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oh my goodness this. like honestly. my regular doc didnt get this…i’m so fucking sick of men hitting on this shit. sick of my body being a sex ploy. sick of my breasts and ass being checked out.((but btw, you are lovely inside too.))

Thank you thank you thank you. I really didn’t think anyone wouldn’t understand…it’s so hard. A huge part of my ED was creating an outside that was as ugly as my inside, destroying myself. Having this body, and having it appreciated, it makes my skin crawl. I’ve literally broken down crying; this isn’t what I wanted. This isn’t my body. I don’t feel comfortable or safe or happy in it. 

for the record: you are beautiful. that’s all I’m going to say about the matter. <3

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give Ian a chance? explain that there’s no promise of emotion but you want to try the date thing

yeah. I’ve told Ian before that I’m not ready for a relationship, just got out of a relationship (I guess I use the word “just” rather loosely; but after being in a relationship for a year and a half, it feels like it just ended), etc. So he knows it’s no promises. I guess I could go out with him? meep.

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59, 60, 61, 62!

59: I’d feel fine about it.

60: Spices!

61: I actually never showed my boyfriend this blog because he was really judgmental of tumblr in general. But if I felt okay showing them the blog, then no. There’s nothing I would want to hide - it would be a great way for them to understand me more.

62: Nope!

God I’m boring.

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this wasn’t me but be ccareful love


I know who it was. I’m sick of the people that say that they are my friends using anon to ask me things. Or tell me things like they did in the other ask I got last night. Though she isn’t a friend but thats not the point. when the ask came from someone that lives near me it is kind of stupid for them not to just text me. 

I just would like to fit into my jeans again. and lose the weight I gained from eating too much last semester.