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Impulse (Jungkook)

Badboy AU
5484 Words 
The long awaited oneshot that I promised I’d post a week ago oops.

Summary: Jungkook keeps himself cool, calm and collected at all times yet around her, the want to throw away his facade is extremely tempting. He fears that if he acts on his feelings he will drag her into a lifestyle that he desperately wants to keep her out of.

Jungkook swallowed and gripped his thighs so hard he was sure he left angry red marks on them. Usually it was easy to ignore her but now that they were alone together, his senses heightened and he was able to catch every time she licked her lips out of nervousness, heard every little sigh that escaped from her mouth and he swore that if he looked at her directly right now, he could probably count every single one of her eyelash.

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Storms (Post CACW ThunderIron)

Welcome to the story! Grab some tissues! God the angst in this fic is going to be killer guys, there’s your warning.

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Seriously though, tissues!

Thor was excited to be home, excited to be back at the compound with all his friends. He had been gone for so long, dealing with Asgard and everything had gone so wrong so suddenly…

Well anyway, he was relieved to be away from Asgard. He was ready for Tony’s ridiculous movie nights, and Clint’s haphazard breakfast creations, and sparring with Captain, and trading war stories with Natasha. He was looking forward to spending time with Bruce, the quiet scientist with a wicked sense of humour that was matched only by Tony’s cutting wit.

He was even looking forward to the mission debriefings, where Tony and Steve inevitably fought and bickered, and Tony usually ended up storming off in some grand fashion, the color high in his cheeks, dark eyes sparking dangerously.

The genius was beautiful in something of a delicate way, and Thor had always had a hard time keeping himself from staring. Tony was not a large man by any means, but his passion for whichever cause he was engaged in was unparalleled. Thor loved to sit and watch him talk, to watch him work, to watch him—

Thor just liked to watch Tony, period. And if he were honest, it took most of his self control to only watch, because Thor would love to see Tony flushed and passionate spread out across a large bed and bathed in firelight. In fact, he was sure Tony would look more beautiful like that than any other way. Of course, they had never had any time to discuss or explore any of those things, but now that Thor was back again, perhaps in between missions he and the soft haired genius could spend real time together, and Thor would get the chance to tell him how he felt.

So when Thor landed in front of the Avengers compound with a crack of lightning and a ground shaking boom of thunder, burning the pattern of the bifrost into the lawn, he was caught up in his thoughts and didn’t notice that the grass was brown and dead, that there were no vehicles parked in the driveway.

Too intent on seeing Tony, on giving the man a hug, on hearing that light hearted laugh, it wasn’t even until he was striding through the halls towards the common area, holding Mjolnir lightly in one hand, and calling for the team that he realized that most of the lights weren’t even on. The rooms were locked up, the windows dirty, the few plants wilted from neglect.

The compound was…silent, and Thor stopped uneasily at the door to the common room, noting that even though the room had been repaired since the fight with Ultron, it looked like it hadn’t been touched in months.

“Hello?” he called, and his deep voice echoed through the empty building. “Hello?”


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The AA Team (Alya/Adrien)

@insanitysbloomings and I were talking about Alyadrien parenting and we accidentally created a pair of monsters…

“So…let me get this straight.”

Adrien couldn’t repress the vindictive smile that came across his face as the principal blanched, seemingly bracing himself for the torrent that was to follow. Six words meant that his wife was about to unleash a deluge of words carefully chosen and designed to make whoever was unfortunate enough to displease her wither like autumn leaves.  

“This…boy has been running around the playground all week, pulling on every pigtail, ponytail, and skirt hem he could get his nasty little hands on,” Alya said, leaning back in her chair as she folded her hands in her lap.

“W-We knew of Jean’s, uh, unconventional manner of play for a while,” Principal Lefontaine said, dabbing his bald forehead as Alya’s eyebrow arched over the rim of his glassed. “N-Nevertheless, we feel that Artemis should have used her words to-”

“From what Temi has been saying these last couple of nights, she already told her homeroom teacher that she warned Jean that the next time he snapped her bra strap, she would break his nose,” Adrien said, folding his arms across his chest. “My daughter is not a liar, Mr. Lefontaine.”

