massofyourheart asked:

Tell me a love story

She had once described him as a fleeting array of raging storm clouds. Someone who was hiding a thousand hurricanes inside him, features hard and stoic with a pinch of tenderness if you looked closely enough and eyes with a faraway look in them, calm on the surface. When he spoke, his voice would carve words into the air a low hum of thunder that would draw her out of her hazy thoughts. At night she held his hands as they trembled.

And she had a love strong enough to survive a thousand hurricanes.

Now was the day, 21st of January. He wore his best suit and shoes, combed his hair, and brushed his teeth. He brought her flowers– white carnations, her favorite. He went to the bus stop and sat on the bench with the bouquet on his right hand. Above him, the sky dimmed, released a sudden downpour. The streets almost emptied as people ran for shelter. His suit was drenched and the flowers were damp and wilted. He kept seated.

He would stay there until five o'clock, reminiscing the times before the car crash when she would rush out of the bus towards him, enveloping him into a tight embrace and kissing him senseless… He would leave the flowers on the bench and walk home alone with a sad smile on his face.

Variazioni asincrone del mio cuore

riflette e mi giustifica disarmonica cadenza

inonda e inciampa

affiorando alle mie labbra

inespressi e nudi

i miei rancori


Tracce di vento

tardivo temporale


Eravamo un uno in una mano

Stesso sangue

stessa carne

ho creduto di volare


Disillusione? – chiedi

Imbroglio – chiarisco

 Cedo qualcosa ogni volta 

smarrito e inebriato dai tuoi occhi di basilico

per i miei  

che all'opposto

hanno origine nel mare

Pezzi di me lembi di memoria

fino a farmi sottile trasparenza

e poi amarezza

frammenti di passato

per quella tua misurata composta indifferenza

Frantumi di sciocca leggerezza


Contabilità snervante delle mie disfatte

replico il mantra della mia vita

a un doppio di me stesso

ad arginare scogli e insidie




Cosa ho sbagliato?




Chino sui miei errori

suggerisce e mi consola

l’arrendevole sciogliersi del giorno

si fa specchio colore e movimento

linfa vitale infine

vivace gioiosa resistenza


Di noi la nostra storia

smarrita e saccheggiata

spalla contro spalla

a dispiegar fragili ali inadatte per il volo

Ormai lontani noi

e irraggiungibili

diversi eppure uguali


Ho avuto giorni in pugno un altro ieri

quando realtà schioccava dita di

incenso e meraviglia

ed era festa

era armonia

Stesso sangue

stessa carne

sicuro di volare.

words and photo

Gaetano Pezzella

Microbial Locator Map of the Body

Various types of microbes congregate everywhere in and on the human body. Their presence maintains their host’s health in part by making it hard for disease-causing germs to gain access to the body. Several species, such as Bacteroides fragilis, also perform specific useful functions, including aiding in the development and regulation of the immune system.

Learn more about the bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that maintain human health via Scientific American™’s interactive visual.

Illustration by Bryan Christie

Mi rende felice il solo pensiero che io per lui possa contare qualcosa.
—  finoaquandovorremmo

Bacteroides fragilis colonies growing on AnaeroGRO™ Bacteriodes Bile Esculin Agar. 

I would have to say that that is positive for bile esculine hydrolysis.

Bacteria in this group and nonhemolytic, sacchrolyitic, and produce many enzymes such as DNAse, fibrinolysin, and heparinase. They have a capsule, which makes them extremely virulent. and they are resistant to many antibiotics.