This is for you,Kate.

First off if you don’t know Kate go and get to know her now,this is her blog.

Dear Kate,

When I started my tumblr a year ago I clicked on your blog and looked at your picture.I saw a beautiful strong girl,when I read your story I was speechless.I cried both because it is horrible what you have to go through and also because people are not able to understand you and see the sadness you hide from time to time.On that day I swore to get to know you better,to put a smile on your face from time to time.I wrote in your ask,i remember exactly what it was.It was ,,Are you alright?“ and you replied and we kept on talking.You started to become important to me and I started to get to know you better than people in know in real life.I remember that night we talked for hours.I made posts and asked people to write in your ask whenever you’re sad.I still check your blog everyday,cry with you and think of you every day.I use chance to make you smile and to understand you better.

I do this to say I love you kate you are my favourite person on here,and you’ll always be.I want to be there every day you need me.I will.