“Lying is not why she is currently being suspended,” Principal Lefontaine said.

“No,” Alya said icily. “You’re suspending her because a vicious little brat has been sexually harassing girls all year-”

“Th-that’s a bit far, don’t you think?”  Principal Lefontaine stammered, glancing at Adrien for support. “Mr. Agreste, this is clearly a case of boys just being b-boys, wouldn’t you agree?”

“No,” Adrien said flatly as Alya snorted derisively. “I would not. Artemis’ brother has never put his hands on a girl without their consent-”

“Yet he did kick Jean in the…ahem,” Principal Lefontaine coughed. “Rather hard, if the poor boy’s cries were to be expected.”

“After he saw some oaf grab his sister in a way that made her uncomfortable,” Adrien said with a small nod. “Sounds like the boy we raised, doesn’t it?”

“But, somehow, our childrens’ safety and right to an education isn’t as important as the “play” of the disrespectful little boys in her grade,” Alya said, glaring daggers into the eyes of the man across the desk before turning thoughtfully to her husband. “Do you think Paris should be warned about the fact that their daughters’ safety isn’t Mr. Lefontaine’s chiefest concern?”

“N-Now, there really isn’t any need to get the press involved,” Principal Lefontaine said, raising a hand.

“I am the press,” Alya said with a toothy smile. “So, unless you want this story on the front page of The Local—trust me, the editor owes me a favor—I would kindly reconsider taking any kind of measures against my children.”

“B-But Jean’s parents are going to be here any minute!” Principal Lefontaine said, handkerchief now drenched with sweat. “What am I supposed to tell them? Wh-What am I supposed to tell Jean?”

“That next time, he should listen when my daughter tells him not to put his hands on her body,” Alya said, standing up to leave.

“Or, at the very least, duck,” Adrien added, shooting a small wave over his shoulder. “I have every faith you’ll come to the right decision.”

Outside of the claustrophobic office, three teens sat on opposing benches. On one sat two hazel-eyed children, arms crossed and ankles resting on their opposite knees. As their parents walked out, they shot identical, shit-eating grins at the larger boy across from them currently pressing one pack of ice against his nose and another into his groin.

“Artemis, Apollo,” Adrien said, nodding towards the door with a small smile. “C’mon, let’s go get dinner.”

“See ya Monday, Jeannie,” Artemis said with a small wave as their parents passed through the door.

“Thith ithn’t over,” Jean mumbled through his ice pack. “Your nightmare ith juth beginning, twerpth.”

“Is that what the doctor told your mother when she had you?” Apollo snickered, dodging Jean’s foot as he skipped out the door after his parents.

“You think they deserve to be suspended?”

Adrien looked up from his tablet as Alya crawled into bed. “Do you?”  

“They did fracture that kid’s nose…though it sounds like he was warned,” Alya sighed, rolling over and laying her head on her husband’s shoulder. “And deserved it; god is that bad of me to say?” 

“First time they’ve ever been called in like this,” Adrien said, pressing a kiss into Alya’s hair. “And if they’re gonna get suspended for fighting, at least it was for a good cause.”

“Yeah…I guess so,” Alya sighed happily. “…we raised some good kids, didn’t we?”

“Temi’s definitely your daughter though,” Adrien chuckled.

“Excuse me?” Alya said, rolling over to look up at Adrien as she booped his nose. “That penalty kick Apollo did to that boy’s funbags was pure Chat Noir, don’t you think?”

“He would have made a good superhero,” Adrien said. “Maybe even better than us, you think?”

“Nah…we were pretty good in our day,” Alya said, leaning up and kissing Adrien on his cheek. “You ever think about telling them?”

“About us?” Adrien chuckled. “You think they’d believe us?”

“Nah…probably not,” Alya said, rolling over and turning off the lights.

“Hey, Temi?”


“You ever think about telling mom and dad?”

“About us?” The black clad girl asked, raising her eyebrow at her orange and white clad brother as he twirled his flute between his fingers. “You think they’d believe us?

“Nah…probably not,” Apollo shrugged. A comfortable silence slipped between them as Chat Noire and Renard Rouge leaned against the spire of the Eiffel Tower, watching the city churn beneath them.

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Orochimaru's intense flexibility is like 85% he's just naturally flexible. As such, he knows Flexible Person Level Yoga to keep limber. (AKA, I had the idea of Oro in yoga clothes complete with hair done up and had to share)


It’s not his proudest moment, but Sakumo takes one look at the newest occupant of the gym and walks into a wall.

Thankfully, the gods are merciful, because the very, very lovely yoga practitioner doesn’t so much as blink while Dai fusses and Sakumo tries (in vain) to wave him off and nurse his bruised nose and fractured dignity on his own. He still can’t quite take his eyes off the man, even with the plaster practically bearing the imprint of his face; the stranger is contorted, like a handstand except his body is curled over to leave his feet in front of his head, and the pose brings every sleek muscle into sharp definition.

Sakumo’s mouth is desert-dry, and he has to swallow carefully.

“Shall I get you some ice, my friend?” Dai asks with a hearty slap on the back, and by the twinkle in his eye he knows exactly where Sakumo was looking.

Sakumo gives his friend an abashed look. “No, don’t bother. I’ll be fine.”

“You certainly will be,” Dai says cheerfully, with a grin that’s almost a smirk, and disappears towards the weights.

Honestly, Sakumo doesn’t know whether to be grateful or annoyed, because now he’s alone and that leaves him with far too few places to focus on that aren’t the stranger’s long, lean legs in very brief shorts, or the masses of midnight hair that are coming loose from a high bun, the bare chest arched at an extreme angle, or the corded arms holding his entire bodyweight perfectly still and stable.

Gods, Sakumo hasn’t been this attracted to someone he doesn’t even know since high school.

He shakes his head at his own ridiculousness, rising to his feet and collecting his towel and water bottle before he turns to find the treadmills. Of course, the easiest path to them takes him right past the yoga mats, but he keeps his eyes on the far wall and tells himself very firmly not to be a creep.

Then, with a long, slow breath that’s almost a sigh, the stranger unfolds. His stance shifts, legs extending and bending further even as his wrists turn, and with a lithe flex of muscle he sets his feet on the floor and pulls upright, coming to a stop inches from Sakumo’s nose.

Oh, Sakumo thinks, as long lashes slide up to reveal golden eyes shadowed with dramatic sweeps of purple. Oh holy hell, I’m in trouble.

The stranger blinks once, twice, and then offers Sakumo a smile that’s just a little too sly not to short out Sakumo’s brain. “Sorry about that,” he says lightly. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

I will happily devote my life to making sure you never stop paying attention to me again, Sakumo almost says, but even with his brain currently leaking out his ears he isn’t that creepy.

“No problem,” he says instead, and just hopes it doesn’t sound as strangled as he fears. “I should have gone around.”

“Orochimaru!” someone calls, and the man turns, loose strands of black hair swaying over the pale nape of his neck. Sakumo wants to put his mouth there.

“Tsunade, you’re late,” Orochimaru says coolly.

The blond woman in exercise clothes rolls her eyes as she steps onto the mats. “Blame the pervert. He was trying to get into the locker room.”

“Did you call an ambulance when you were done with him?” Orochimaru’s smirking when he turns back, clearly unconcerned with the fate of this third friend, and when he catches Sakumo’s eye his expression shifts just slightly.

If Sakumo isn’t seeing things, that’s a definite spark of interest, and it makes his breath catch in his throat.

“Of course not.” Tsunade looks at Orochimaru, one brow rising, and then casts an assessing glance over Sakumo. She pauses for a moment, and asks, “Sakumo Hatake, right?” Sakumo and Orochimaru both look at her in surprise, and she smiles. “The pervert is Jiraiya. He’s mentioned you.”

Sakumo is definitely going to take his friend to task later for not mentioning that his other friend was transcendentally gorgeous and probably capable of knocking Sakumo on his ass. And in more ways than one.

“I’m Sakumo, yes. It’s nice to meet you,” he offers, and can’t help the way his eyes linger on Orochimaru as he says it.

“It certainly is,” Orochimaru returns, and offers one slim hand. His skin is cool, and Sakumo maybe lets his grip linger longer than is entirely polite.

Orochimaru’s smile says he doesn’t object at all. “Will you be here long?” he asks, tilting his head in a way that makes that hair brush across his shoulders. “We could get coffee after, if you’ve no plans.”

Sakumo has never had cause to be jealous of hair before, but clearly today is a day for discovering what new lows he can sink to.

It does help quite a lot that he’s fairly certain that was an offer for a date.

“I can cut out any time,” he offers, and at this point he doesn’t even care if he sounds too eager. “I was just going to do a little lifting.”

Orochimaru’s eyes flicker down to his biceps, bared by his loose tank top, and Sakumo thinks he sees him swallow. “Well then. I’ll come find you when we’re through?”

Sakumo grins at him. “Works for me.”

And gods, does it ever. Dubious beginnings aside, this is promising to be a fantastic day.

Companions are Dared to Fight Maxson

aaaaaa ;; I’m sorry for this being so late I’ve been so busy ~ little goose


“C'mon little guy! Show me what you got!” Cait got into a fighting stance and smirked at Maxson. In a matter of seconds she was flipped over and on the ground. “Watch what you say, civilian. I will not tolerate-” Cait had got up as he was speaking and sucker punched the Elder right in the face. The fight was on. It lasted around 3 hours tops, both getting knocked around by the other. The fight was closed to a tie because never of them would give up. Curie scolded them both when they were done, saying that “it was a hazard to their health” if they continued. Maxson suffered from a fractured wrist, a broken nose, and a cluster of bruises making his face swollen. Cait suffered a minor concussion a black eye, a few cracked ribs, and a sprained hand. They both decided it was best to not do that again, unless they got bored.


Maxson raised an eyebrow at the Mr. Handy. “Sir? If I may, I don’t think it would be wise to conduct a fight against you, my saw arm alone is enough to give you stitches. I wouldn’t want to worry Miss Curie.” “I suggest if you don’t want to be turned into a scrap heap, then you better stay back.” As Maxson said that, it made Codsworth run tail and run, he didn’t even want to fight the Elder of the brotherhood anyway.


Curie is a sweetheart, why would anyone want to fight her? She doesn’t even like fighting, only when it’s necessary. When asked to Maxson she was in shock. “Fight him? He has done nothing wrong to provoke me! Yes I mean he can be a bit ah, rude to me but that’s not a reason to hurt him!” However, she still ended up to face to face with him. “Monsieur? If I may, I do not wish to fight you.” Curie crossed her arms in protest. Maxson didn’t say anything, just shrugged and walked off. He’d never admit it but he was quite fond of Curie since she helped people no matter what, despite being a synth.


“Me? Fight elder Maxson? You’re out of your mind.” Danse crossed his arms and stared at the person who dared him. “Last time that happened I ended up with a few broken ribs and a hand. I was off the field for almost 5 months.” He looked at the ground and then back up, “Of course I was more naive and less aware at that time, maybe I will take him on again.” Later that day, Danse was seen fighting Maxson. He wore a swollen face and a bloody nose just looking at him, however he also had a broken rib and a sprained ankle. Maxson had a black eye and what seemed like a fractured hand. Maxson was winning, Danse was unfortunately too cocky to take him on, leaving him on the ground after being flipped over, and then being left with a shattered pride.


“me, fight that hunk?” He laughed loudly, “Oh goodness, you gotta be kidding me!” He wiped a tear from his eyes from laughing so hard. “Well, you only live once, am I right?” He got up to go find Maxson. Once he spotted him, he popped a stealth boy and snuck up to him. He forcibly pulled the elder down, however he did not expect him to reach blindly in the air and take a lucky grab at the spy, pulling him down too. Deacon slammed onto the ground, giving him a small nose bleed. “Using a stealth boy, eh? Coward, show yourself!” Maxson yelled out in anger. Deacon quickly ran off, but kept his cool as he told the person who dared him that he totally beat Masson with just one punch. No one believed him since they saw Maxson the next day with no bruising or swelling showing that he’d been in a fight.


He tilted his head in confusion. He was a sweet dog (most of the time), why would he jump Maxson? Dogmeat didn’t move, he just sat down, scratched himself and rolled around on the ground in boredom.


“I’ll gladly do so.” Hancock smirked a mischievous smirk. He strolled up to Maxson with a wide grin on his face. “What do you want, ghoul?” Maxson looked at him in disgust. “Oh nothing, just wanted to give you something.” Hancock punched the elder in the face and yelled out, “Fight me you little punk!” The fight my friends, was on. Maxson was strong and fast, but Hancock was swift and flexible. He was like a fox letting a bull charge him but then jumping to the side at the last second. Maxson was able to get a few punches on the mayor but soon found himself on the ground in pain. Hancock had body slammed him to the ground and walked off with just a broken finger and a slight limp in stride that wpuld last at least a week. Maxson however had a cracked rib, a black eye, and busted lip. No one ever let the elder live that down. Who couldn’t talk about it? The elder of the Brotherhood of Steel had just got his ass kicked by a skinny ghoul from Goodneighbor.


Maccready nervously chuckled “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, I mean I’m not really trained in hand-to-hand combat.” However he strolled up to Maxson and was about to punch the guy in the face but when he turned around and questioned Maccready, the poor sniper just about jumped out of his skin and ran away with his tail tucked between legs.

Nick: “Listen, I would and I really want to, but he could easily turn me into a scrap heap the next time he saw me, so I’d better not.” The detective lit up a cigarette, “However, maybe if I’m feeling risky I might just fight the guy”


“Bring it Maxson! Fight me!” Piper put her fists up at the taller man. Maxson looked down at her and scoffed. “Do you really want to do tha-” before he could finish his sentence, piper went right into fighting dirty and had kicked him right in the baby maker. The elder held his groin in pain as a tear welled up in his eye, but he held it in. He gasped slightly before maintaining his posture and got rewards with a strong kick to the shin bringing him down on one knees. Piper cheered, “Hey guys! I just brought the elder of the Brotherhood of Steel to his knees!! How many of you can say that, huh??” She walked laughing and pumped her fists in the air, she was definitely writing an article about this.


“Oh I don’t know, he’s a really strong guy….but I always wanted to challenge him!” Preston smiled and nervously rubbed the back of his neck. Later that day, he walked up to Maxson and bluntly told he wanted to challenge him to a fight. “Challenge me? To a fight? You do realize you are addressing the Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel, correct?” Maxson challenged Preston, his back straight and staring sternly at the Minuteman. “I know exactly who I’m addressing and I’m challenging you to a fight.” Preston stared down the Elder. “Very well then.” With that, the two were at each other, punches flying and dirt being kicked up everywhere. Soon enough, Preston landed a punch square Maxson’s face. The sweet pure man soon realized that was a mistake since he then found himself on the ground, wheezing, flooding coming from his face. He groaned as he slowly got up, suddenly feeling nauseous. “Monsieur! Oh dear, you need to be treated immediately! You too Monsieur Maxson! Come come! ” Curie had ran up to scene of the fight just in time to see Preston go on the ground. “Curie I’m fine..just need to catch my breath..” Preston almost went unconscious as he stumbled to Curie’s place. He was diagnosed with a few broken ribs, a bruised shoulder and a broken nose, Maxson however, had a broken nose and a fractured jaw. Preston decided to never challenge Maxson again.


As soon as he was dared he got a wild grin on his face. “Strong smash small human? STRONG SMASH PUNY HUMAN!” He ran over to Maxson bellowing a loud roar. Maxson silently thanked whoever was listening that the super mutant was so loud that no one could hear his high-pitched scream as he was taken into the mutants arms and thrown like a rag doll. The Elder suffered from a number of injuries: broken leg, arm, wrist, a concussion, and extremely sore joints and muscles for next few months. It took a ton of persuasion to convince Maxson not to terminate Strong for treating him so poorly.


“I will gladly punch the shit out of that surface filth.” Standing up, X6 walked out of the room, finding Maxson easily. “Excuse me, sir? I wish to speak with you.” Maxson turned around at the voice, seeing who called him. “What do you wan-” before the Elder could finish, he was punched in the face, kicked in the shin, and thrown on the ground in a matter of seconds. “Hm, always wanted to do that.” With that, X6 walked off calmly, like nothing happened leaving Maxson in a stunned daze wondering what had just happened.


Maxson was aboard the Prydwen, strolling towards his quarters when out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something. He stopped and looked around and saw someone right beside him. Thinking it was an attacker, he launched himself at the intruder only to come into contact with a wall. No, wait, it was mirror. Maxson launched himself at a reflection of himself like a puppy seeing itself in a mirror for the first time. Humiliated and sore, Maxson was just glad that no one saw that and he shamefully shuffled into his quarters and stayed there for the rest of the night. However, he did not see the newest recruit climbing up from the command deck just in time to witness the scene. The next day, Maxson walked down the hall wondering why everyone was whispering and snickering when he walked by.


Gage laughed, loudly. “That little guy? I bet you 30 caps I’ll win!” Gage quickly strolled up to Maxson with a huge grin on his face. Maxson turned around and in exchange, got a sucker punch to the face. He staggered backwards slightly from the force and held his bloody nose. “What the hell??” Maxson’s eyes flashed a lethal look towards Gage and lunged towards him. Maxson had Gage underneath him and was angrily punching him. Gage quickly rolled away and ran off, limping ever so slightly. Gage lost his thirty caps and a got rewarded with a broken nose a few chipped teeth and two black eyes.


“Why would I do such a thing?” Ada was confused, why would she attack someone just to attack someone? She walked away from the person who asked her and went to go do her own thing leaving the person slightly disappointed since they didn’t get to see a fight.

Prince Charming (Brendan Gallagher)

Anonymous said:

I love your imagine. Oh my god ❤️❤️😂😂 could you make an imagine with anyone from the Habs? And basically they get into a fight that night and they don’t come out of it very good and they have to go to the hospital but since it was at their rink you were watching the game and it just becomes all fluffy? (If that makes sense. ❤️❤️❤️)

Word count: 2035

Originally posted by so-hockey-eh

Fights are a normal part of the NHL. You, as a hockey fan, like the fights a little more than the average person. Fights give teams that spark that they need to tie the game up. Enforcers are a vital part of the team; they boost the morale when the game just isn’t going that well. You carry a level of respect for the men that are able to go out on the ice and take a few punches for the good of the team.

However, when one of those men just happens to be your boyfriend, you’re a little less enthusiastic.

Brendan throws one hell of a punch, and he knows how to defend himself, but you still can’t help but to cringe whenever the gloves go flying off, or chide him as you hold an ice pack to his newest bruise. You know that you’re being a tad overprotective, but it’s not like anyone enjoys watching their boyfriend get beat up as thousands of people cheer him on.

Tonight’s game has been a scrappy one, that’s easy to see by the penalty minutes racked up and the dirty shoves between teams whenever there’s a stoppage in play. There’s already been a couple of fights, so you’re not all that surprised when Brendan and another player start yelling at each other, smirks plastered across their faces. You say a small prayer to anyone listening that Brendan doesn’t do anything stupid as you watch intently. Suddenly, Brendan’s eyes steel and his jaw clenches as his opponent insults him. Brendan drops his gloves and gestures as his new best friend does the same.

You gasp as Brendan immediately grabs a hold of the other player’s jersey and starts punching him, the crowd jumping to their feet around you and pounding on the glass, urging him off. His opponent suddenly gets a grip on Brendan and starts whaling on him, blood flying onto the ice now. Brendan, from the glimpses you catch, already has a black eye, a couple of cuts on his face and a bloody nose. Suddenly, the other player hits him on the side of his head. Hard. Brendan immediately goes down as you jump up, frantically watching him.

