Well, fraggit, he need to go back to his room to get that thing back.
But then he can’t just walk back in the place when he’s like this! He’s going to get shot down or something!

… Unless he tries to be sneaky. …

To the vents he goes. He need to get that back, at least.
On second though, that wasn’t a good idea.

It’s The Little Things

There was something loose in Dirge’s hoard.  Something small and quick and pinging the clone’s sensors every five seconds.  He did not like things skittering around unfettered in his possessions and besides that… it was evoking something predatory in him.  At first he’d simply done a scan.   And then another.  And then another.  Apparently the thing was too small or too slippery for his senors to pinpoint it’s location for more than a second.

So then he resorted to watching it with his own optics.  His claws twitched every time a tiny shadow or a blur showed up between one pile of junk to the next.  The more he watched it, the more his body reacted.  His wings rose and flicked, lips lifted over his teeth, engine rumbling.  Finally, the stupid thing had him diving out of his chair and kneeling on the floor.  

Where was it?  Where? …..There!  Have to catch it!  The full grown seeker lunged after the tiny intruder, talons clasping air as he landed roughly amongst a spread of spare parts.  

“Get back here!”  he snarled, pouncing after it again and again, knocking things over, scattering bits and pieces, and dinging up his own armor in the process.  It wasn’t until he skidded face first into the door that he came to his senses.  Dirge sat up and rubbed at his head, cursing the ill timed lunge….and then noticed the mess he’d made of his hoard.