• Friend: How are you
  • Me, internally: Aph France is considered a 2D creepy character by the majority of the Hetalia fandom and it really upsets me because he is such a historically rich country who has fought in so many wars and had to be strong and 'big brother france' and if you look past the first few episodes he clearly cares about his friends and especially in season 5 you see how he truely is when it discusses how immortals have to lose everyone they love and the reincarnation of Joan of Arc with the line 'God has done wonderful things" he is an immortal trying his best to stay positive and cheer everyone up and he is considered 'creepy' and a 'rapist'
  • Me, externally: fine lmao you?
Food for thought for Hetalians:

If there would be around 200 canon nation characters in a Hetalia completed cast and each country could be shipped with every single one of them, regardless of circumstances, there would be around at least 80,000 possible ships (counting self-cest and nyo!talias but not duplicates like north or south, the micronations and other non-nation character).

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Here the spaniard, maybe This is a little stupid to ask, But, would you, maybe, if it doesnt bother you... Make like a GerFra Story or sonething alike? I'm feeling a little down this days, you Don' have to answer if you don't want, just ignore it

Ahhh my Spanish friend, of course I can give you some nice GerFra! :D I hope you’ll feel better soon <3
I can’t write well right now but I drew you something from the AU I’m working on! It’s the story of how these two start dating!

So after Francis got Ludwig’s number, he called him and asked him to hang out and get him dinner as a thank-you for fixing his car. And they get along pretty well so they end up meeting from time to time, and after a while Francis realizes he’s got some feelings for Lud!

And eventually he decides to actually act on it - go for it, see what happens!

And Ludwig says yes!

Geliebte Feinde (Beloved Enemies) 

No I’m totally not GerFra trash haha. Anyway the title was inspired by a series I saw about Germany and France, what they all had in common in history and what their differences are. It was beautiful. It really fits cause they did hate and love each other in the past (and present). 

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Joint postage stamp issued in France and Germany in 2013.

 …the headlines though, journalists ship this so hard, I mean: