A sneak peak on a one pager called “Witches” that will be making an appearance in the upcoming “Confusion Comic.” This will be the second release for our bi-annual comic publication here in Norway (The first being Vegetable Comic) which will be out late September. However, this time we will be doubling the size of the book, with more artists, and some new additions to the format. I’ll be releasing a cover and the list of contributors in the coming weeks.

So we finally got our acts together and figured how much its gonna cost us to sell this outside of Norway. As I mentioned earlier the comic is 64 pages black and white and has a 3 color screen printed cover. We have opened a store via big cartel, so everyone from the States that has been asking for copies you can get them at the below link. Other than that we have a table at Oslo Comics festival this year where we will be selling these with some additional smaller books (also very stoked to see Deforge speak).


On a side not one of Norway’s biggest newspapers (Natt og Dag) interviewed me and called the book called the anthology the most uplifting release Norwegian comic release in years.  Good to have those kind words on the first issue– we are already planning the next one for late September. More info on that soon.