Transformers: Predilection

Title: Predilection
Warning: Kinks. All of them I could write.
Rating: R
Continuity: IDW, G1, Prime
Characters: I tried for as many different pairings as I could cram in.
Disclaimer: The theatre doesn’t own the script or actors, nor does it make a profit from the play. I deserve cookies for writing this but have yet to receive any. TnT weeeeh.
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Sparkling Mishap

Chapter 1-The Transformation

“Rodimus you act like a sparkling sometimes!” Optimus angrily stated, pacing up and down the room. Rodimus wore a sulky expression on his face, looking away at Optimus at a strangely interesting patch of the wall. Except, that part of the wall wasn’t so different from another… Or another one in the corner… Slag it, he couldn’t tell. “Hey, is it my fault that I wanna have a little fun?!” cried Rodimus in protest suddenly, his summer-sky blue optics burning brightly with rebellion.  The bigger mech sighed and took a seat at his desk. “So, let me repeat this again: You broke the Matrix?” he whispered quietly with a face of shock.

“Yes, I did.” Rodimus’ gaze was directed back to the ‘interesting’ patch of the wall. “Bad Rodimus! You’re grounded!” Optimus ordered, slamming his servo on the desk. “Well that was iconic.” Ratchet muttered sarcastically, walking into the room. The vibrant Prime leaned back in his seat, pouting. “No fair, Bumblebee broke it with me!” “I know he did, but he’s Bumblebee.” Optimus replied calmly. “Fragging spawn of a glitch…” Rodimus snarled. However, it failed to escape Optimus’ audio receptors. “Tell that to Prowl.” the red-and-blue-mech replied. Rodimus turned to Ratchet who was standing behind him. “Ratchet, why won’t you help me? You were going on the expedition, right?” Before Ratchet could open his derma, Optimus came to Ratchet’s defence. “Because we’re besties.” Rodimus huffed, turning to the wall and crossing his arms. “I’m trying to be neutral.” Ratchet stated with a blank tone.

“You gotta go fast!” shouted Rodimus, winking at the both of them. “I bet that you two are doing something in the berth, am I right?” Optimus and Ratchet looked at each other in horror, and then back at Rodimus. Optimus just sighed and Ratchet practically almost dented his servos in fists. “Calm down, Ratchet.” He turned to Rodimus. “Well then, this settles it. This proves that I was right! I am amazing; I am the best Prime! I can at least take care of the Matrix!” “Yeah, Optimus! You’re amazing at dying and then coming back three seconds later!” Rodimus dropped the bombshell on him, grinning his infamous slag-eating grin. “Ooh, shots fired.” Ratchet chuckled, turning his gaze to Optimus. “Got you there, Optimus.”

“Says you; you were the one who basically caused the half your crew to die at the very beginning of the launching of your ship!” Optimus retorted. What about Polaris-“ “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! SERIOUSLY!! FRAGGING PROWL!!!” Rodimus suddenly burst out, jumping from his seat. “It’s always Prowl’s fault.” Ratchet agreed. “It is, actually…” Optimus considered, leaning back in his chair and cupping his chin. Rodimus exhaled a breath of relief, glad that the blame game was on Prowl now. “Oh wait,” Optimus had an invisible lightbulb above his helm. “Overlord…” Rodimus did a double take and almost fell out of his seat. “OH, NO NO NO!” he cried, trying to stop Optimus saying what he thought he would say. “Yes.” “NO NO NO NO NO!!!” he cried, smashing his helm against his servos. “You caused that,” Optimus put out simply. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Rodimus hissed wildly. “Rewind…” the bigger mech listed, counting off his fingers.

Rodimus suddenly expressed a blank expression before the overload of information and accusation crashed his processor, his body going out in spasms and he started yelling static and gibberish before a lightning lit up the room and he descended to the ground with a magnificent crash. Optimus and Ratchet both ducked in time, with the whole ordeal ended with a simple “oops” from Optimus. “Ratchet, I think I broke him.” He whimpered, his optics screaming for help as they were directed at Ratchet. “I don’t think I can fix him,” Ratchet replied, annoyed. Rodimus lay on the ground, seemingly broken.

“Whoops… Welp.” Optimus went over warily to inspect the damage. Rodimus still lay motionless on the floor. “Sorry. I, uh… should not have said that. I just… kinda get triggered about how many times I have died.” The big mech apologized, scratching the back of his helm. However, nonetheless, Rodimus still lay on the floor. “Where’s Rung when we need him…” grumbled Ratchet, folding his arms and marching over to Rodimus. Ratchet activated his comm link and immediately called Rung over. Five minutes of just staring at a broken Rodimus later, a knock came from the door. “Come in!” both mechs shouted. The smaller mech stepped in, looking at Rodimus on the floor going over to poke him. “What’s all this now?” “To put it simply, Optimus broke Rodimus.” The red and blue mech’s helm jerked over to the medic. “Hey, I didn’t-!” “Shush, Optimus. Do what you must, Rung.” The psychiatrist stared at the orange mech laying on the floor before proceeding to kick him. “I could’ve tried that, you know…” Ratchet muttered.

