Onward to Issue 3! This cover for the Fraggle Rock comic is perhaps my favorite and the most challenging! I wanted to have both Fraggles and the New Doozers they encounter in this issue to be in the same illustration, but I also wanted to have the Doozers up close and not too tiny in comparison to the Fraggles!  I think it worked out well and the upshot angle with all the stairs was a challenge!  Plus CRYSTALS!! 

Check out an exclusive preview of this issue posted here.

Also this issue comes out next week! There’s a lot of new characters to meet, they confront a problem face on and actually there’s some really touching moments (And dramatic moments as well!) I’m kinda proud of this one.


And that’s how we fell for their lucky  charm too~~

Funny and improvised little preview of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir. It was so hilarious! We were like children playing around the house, we had a great time!

(We haven’t seen the “Origins” episode yet, so please, no spoilers!~ )


Cosplay: Seven Cos&Photo

-Ladybug: Takusi Fair

-Chat Noir: Martis Fragglerock

Photo & Edition: Seven Cos&Photo


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Instagram: @takusifair

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Tomorrow is the final FraggleRock Issue from me and kateordie! Pick it up from your local comic book store for some dramatic stuff, some cute stuff, and some appearances from old beloved Fraggle Rock characters!

This is an animated gif of the process from thumbnail to finished colors! I’ve been waiting to post this one for months! 

Also man oh man, there are A LOT of doozers in this issue. So many little construction hats! 

“Thank you!”

Giving our heartfelt thanks to all our dear friends for giving us such a great time at the last Con!

Zack and Cloud in the good old days from our latest photoshoot, we hope you like it!~

Also, you can check out our photoshoot with FFVII original constumes HERE

Don’t miss it! :D

More incoming!


Cosplay: Seven Cos&Photo

-Cloud Strife: Takusi Fair

-Zack Fair: Martis Fragglerock

Photo and Edition: Seven Cos&Photo

Support and camera helper: Aredhel and Marina (¡¡Muuuuchas gracias!! ¡Pisha!)


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This time we bring you the complete photoshoot of Their Story (Tamen de Gushi)!~~
We love this comic and its lovely atmosphere, so we tried to recreate a sweet and warm ambient for the photos, we hope you like the results!
If you’re looking for this comic translations, we read each update at @yaoi-blcd, take a look!

PS: The guitar was backwards on purpose XD

Cosplay, photo and edition: Seven Cos&Photo

-Qiu Tong: Takusi Fair

-Sun Jing: Martis Fragglerock

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Instagram: @takusifair


We are back! And with more Fate/Zero!

We came up with pure tragedy with this photoshoot but we also had the chance to arrange our own version of Diarmuid’s dramatic end. There will be a continuation so please, look forward for upcoming Part 2!

Cosplay: Seven Cos&Photo

-Saber: Takusi Fair

-Lancer: Martis Fragglerock

Photo: Elena Boudicca (¡Gracias!) and Seven Cos&Photo

Edition: Seven Cos&Photo

Support: Aredhel (¡Gracias tmb! XD)

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