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Why Choose Me? || Bucky x Reader

Summary → A particularly difficult mission and a close call beckons shaky confessions and difficult questions.  

Word Count → 1.4K

Warnings → Mentions of blood & violence, cursing.

A/N →This was supposed to be a drabble based on prompts #5 & #65 requested by @maggallicious. I apologize for the delay, but once I started writing this ficlet took on a mind of it’s own! Enjoy!

The intermingled stench of sweat and blood that clouded the quinjet was unbearable, only worsening the tension that hung heavily throughout the aircraft. You kept your gaze trained on the padded floor beneath your combat boots, using the back of your hand to wipe away the fresh blood that streamed from your nose and pooled at your upper lip. You knew from your vast array of injuries over the years that your nose was fractured, at a bare minimum, if not broken. You consciously refused to take notice of or acknowledge the buzzing sting of where the bullet had grazed your left shoulder, rationalizing that contemplating the wound would only exaggerate the pain. You quietly continued the mental recount of every injury and wound that decorated your weary form, observing the mission had not gone at all as planned. 

At the earlier briefing, Steve had described a simple reconnaissance mission of an abandoned Hydra facility. Your mission, along with Bucky’s, was to gather and recover as much intel from the archives of the deserted warehouse as possible. The pair of you had received exhaustive instructions, numerous blue prints of the multi-story structure, and specific extraction protocol. What none of you had expected, however, was to find several operatives left behind amongst the rubble, ready to defend the remains. The fighting had begun almost instantaneously after breaching the perimeter, taking Bucky and you entirely by surprise. It had ended in a close call.  

Too close. 

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The Club’s Medical staff confirmed after running more tests that Rafinha Alcantara along with the deep cut in his forehead has a fractured nose. 

Therefore he will miss the Copa match against Atletico Madrid and will most likely miss more matches 

His return will depend on how his injury heals.

Get well soon Rafa

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hello! i have a pretty general question. what are common injuries associated with fighting? specifically fist-fights, the kind that are spontaneous and heated and usually public. no weapons, just two people going at it. i imagine even the one who throws the most punches walks away with some damage, maybe to their hands/knuckles?

Hey anon! Fistfights can be associated with lots of injuries!

Bare-knuckle fights are actually relatively good for both fighters, in that the pain in the hand of punching someone someplace hard is self-limiting. Good bare-knuckle boxers will usually try to land body blows rather than head shots, because skulls are a lot harder than fists. However, untrained fighters may not know that, so they may do the dumb and try to punch their opponents in, say, the face and hurt their hands.

Typical injuries after your characters have a fistfight may be:

  • Broken 5th metacarpal (bone in the hand behind the pinky), AKA a boxer’s fracture
  • Broken wrist
  • Broken nose
  • Scrapes on the knuckles, including tooth marks on the knuckles
  • Broken teeth / split lip from the lip being punched into the teeth; this may require stitches
  • MAYBE a broken jaw, though the person doing the breaking would likely also break their hand
  • If someone is  smart and does body shots rather than the face, injury–but likely not life threatening ones–to the spleen, liver or kidneys; they may pee some blood; abdominal bruising is possible
  • Injury to the ear is possible
  • Black eyes
  • Scrapes on the palms of the hands from falling
  • Lacerations on the face if the person used fingernails (typically women do this)
  • Remember that fistfights aren’t benign. It’s possible for a fighter to get a concussion, or even a fatal brain bleed, from a fistfight. Harry Houdini died from a man punching him in the stomach when he wasn’t expecting it; he bled to death internally.
  • Also remember that hands are going to swell after a fight, because, well, you’ve just punched them into stuff a lot, and they absorb the same amount of energy as what they just punched, because physics.

I hope this gave you a good place to start off from, anon! Good luck with your story!! xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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First, you are a wonderful person, second, I have gotten back into Gorillaz, third, injury story: when I was two I tripled over the lip of my grandmother's garage and fractured my nose, fourth, another injury story: this happened last year, I was chopping frozen bananas and I slipped and stabbed my left palm, I had to get 2 stitches.

First, it means a lot to know you people think so. Second, good for you! They’re not too bad. Third, oh joy, ouCH. Fourth, OW.

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Youtuber AU where Melkor runs a really popular challenge channel (probably called "Kingofearth") and Mairon, who recently left a group channel called the Ainur and started his own youtube account (Maybe called "MrLieutenant"?) just co-starred in Melkors most recent challenge of staying in an abandoned building for 24 hours and one of them got a fractured wrist and broken nose from falling down a hole. I'm sure you can guess who

The mental image of Melkor falling into a hole and badly injuring himself, whilst Mairon tries relentlessly to pull him out is hilarious lol. Safe to say this is probably when the two of them actually start a relationship after Melkor’s wounds are treated by his soon to be protégé/boy friend.

I like this concept.

Melkor being a popular most likely rich YouTuber, is really interesting. He still has millions of followers and I can see how his challenges fall hand in hand with his reckless personality.

I like to image that after this experience, and after Mairon leaving the other group channel, he and Morgoth combine channels. Like, it’s kind of cute you know? It’s like when married couples share a youtube channel and we just get to document Mairon and Melkor’s crazy but happy life together.