The Prime on the ground slowly got up and shook his helm. “What the pit is goin’ on?! Why is Ratchet pink?! Why is Rung the size of Megatron?! And why is Optimus a Smurf­?!” he cried. “What?” “I’m pink?” “Well, I mean, it’s better than still being short.” were the various comments that came from all three bots. Rodimus suddenly pointed up. “Oh look, a six-headed unicorn!!!” “I think Rodimus might need another kick,” Optimus suggested. “Let me have a try.” “Let me help. I’m a medical professional.” Ratchet added, and before the medic could do anything, the bigger mech kicked Rodimus in the gut with a loud “oof” emerging from Rodimus as he shook his head once more. “Is that better?” Optimus asked, concerned. However, what came out of his mouth was in completely different human languages. “Guess not.” sighed Ratchet. “There’s always knocking him out cold for a little bit.” Rung suggested. “I think that would work.” replied Optimus, nodding. Rodimus screamed in Italian, trying in a miserably failing attempt to get them to help him.

“Alright, Ratchet, do the honours.” Optimus started. The Autobot medic went over and whacked Rodimus upside the helm. “Did that work?” the bigger mech anticipated. “Let’s hope it did.” Rung hoped, looking at the orange mech. Rodimus shook his helm once again, groaning. “What is going on???” “Good work, Ratchet!” Optimus praised. However, he had spoken too soon. “Daddy!” Rodimus cried out happily, pointing at Optimus. “Holy Primus, what-” “Mommy!” Rodimus cried out once more, pointing at Ratchet, who started chuckling. “Ah, fraggit.” Optimus groaned, facepalming. “Frag…” Ratchet stopped, looking at Rodimus. The orange mech ignored the complaints of his fellow Autobots and pointed one last time at Rung. “Doggy!” “What have we done?!” Optimus wailed. “Oh Primus, did I make it worse…” Ratchet groaned.

Thank you for reading!!! This is the first of many chapters that I am converting our ongoing MTMTE/Transformers Discord roleplay chat into a fanfiction. Please message me if you are interested in joining and thank you for reading! :)

It’s The Little Things

There was something loose in Dirge’s hoard.  Something small and quick and pinging the clone’s sensors every five seconds.  He did not like things skittering around unfettered in his possessions and besides that… it was evoking something predatory in him.  At first he’d simply done a scan.   And then another.  And then another.  Apparently the thing was too small or too slippery for his senors to pinpoint it’s location for more than a second.

So then he resorted to watching it with his own optics.  His claws twitched every time a tiny shadow or a blur showed up between one pile of junk to the next.  The more he watched it, the more his body reacted.  His wings rose and flicked, lips lifted over his teeth, engine rumbling.  Finally, the stupid thing had him diving out of his chair and kneeling on the floor.  

Where was it?  Where? …..There!  Have to catch it!  The full grown seeker lunged after the tiny intruder, talons clasping air as he landed roughly amongst a spread of spare parts.  

“Get back here!”  he snarled, pouncing after it again and again, knocking things over, scattering bits and pieces, and dinging up his own armor in the process.  It wasn’t until he skidded face first into the door that he came to his senses.  Dirge sat up and rubbed at his head, cursing the ill timed lunge….and then noticed the mess he’d made of his hoard.


-After calming down, the hot headed red hellion finds himself standing amongst an assortment of wrecked buildings with the glowing city as his backdrop. He’d wandered off post his squabble with his twin and now that he’s collected his thoughts, he realizes that… he said things he shouldn’t have. Primus, Sunstreaker’s probably already back on that stupid ship again.

The events that occurred remind him of what happened the last time that lead to them going separate ways. Guess even now, some things didn’t change between them. Only this time, Sideswipe is aware that he’s the one in the wrong– he’s the one still bent on the fact that Sunstreaker chose to go on the ship as opposed to staying back and helping out the Autobots on Cybertron.

Blue optics look around before gazing off to the side and his vents expel a puff of air.- … Fraggit.

-I messed up, he thinks to himself. Without another moment lost, he drops down into his vehicle alt and kicks it into high gear, speeding off to where the ship is docked. It doesn’t take him long to arrive at his destination but it’s a whole new level of marco-polo when he enters the nearly empty ship. 

Not bothering to make nice with others he passes and pretty much demands of one to point him in the direction of Sunstreaker’s room, Sideswipe tries to navigate the maze of doors and hallways. Arriving at the spot, he stares at the blockade for a moment before raising his hand, rapping his knuckles across the metal framework.-

Sunny… ?

themoosemafia  asked:

Thunderhoof grunted as he was dragging in some of the parts they needed to get started on the ground bridge. "FRAGGIT no one said dis would be so heavy....!!!"

“Then perhaps you should have estimated the weight before you tried carrying it home.” Steeljaw appears in the doorway behind Thunderhoof.