bring them to life beyond what is seen on screen or the original characters born purely from the beauty of ones imagination. so this is just a little recognition & THANK YOU for everything. 

                    ♛ | ❛ (  MOST TRUSTED ADVISERS  )

        these are for those that have been with me for years, following the every changing tide of my muse interest & just simply being there. & though life may keep us busy or our tastes change, we always find our ways back to each other.

@maidofwinter / @tobewhoimnot / @banrighinn / @machiavellicx | @infinitelyxcomplicated / @carrionruler / @charredreminder / @wingsofash / @nah-en-tah | @stubbornstrumpet | @ofsurviivors | @cforbes-progeny | @immortallockwood | @morallymikaelson | @methodtomymxdness / @ourbrokencrowns | @attofinale@stefansalvatorestan | @anathemagus / @nefarious-hybrid 

                    ♛ | ❛ (  THE QUEEN’S COUNCIL  )

             total babes that i love dearly & deserve the absolute world for putting up with me.

@faultyadonis | @soldatdor / @cainofborgia | @cxesar | @inprosperus | @neverparted | @ravcnna | @beastslaying | @fragiliis | @stillamemberofthisfamily | @fairenchantress | @asundrop | @travmsoldat | @prxncecharming | @sncwprince | @lionoffrance | @bythedagger | @brownhairedlass | @seltsamzauber | @nctadummy | @ofthewiind

           ♛ | ❛ (  MAGIC MIRROR SAYS YOU’RE THE
                          MOST TALENTED OF THEM ALL  )

                 for those i stalk shamelessly / think are the coolest thing since sliced bread.

@confiidant | @presidentviktorpetrov | @ofthewiind | @inhxrmony | @winglcss | @lordiism | @minacixus / @bravescn | @rumiisms | @hcwtovogue | @paramcur | @sordidis | @charmerattack | @freedomvessel | @darkpatriotism@fallencomrade | @bluescldier@mysteriousignals | @herunfailingkindness | @consvltant | @crxella | @unfcrtunatesoul | @tsaritsazhizni | @czarowniica | @ashiidanza | @ashenwinged | @falsedivinity | @outlawiism | @konigrex | @snaremaker@truander / @hverfr | @sinborn | @adeloes | @cxrpusnymphe | @streetratted | @phantasisms | @schneewittchxn | @snowhiite | @furiisms | @mothergothell | @motherofasgard | @lygariii | @mischiefwithabite | @herroyaldarkness | @hellblxzer | @booksandbravcry | @ahbutimavillain | @astormcrow | @intothehellfire | @dancingforcoins | @judgmentcast | @nottxbe | @notamcnster | @ridiriuil | @skelejones | @readytcstand | @queenuntouched | @fxntiine | @showmaxter | @demonsunleashxd | @songuerrier | @desouffrance | @lupusdci | @shcrtfuse | @secretusreginam | @servinglies | @chiefmackenzie | @battlewrought | @walkingaloneinthelight | @miistertodd | @andfluffy | @lycangene | @underhades | @influencedbyfear | @ofunderworld | @fairestisms | @ofmalevolence | @dcmonbitch | @xmoriar | @dcsvanecerse | @twiistedpath | @shadcwman | @rexumbrae | @transcendantalisms | @systemctic | @realmjumperer | @ravhrafn | @belladcna | @loketratan | @suavestealing | @casshmonet | @hellveined | @violentlyimpulsive | @yourfinalbell | @princexconsort | @sleeperxgent | @mutinousness | @butcherscn | @howprincely | @ironwxngs | @maternalgrief | @makahwclfgirl | @coulrophobiiia | @benevolentcrown | @prcxidike | @empressia | @stjamcs | @svyatost | @flambcyant | @flamesofesmeralda | @rcigninblood | @sharpestvow | @hcneyvoiced | @camelotdestined | @blccdjunkie | @bctterman | @jchnlowe | @overdueasteroid | @dacwnis | @pcrfidious | @iivoryxgold | @iindiscriminate | @larebelleenrouge | @turncoated | @fromsokovia | @wandawitch | @mcnstrum | @ircnbcrn | @iamagxd | @badcoroner | @lowlyboy | @corrvpts | @veryprxtty | @sihrs | @sorcererist | @suppliiant | @sehenwesen | @sealegged | @supplcant | @mountcinking | @woodcrowned | @darkmagiician | @jamesmrchs | @reclaimedasset | @thecapitoldarling | @cleverindeed | @trashindies | @ofsaviourisms | @confcdere

[ I hit another milestone! Whoo-hoo! So I decided to do another little follow forever! But I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone who decided to follow me, it means a lot to me to see that all of you guys wanted to see this character I created! So thank you so much! I love each and every single one of you! -huggles- ]

