Well when it’s in a high ponytail i the ponytail is 20inches long so maybe like 24-28 inches? I couldn’t measure it down because it’s been styled up and refused to sit straight haha! It doesn’t look long usually because I have it all over my chest, which is large, so it only comes just over my boobs but if I flick it over my back it touches my butt down, and that’s without straightening it :3

I actually feel sick and I feel so silly because it’s just hair and it’ll grow back but the length is now is so annoying (but looks awesome). It takes an hour to straighten it properly and if I go out with it down it takes 30-40 minutes of tears to get all of the knots out even if I’m brushing all night D:

I actually was going to get it chopped off in October last year and then I went in and they asked me what I wanted and I just squeaked out a “trim please” and yeah, had like half an inch off… One part of my brain is screaming no.