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I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

Monday 10th April 2017

I hereby dedicate this post to @letsdiscussrobots because she liked my other OC post. Mind how you go, botfriend, cause here’s some more!

Say hello to Bolt Spark!

She’s part of (or rather, the focal point of) my TFA ‘Holy Spark’ AU, which also crosses over slightly (okay, a lot) with MTMTE. I have an awful lot about this saved onto a Word document, so just let me copy and paste, aaaaand … there.

Holy Spark AU

Plot: Bolt Spark is asked by the Cybertronian Council to go to Earth to help search for the Allspark fragments, since Spark Priests (that’s what I’m gonna call their race) can sense the presence of the Allspark. The Elite Guard are told to escort her and Kilo Hide, who obviously has to come too because she’s Bolt’s Spark Guard (her type guards the Allspark and the Priests) and while they’re on Earth, they can look into Decepticon activity as well.

Bolt Spark is part of an ancient type of Cybertronian who were priests/priestesses of the Allspark, and she is one of the sole survivors of a Con attack at the beginning of the war because she was a sparkling at the time and her carrier sent her off in a stasis pod. Kilo Hide is also part of that ancient race, although she was part of another sort of ‘sub-race’, who were created specially as guards for the priests. Since the priests stayed around the Allspark for however many millennium and lived near it, they sort of absorbed the Allspark energy into their bodies and it becomes hereditary, so if one of your creators was a priest/priestess, you wouldn’t necessarily need to live near the Allspark to have the energy. This in turn means that your spark signature (energy signature) is the same as the Allspark. Oh, and priestess’ sparkling chambers modified over time to hold the Allspark if the need arose, like if someone tried to steal it. They can still have sparklings, it’s just that they can also act as a container to the Allspark. All Guards had wheeled pedes so that their speed gave them the upper hand in battle. Also, Kilo Hide was the same age as Bolt Spark (a young sparkling, not even a youngling) when they were shoved in the escape pod by Bolt’s carrier to keep them alive.

The reason all the Guards and Priests died in the Holy Spark Extinction Incident is because Megatron himself came to the battle. The Guards, as wonderful fighters they were, weren’t good enough to face the warlord and live. The Priests were just slaughtered, they didn’t know how to fight very well if at all, because they were always protected by the Spark Guards.

Now, onto another OC, also part of this AU.

Again copy and paste … there we are.

Autocorrect works on the Lost Light. He is one of Alcatraz’s closest friends, as he’s a librarian, Alcatraz never went to any sort of academy as he’s a Dinobot, so relies on Auty for a lot of knowledge. Alcatraz probably owes him like 3451895558932 data pads overdue and is so busy that he has to get Whirl to deliver them, which Auty hates, because Whirl always messes with the order. He has CDO (in alphabetical order, AS IT SHOULD BE) so a librarian job is perfect for him.



He doesn’t wear glasses, so the first time Rodimus sees him, he’ll be like “Helloooo, pretty femme … you have real nice optics.”

“I’m a mech.”


(I couldn’t find a mech base on the internet so I improvised and used the femme base I had. Hence, Autocorrect is always mistaken for a femme.)

The reason Bolt and Hide know Autocorrect is because he found their pod after it crashed near his house, which is on the other side of Cybertron to the Allspark Temple. He takes them in and raises them. Since he’s a librarian, he can get all sorts of data from libraries because no-one notices him whatsoever. He’s like the TFP Soundwave, always silent and always watching, so he know where and how to access even the most guarded information. He’s an expert hacker. Upon them telling him where they were from and what they are, Auto did a lot of digging and found pretty much all of the files and data packets containing writings and knowledge of their culture and taught it to them- Bolt, mostly Priest/Priestess duties and caring for the Allspark, Hide, the fighting techniques and how to make her own special weapons and how to protect Bolt. He taught them everything about their culture, everything, since it had been completely destroyed by the Decepticons in Megatron’s attempt at retrieving the Allspark.

