Virgil: hey you two Benedict Cumberpatch was Doctor Strange in that old 2017 movie right

Gordon: Butterscotch Crumplebath

Alan: Bumblebee Candybatch

Virgil: are we really doing this

Gordon: Briarbush Crumblycake

Virgil: why

Alan: Bumperstump Cabbagepatch

Virgil: really?

Gordon: Boilerdang Curdlesnoot

Virgil: no

Alan: Bassdrop Crinklesnitch

Gordon: Blendermix Wafflestick

Alan: Fragglerock Ampersand

Virgil: that’s

Virgil: that’s not even

Alan: Bandaid Chowderpants

Virgil: bandaid

Gordon: Pumpernickel Cumberband

Alan: Bimplestitch Wonkypatch

Virgil: if anyone asks I don’t know either of you

Alan: Snickerdoodle Chittychitty-bangbang

Virgil: seriously?

Gordon: Binglebangle Foofawomp

Alan: what’s his real name again