I find it weird and amusing how many people have been messaging me lately, saying “OMG I JUST SAW YOU ON ORPHAN BLACK!”. I’ve been spotted on tv by friends and acquaintances a few times in the past *coughTotalRecall* but not to this extent! I guess everyone is binge watching season 1 right now. haha

I think this was the first time I’d worked on this show and had no idea what it was about or how big it would become. I do remember that Tatiana was not only insanely talented and dedicated to her characters, but she was also a complete sweetheart and took the time to talk to cast, crew and background between takes.

I also remember it was around 4am, at the end of a 14+ hour day, when we filmed this scene!  It was my first time being THIS featured on anything, and it was hard not to look at the camera crew crammed into the toilet stall behind me. LOL

Here’s to an awesome season 2 and many more to come! :D

- fragilemuse

I get a lot of complements on my boots, especially from the wardrobe department at work. I’ve also had AD’s and crew members identify me as “Melyssa! You know. the girl with the boots.”

It took me about a year to find these boots, searching through the multiple army surplus stores and thrift shops of Toronto. I finally stumbled across a pair in my size in Kensington Market, only $40.

They have seen me through many years and many adventures. The soles turn as hard as rocks in the cold and have sent me sprawling on my ass more than once in the winter, but I cannot bear to let go of them.

Here’s to another 5 years together! Cheers to my boots. <3