It became apparent during the first few solar cycles he knew them that Bolt Spark had PTSD (mostly in the form of nightmares, also little words or objects could invoke a flashback), so he introduced the sparklings to his good friend Rung, a psychiatrist. Rung becomes more of a grandfather/uncle figure, which makes it easier for Bolt to talk to him.

Now, as to the plot of this AU … 

The first time Bolt and Hide meet the guys (Elite Guard) it’s all very formal and it’s before they start the journey. Since they’re the only survivors of the Priests and Guards (Hide was put into the same pod as Bolt) they’re extremely famous and well-respected members of the Cybertronian race. Meeting them is like meeting royalty, especially since Bolt’s carrier was Head Priestess.

Kilo Hide would restrain herself from doing anything brash, but she’d definitely be less up-tight with the crew than Bolt, seeing as she’s only a Guard, whereas Bolt is quite literally a princess and has to maintain that image.

The crew would be in absolute awe meeting them because, well, PRINCESS AND BAD-AFT GUARD. The Twins are more respectful than they’ve ever been with anyone, Sentinel keeps his opinions to himself, Blurr is trying his damnedest to speak slower and Jazz refrains from asking about Hide’s fighting techniques, because Cyber Ninja techniques practically pale in comparison with Spark Guards. Ultra Magnus is the same as usual.

Leading on from the first time Bolt and Hide met the guys, when the journey starts it’s still very formal and stiff and all, so no one’s really comfortable. The ice finally breaks when one day Kilo Hide throws her arms up in the air shouting “Uughhh! I just can’t take this anymore!” and marches straight up to Blurr( who’s been trying to hide from her because she keeps giving him these side-long looks that make him squirm) and demands a race. “You’re Blurr, Right? The 'fastest Autobot this side of the galaxy’?”

“Uh, yes?”

“I challenge you to a race! I’m the fastest bot on two pedes, I bet I can beat you any day!”

So of course his pride as a racer won’t let him back down from a challenge. He doesn’t CARE if she’s a Spark Guard or whatever, she wants to race him and get her aft whooped? She can try as much as she wants, you’re goin’ DOWN, glitch.

Imagine his surprise and horror when she beats him and leaves him in the dust to fail spectacularly.

From then on they’re racing buddies and are constantly trying to out-do each other. And because of the race and Hide’s outburst, everyone’s getting along just fine and completely casual with each other.

The thing that gets the bots properly chummy with Bolt and realise she’s just as normal as them is when Jazz is lured into the kitchen by the smell of Energon Goodies, only to be flattened on the way be Kilo Hide screaming about “Oh my Primus she’s BAKING it’s about fragging time I can’t live without her Energon Cake!” And Blurr rushing after her because “DidsomeonesayEnergonCake?

The Twins follow soon after because that stuff smells HEAVANLY

And when they arrive, they make such pitiful 'we-haven’t-been-fed-in-days’ faces that Bolt shoves the ninja and the two speedsters to the side and says “Have as many as you like, boys, I’m going to be baking all day today and I shan’t let younglings go hungry when there’s plenty to eat.”

Blurr and Kilo Hide fighting over the last piece of Cake, Jazz swiping handfuls of Energon Cookies not-so-sneakily and Bolt Spark spoiling the Twins absolutely rotten. (She totally becomes their adoptive mother. One of Bolt Spark’s duties as priestess is taking care of blessed sparklings and that’s why she is the ultimate Mum friend).



Right. I think that’s enough for one night. It’s really hard to put this down in a post and join it all together when I’ve just copy and pasted it from my chats with farore into a Word doc, but there we go.

So, how did anybody find that? Good? Bad? Let me know!

@letsdiscussrobots, let me know if you enjoyed!