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No fancy banners or anything needed to express to u guys how much I appreciate each & every one of you!! you’ve stuck by me through days & days of no replies & hours of crack and ooc posts. I’ve only had this blog for a month now, and to have 557 of you guys here is crazy because I honestly thought HoND was one of those films hardly anyone had seen/liked & so you wouldn’t care to follow me or to interact with me but you guys have stuck around & i love u all, u precious baes. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. this is in alphabetical order to keep things yay. The people on here are the ones who inspire me and who i truly treasure! HOWEVER I’M SO FORGETFUL SO IF I’VE FORGOTTEN U I’M SO SORRY ILY. & it’s under a read more bc i’m thankful for a LOT OF PEOPLE, OOPS.

 achapterinthemedicalbooksacharmingprincessadeloesahbutimavillainapprenticemonarch ✵ andalasianbxldmountainbxyoucantatiischancellorismschemiiistchosenbyfirecoatsoffurcoronianthiefcromaguycxesarcxrreradancingforcoins ✵ darlinglittlebirdxdawsonismsdrxgonprincedxdgerdxmselsedhelernileglantiierfalsedivinityfashionsleuthfragiliisgentiliityglorynite ✵ greatofdeathhavfruepigehawkiniiismsheiressofdorne ✵ herunfailingkindnessinhumanisticintothehellfirejollyrogeredjudgmentcastjusttoliveonedaykingofthiieveslabeauteslaideurslcverboylegacycaptainlet-desolationcomeliarliiarlordiismlxttiiemurroyilodelmxrdrakenarglewitchnotyouraveragethiefoceanniistofliiarsofpenderghastofregnofuglyheartpaniismspheriannathpippinxtookprideofthemountainprxncecharmingpueramiisitravcnous ✵ rdxwsonrepublicireubalachrottenjudgementxsanctamatersealeggedsensseuleshattered-mirror-rebirthshowmaxtershrekkeringsiinnerrsilkssongsandchivalrysoldatdorsoldimensionsoldixroflovesolxcultorstardersstarloonstingunseensxphirthedarknesstohislighttimmguttersontinkeriisms ✵ toshootfirsttravmsoldattruandertrxculenttrxvailleuseveilledveltedisvoskresheniiweariiedweestleyxstarjunkiezunjing

i’m going to save you guys from having to read my sappy feels and just cut to the chase. this is an incredible milestone and i still can’t believe i’m sitting here getting to interact with so many amazing writers. you guys have been absolutely wonderful to me. i couldn’t list everyone, but know that i appreciate everyone that follows me. below are a list of people i either talk to on a regular basis or admire from afar. i’ll go ahead and end this by saying that i did do this at four in the morning, so if i forgot anyone i profusely apologise and it wasn’t intentional! i love all of you very much and i wouldn’t be here without you! uwu

drekihilmir coronianthief sollucem mowehhnk hofdingi galaxychord winkchain streetratted xstarjunkie  falsedivinity wxrshiiped kapuletov montegyu serialromeo turnedmonster petrovna liightinside gravewoman crueleycs ypokosmcs raisedbetter flooredunder fearkiing greascd demonveined orangeascot dawscn drakedomitor gentillesse chartedstars scldiier resilientbones marictta thundcrs incendion futuriistic jixnchi notapriize ladiieschoice lifesparks manipvlare dragoniic mordiices desouffrance iindiscriminate ppyre frostivity snowveined frostveined explcsive sadiqucs edhelhernil taskhawi tinwerina silversleeps erroimmunis evidentem chaotiiics rebelliions liickitup jacksoniisms duplicous lavahearted seductiiones distruust unseenmockingjay slytherrus axgrus cxrrera parum-caeta stabilitate judgmentcast privatekinships presiidential minacixus aherosdeath unblunting sncwprince travmsoldat firstbiiten thirdsiies diickaru naturallyhosting gameofdeception trickstercaptain hangtherules wildliing proelioes adeloes mxdam lordiism perditioner wxndybird sxmniare piiratescave bloodthirstygod miiryoku yukionii weestley redhxnded fragiliis queenxcersei southerncomforted whatsthesiitch concxtio millenniumpharaoh inhumanistic rdxwson innocentdelirium ledovna

Whoa it’s only been like two days since I’ve had Yamato as a muse and I can’t believe that so many of you guys follow me now, its a real honor, tbh. I just hope I get to roleplay with you all before its all over with. Thanks for making my muse feel welcome and interacting with me so far. I hope that we can all become friends and write more together and let our muses all befriend! So thanks again for being awesome. Just a warning that I can’t put everyone I follow on here, because I tend to forget and that would also take a lot of time, but my blogroll is on my rules page so I’ll be sure to link you all there if I didn’t add you, and I follow you, you’re thought about too. Just know I love you all with all my heart. Please don’t be upset if you’re not on here. Okay on with the list.