  Bay waited awkwardly for Loch to say something. When he couldn’t take the silence anymore, he had to fill it.
  “How bad is he?”
  “You should know,” Loch turned back and glared at him. “But just so you know exactly what you did, he has”- he started listing off on his fingers- “three broken ribs, a broken jaw, a fractured nose, a hairline fracture in his skull, a dislocated shoulder, two broken fingers and, oh, a completely shattered knee.” Bay cringed inwardly, trying to forget the final sickening crunch of Sky’s boot stamping down on Marcus’ knee as Bay had tried to pull her away.
  “How do you know all this?” he managed.
  “I was just on the phone with uncle Chaos. He treated him in A&E. He wanted to know if I knew if Purity might of had anything to do with it.”
  “She didn’t,” Bay reassured him; he didn’t want his cousin to get into any trouble for something she hadn’t been a part of.
  “I told him as such,” Loch remarked. “River and I were supposed to be the only ones that knew what had happened with Mist… Did he tell you?” His eyes narrowed.
  “What? River? No!” Bay exclaimed. He gave a resigned sigh. “We overheard you and Mist talking in the kitchen.”
  “I see.” Loch gave a stiff nod.
  “Not that I’m admitting to anything,” Bay added quickly.
  “Of course not,” Loch rolled his eyes. “You’re lucky there appears to be no evidence; You’d be shit under interrogation, Bay.” He sighed heavily. “You know this is fucked up, right? You can’t just go about beating the shit out of people, no matter the reason.”
  “He won’t do it again,” Bay said softly. “He won’t hurt Mist again.”
  “That doesn’t make this a moral victory,” Loch countered sadly. He gave Bay one more disappointed look before shaking his head and walking away, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

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Do you happen to know how bad Jonghyun's car accident was? And bad was he affected, emotionally and physically?

it’s hard to say exactly because the information that were given on it was pretty technical / to the point and it’s rare that jonghyun brings it up. the condition of the car was never completely known but he was said to have ran into a guardrail when driving back to shinee’s dorms after visiting his parents. physically, his nose was fractured and it required both surgery and for him to halt all activities until it was completely healed physically which was why he wasn’t present for shinee’s “why so serious?” promotions until the goodbye week. (and, even then, it’s speculated that he wasn’t completely healed, but decided to partake in the promotions so he wouldn’t be completely absent throughout the entirety.) he also kind of hinted once that he had some problems with his voice after the accident, and some people suspect that he was forced to relearn specific breath techniques and teach himself how to sing in different styles but preserved there, so! (a note that: it was confirmed that he decided to not have local anesthesia used during the surgery because he was afraid it’d affect his singing even more.)

like said above: it’s hard to say on certain things because it hasn’t been discussed often. there have been a few instances when jonghyun has mentioned it and it’s usually on or around the anniversary of the accident, which was april fool’s day 2013. the first time that he mentioned it was on blue night on the first anniversary of the accident. he said that, because the accident happened on the night leading into april fool’s day, the members originally didn’t believe him when he told him that he’d been in an accident and that, when they realized that he was actually injured, they messaged him guiltily like: “it was true, hyung?” he then said on the second anniversary that the accident basically ruined april fool’s day for him / stopped him from having fun and being invested in it. other than that: he’s also mentioned that the accident prompted his sister to start snagging him more about his driving habits, emphasized on safe driving habits, and revealed that he wrote “love belt” while he was recoving in the hospital from his surgery.

Full confession: “I am not a big fan of John Cena’s character and the wrestler we see on TV, but I do respect him and give him credit when it is due. Last Raw was an example of me respecting him. He continued to wrestle through the match with a nasty and ugly-looking fractured nose. It is moments like this when you respect not just Cena but all those guys and girls who go out there and do this sort of thing. Thumbs up to you, Cena”

Crawl Out Through The Fallout

Beaten, bloodied, barely breathing…

His limbs hardly carried him to what he could only surmise was safety. The scientist stumbled, vision blurred through shattered spectacles upon a fractured nose, crimson spilling over pale lips as he inhaled through his mouth, a sickly metallic taste.

The air in this place didn’t help matters, reeking stagnancy, decay and pollution, things his lungs had never dealt with. The sun beat down, scalding the back of his neck and face. A burn he’d never felt.

An arm cradled to his chest, most certainly broken, he stumbled, fell to his knees, and willed himself to get back up again. A wheeze was issued, almost not wanting to carry on, as his side emanated a fiery pain from what he knew were several crushed ribs.

In his calculated mind he realized that his injuries were many, and as he limped his way to what looked like some base of operations, past whirring turrets and wooden outposts, a giant metallic door was closed off coldly to any passerbys. Joseph managed to lean a palm against it, a stark smear of red left in its wake. His body slumped, voice no longer functioning as he silently prayed for help, but prepared himself to welcome death.

i thought my bad luck streak was over but so far i’ve had to go back to the ER, had constant trouble breathing, got my nose fractured out shape, had 4 huge dark marks on my face for a week, broke my computer and lost all of my personal files, and i’ve encountered two large poisonous spiders this morning and one of them got flicked at me and disappeared i am going to scream

Mahmoud Salem was physically attacked and arrested by undercover Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem during clashes on January 22. He was left with a broken nose and fractured foot. He was taken to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem by Israeli Forces where he was treated for two hours and then was transferred to Ofer military prison.

Mahmoud is only 18 years old and is a student at AlQuds University.  His court date, which was supposed to be last week, has been postponed.

What an eventful dance that was. I wonder if everyone got a parting gift like some of us did. One got a slushie to the face while I personally got a broken nose, three fractured ribs, and a bruised jaw. Pretty sure someone else got a pop to the face, too. I’m sure that no one is shocked to know that a Greaser was behind all of these incidents. What a great starting week to this school year.