Finally taking Japanese Language Classes
  • Teacher: So what made you decide to take this class?
  • Me: Well...
  • Teacher: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: please teach me

10. Are You Ready To Game?

9. Xbox

8. I’m Sonic The Hedgehog

7. The Cake Is A Lie

6. Top Kek Am I Right, Gamers?

5. Video Game

4. Time To Frag Some Noobs

3. Undertale Is A Good Game But Did Not Deserve To Be Consider The Best Game Ever In That GameFAQs List The Votes Should Be Recounted As The Ocarina Of Time Deserved To Win

2. This Is Friggin Sweet!

1. Anita Sarkeesian Was A fraud

Even In Another Time

so i wrote this really quick because i didn’t want it to turn into a beast of a fic like ATC. so excuse any random errors. but hey carmilla followers! hope you like this :D (ps: possibilistfanfiction you’re gonna lol at one line specifically hahaha…)

Summary: “It’s been a year, and you know that’s a few seconds relative to Carmilla’s lifetime, so you’re not sure how to go about honoring one year together. You know how obvious this gift might seem—it’s so immature and cliché—but you wanted to get her something thoughtful, something that could last throughout her lifetimes.” – Carmilla, one-shot, Hollstein, Laura’s POV, future!Hollstein

Rated: T

- - -

Even In Another Time

- - -

someone will remember us
                                 I say
                                 even in another time

- Sappho, Frag. 147

- - -

It’s been a year and things have gotten back to normal. Well… as normal as one can expect at Silas. Sure, there are still the gnomes and occasional alchemy club mishap, but nothing quite like missing girls and spinal fluid. You know she can’t forget, but you don’t expect her to.

You suppose a lot has changed between the two of you, but you’re both still the same people. You’ve just realized you’re stronger together, happier. (You’ve promised not to tell people that she smiles because she has an image to uphold.)

She helps you with her homework, you teach her more efficient means of using the internet and social media. She refuses to get involved with Twitter, and you understand that you’re really not the person to be teaching anyone about it.

When you see her reading in German, or overhear her speaking on the phone in French with a professor at Oxford, or when she casually mentions that Mensa is weird because it’s “full of people who find joy in mathematics and the least sexy parts of any science field,” you feel a little… insignificant. You’ll often make a joke about her brain and her age and wisdom, and she’ll roll her eyes and kiss the corner of your lips.

At the end of the day, she makes time for you. You think of all the things she’s seen—the tragic and the tragically beautiful—and those same eyes spend a significant amount of time skimming over your face each day. Her hands have held items now in museums, priceless artifacts—they’re the same hands that touch your body so delicately. You don’t know what it is about you, really, but you do feel special just being with her. She makes you believe you’re important.

You pull the piece of paper out from your desk drawer, nervously chewing your bottom lip. It’s been a year, and you know that’s a few seconds relative to Carmilla’s lifetime, so you’re not sure how to go about honoring one year together. You know how obvious this gift might seem—it’s so immature and cliché—but you wanted to get her something thoughtful, something that could last throughout her lifetimes.

You take a deep breath before tucking the paper into the card you made—“I Choo-Choose You” for some Simpson’s humor—and you’re doing your best not to just immediately ask her to incinerate the card and gift and you because how do you give anything of value to a girl who could have anything?

“Do you have a hernia or something?”

You close your eyes and breathe evenly, “While I normally appreciate your humor LaFontaine, I’m trying really hard not to panic at the moment.”

“Look, Dances with Vampires,” they say, walking over and pulling up a chair beside you, “I was genuinely concerned. You’re sitting all rigid and creepy, like when the alchemy guys accidentally spiked the fruit punch with—”

“Yes, LaFontaine, I remember,” you say, cringing when you recall the rigamortis-like line leading into the health clinic.

“Your quiet panic mode, huh?”

You nod.

“Worst comes to worst, I’ll tell Perry something angsty and she’ll stress bake some stuff for you two.”

“That’s nice of you, but… I should do this myself.”

They nod and smile, giving you a gentle pat on the shoulder. “Hollis, your neuroses are part of you, so I can’t give you this whole ‘Be yourself’ chat as if you can leave your panic behind. Carmilla lo-… likes?… you and your weird, just like you like her and her vampiric tendencies.”

“It’s not a tendency. I’ve been dating a vampire for a year.”

“This is true,” they admit, “but you don’t have to give her something. You do every day by being with her and looking at her the way you do and love-liking her the way you do.”

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