Baes that I adore:

hikxru | edrord | guardianisms | multimusisboartastic | alxbrn | a-maisato | stxiic | hatsuuharu | hxneylemon | drakedomitor | electrovus | ensui | otobaibitch | sawakool | salaciousparamour | vaincxnt | vermaledeiit | vanillacry | insolentmisfit | brawxl | princesslxttie 

People I admire:

alohaxe | atlaxlinguist | busui | bloedend | blacksxar | constantquibbling | cynixmus | corruptionofheart | cambixn | creatingxtrouble | dxphneblake | daijitsu | fulmen—s | facadefatality | fracturexangels | friigus | fragiliis | fracione | freestxle | freeonlyswimmer | gravesradium | gasmxsk | glitteriiing | ghoulinadequacy | greeneyedstxr | giiingerbread | ginminus | giingerisms | hiizashi | halfaghxst | hamadisms | hiiroism | hiiroic | hesaphantom | heroistics | immortalcorrupter | inhumanistic | infeliix | iniquitouus | invxntive | itsranka | jumpxn | kempybowe | kiinkyboots | kenosiis | kanoval | karcharxas | loverofwarmhugs | lucemare | lupus-inter-oves | lambencies | lyingxmblr | libidiine | lxader lesexclus | lepidxptera | malifiicus | mabelkind | mistressmxleficent | mercenaiire | msbedazzled | mangleisms | markiisms | mediusora | mediicinal | meltedsmile | moerbucks | ninnymvggins | nullius-amorem | not-so-courageous | notasxvior | nagarie | ne-tetigeritis | notesweet | notmegane | originalheir | otwilightprincess | ofhealings | ofapriicity | punziiie | powerofra | photondebugger | quamvisnexa | regaliis | redstarved | restorance | rascalist | razuberiis | ravente | redwccd | slxnderman | spareheiress | spxre | scarysunako | saorachd | sieqlinde| siirenissenijoou | secbest | tendheart | tinkeriisms | tentaisenshi thirdfiighter | theflyingpotchirps | thehappyonigiri | trumpcts | tribewarrior | unreapable | uxversed | untamedprince | umadoshi | utoniumismsvoskreshenii | virtusxcor | winteirs | we-live-to-serve | winkchain | whatsthesiitch | winterbuns | wiinterschnee | xfjustice | xpinetree | xignorance | ximmoralx | xntheshadows | xnitori | xnarukami | yato-noragami | yuxmaru


Happy new year guys! I’m sorry if I missed anyone just know you’re still in my heart and i still love you guys no matter what

   First of all, excuse the lazy graphic. INHALES. I was too eager to make this, slapped a PSD on it && I was ready to go ! But yes, aside from that, I’m just so ? ? ? I can’t believe it ! I’ve made it this far, I’ve met so many new people, developed my skill in writing, && got to roleplay my most favourite female character of all time ! I love Warcraft, more than I feel I could ever express, && to meet people on here who share that same love, I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve also met rp’ers on here that I’ve admired for a long time, && now I’m friends with their precious faces ! I’m just so ? ? ? I love it here, I love you guys ! THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

                                                         BANSHEE BABES. 

              @tefechi @arielshepard @arraneous @sanguisaeternus @aithreachas @elthorn
              @isalarevas @isblod @naragukil @chalceum @vigoare @markerbcy @blightcaller
              @hiraetln @sola–cordis @willprevail @ichinosc @svikinnar @kxrei @falsedivinity
              @iindiscriminate @thechosenxne @pactumanimus @lethanaviir @path-of-sorrows
              @thaneuerebor @cleverindeed @fragiliis @xarentia @mortiferae @scindeva @voshul

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It’s a crap graphic, but deal with it. But here I am at 200 followers so fast and I didn’t sign up for this. I created this blog on a whim. I sat there on my other blogs, really wanting to make a Disney character blog. I have such a strong passion and love for Disney, and it hit me that I don’t have a single Disney character muse. So I went through a list of muses and it was a tie between Kida and Jane. I’m glad I chose Kida. I’ve received such positive feedback since I made this blog and you all make me so happy for being so accepting, and letting me grow and learn how to handle this muse. I was worried I wouldn’t do Kida justice. But here I am.

So without further ado, here’s my cutie list to celebrate my big milestone!

Big Memes ( people I love and adore so much )

littlecrxxk | atlaxlinguist + incrediviolet | purifixd + criistallum | bupagentkent | fowlhearted | hylianxprince | pckpocket | labcuff | bloodexpectations | hexrtofkxdrakxr | memcries | toocliched | frostveined | fatherhalloween | offorensiics | ventusdraconis | thundcrs | tactiicians ( biggest meme of all memes ) | taichounokame | xbastion

Senpais ( people I love and stalk admire from afar )

thingamabcbs | sollucem | capnrum | aviscaptum | bornnaive | falseservant | sncwprince | booiisms | chemiicalpriincess | outlawiism | catnxir | mothergothell | qxill | smaugiiisms | talentforlying | dowsingrods | iinterfici | jxcobfrye | scrveuse | christmasiing | medihearted | xstarjunkie | etredivin | ultiiio | intothehellfire | fateandfury | thefuryofnight | twelveminutesoldier | txrrakinetic | twoleft-fiiins | vitess | battlesworn | e-xcellentquestion | libxrtatis | ijounakame | streetxcat | tangledinflowers | jetstrecm | vvielded | streetratted | mannasal | alae-atrae | biiceps | hvessa | flourpicker | rosegaia | spacerangcr | shadcwman | octcmaid | douxaigre | veilled | kcrso | bustxd | berkiian | draakis | drekihjarta | snowveined | mxdiium | inhumanistic | xformiido | uselessreptiile | heprotected | boombxby | fragiliis | bibliophiliism

Thank you guys so much for giving me a chance and opportunity to roleplay with you guys and follow you! I hope you will continue to grow with me, I love you guys so much!

    I can’t believe it ! !! ! ! 1.6k of you ! !! ! Thank you so much, every single one of you !!  ! I’m so ? ? ? aaaaaaaaaaaaa there is so many of you, && I’ve not made a follow forever in quite sometime but asdjkl. Thank you so much. My loves. I’ve had such a BLAST here on Sylvanas, despite my activity being here && there, but —— I’m so happy. I don’t know what else to really say here. But just THANK YOU.  

@aithreachas @iindiscriminate @rebelliontales @toshootfirst @infiniitas @path-of-sorrows @arraneous
@desbearer @fragiliis @falsequerade @gin-ichimaru @grishildr @herroyaldarkness @homicidalgrin
@judgmentcast @josiewosiie @jehennam @kniivesandlint @khagaan @lightpaved @zabrakmaul
@xstrange @xprodigium @caedxs @cleverindeed @vigiilance @brideofsparda @noblehell @thaneuerebor
@thechosenxne @voshul @tefechi @lethanaviir @ledovna @deathdancer @dealmade @flamebound
@taughthate @vauntiing @morputrefy @arielshepard @arcusignis @artcfwar @pheriannath @celeth
@naragukil @calisvol @siihas @prophetry @praedirus @ensuespurity @thuashdore @kxrei @vvolka
@azymus @draemweaved @gouudin @llongbottcm @artaemida @isblod @isalarevas @elthorn
@giveintoyouranger @nathdar @bensol @sulahnnan @aespar @erorisus @khagaan @tanadhal
@shitemojis @wardenjail @pyonium @pyrrhiiic @shukei @subjectsurvivor @prettywxman
@heavendescends @scindeva @sempiiterniity @oflavellan @amanofdestiny @archaeolxgica @gilxath
@hamndgirig @protivach @millenniumpharaoh @aurcrean @fewkarats

           &&. ok so i wasn’t going to do a bias list or sort of thank you post thing because – although i absolutely adore christmas and its magic – this is a very hard time of the year for me. without getting into any of the gory details, i think most people who have lost someone can appreciate how isolating the holidays can feel at times. and although i rarely talk about my brother, his birthday was not long ago and it’s very fresh in my mind. and i miss him everyday, and spending christmas alone this year – before heading up to manchester which promises even more depressing conversation – is very lonely. but i have received some lovely gifts, and i’ll see my little sister tomorrow and when i posted about this yesterday i received no less than five messages offering support over christmas and i am just so overwhelmed by the kindness of people that i had to write this little thing that no one will read. i hope that everyone is having the best possible christmas and that, if you are not, you know that you are loved and appreciated – not just over the holidays but all year round and it will get better. maybe not today but someday. and this is just a little thank you and happy holidays to everyone who has followed me, written with me or just made me smile during what is a very difficult time for me. i also recently reached 400 FOLLOWERS which is insane. and i’m so excited that you’re all here and that people have accepted lucille and i’ve only had her a couple of weeks and it’s just crazy thank you so much.

people who write with me on here or on other blogs, have approached me recently giving support or i just adore you – in or out of character!

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i admire you mostly from a distance since i am trash!

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