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Kang Daniel Soulmate Au

• Look, it’s a complete coincidence you’re a nurse,
• Whenever you soulmate feels pain, or gets injured, you get the same pain,
• A lot of people said it’s clever of you to become a nurse, because it’ll be easier to find your Soulmate,
• But honestly, would you put up with drunks, the extreme hours, and all the gross jobs you have to do if finding your soulmate was your only motivation?
• You’d just always thought being a nurse was rewarding, and you where helping people which is always good,
• The soulmate thing is just a plus really,
• While you and your soulmate had a cool connection, it’s really quite the impracticable soulmate key,
• You wouldn’t say your soulmate is clumsy, but you swear they get injured more than the average person,
• But now your a hypocrite because you most definitely are clumsy,
• Or just dangerous in general,
• You’ve broken both your legs, an arm, your nose, fractured your collar bone, fallen out of multiple trees and flown off of many bikes, and that one car crash,
• A very adventurous kid.  . .
• Now that you think, maybe that’s why you wanted to be a nurse,
• But you know, when you meet your soulmate, you definitely need to apologize,
• But they’re not completely innocent,they seem to always be injuring their hand or wrists somehow, pulling muscles or stubbing their toes, but nothing too major,
• You never know if the random bruises that appear on your arms and legs are yours and you forgot about them or if they belong to your soulmate, but you smile at them anyway, preferring to imagine it’s the latter
• So, you’re wrapping a little kids leg in a cast,
• He fell off of the playhouse at his school and his nonchalance and interest in everything your doing reminds you of yourself at his age and makes you smile,
• He’s telling you about his aunt who recently met her soulmate at a pool party, giggling about their key when,
• A bolt of lightning  starts at your left elbow and races it’s way up you radius and ulna, builds at your wrist and jumps down your middle finger,
• It takes all that you are not to swear like a sailor in front of the little boy sat in front of you,
• “Sugary lord of Hufflepuff,”
• The boy giggles at your replacement swear, you send him a strained smile as you gaze at your arm, that’s twitching slightly,
• But you’re nothing if not a fighter and your soulmate is not going to get in the way of this little boys health,
• You wrap the boys leg in blue, at his request, and send him on his way, hobbling along on some crutches next to his mum, rambling about aliens,
• You’re a little jealous of his care free attitude and peoples acceptance of his alien ranting but your an adult,
• Or at least your trying to be,
• You’re closest friend at the hospital is instantly on the look out when they hear about your wrist,
• “Guys, if anyone comes in either a broken arm or finger, approximately Y/N’s age, you gotta tell me, this is a matter of soulmates,”
• They’re buzzing around, trying to find any clue to if your soulmate is here,
• You doubt it, even if he is, the hospital is large,
• Then she’s whisked off to look at a kid who got something stuck up their nose and your sat with an old lady who’s coughing up blood,
• You’re wrist burns with the power of the sun but you smile as you approach her and introduce yourself,
• You’re pretty sure you know what’s wrong with her, and you’re definite​ after quickly consulting a doctor,
• You break the awful news to the lady and give her a shoulder to cry on as she takes into the information to tell her about what to do,
• You don’t cry until you’re out of sight, a element of your job that haunts you,
• You’re getting to the end of a pretty emotional shift when one of the other nurses calls you to a cubicle to cover for her,
• You have no idea what she’s doing but you’re too tired to care,
• You haven’t eaten for since you shift started 12 hours ago and you kinda  need a toilet break but yanno,
• Just nursing problems,
• You push into the cubicle and plop yourself down on the seat, happy to let your feet rest a little, and spin round to greet your next patient,
• There’s two boys say in front of you, each suspiciously hansom for your liking and both with sheepish grins,
• You definitely do a double take, trainee’s? They certainly have the looks,
• Turns out they where messing around and when Seongwoo jumped onto Daniels back, he wasn’t expecting it and fell straight forward onto his wrist,
• You laugh at them both but sit quietly for a second, staring at Daniel with now shame,
• You heart goes a little when he doesn’t back down from the eye contact,
• “ It sounds like a fracture, but we should x-ray to check, but can I check something first?”
• Daniel blinks at you before giving you the green light,
• You lean over and pinch his forearm, hard,
• He seems thoroughly startled, but the sharp pinching pain sprouts in your arm as well and you sigh in relief, a laugh rising up through your throat and your heart lifting,
• It would have been awkward if you hadn’t felt anything, so you thank your lucky stars
• You quickly pinch your own arm to show Daniel, and he starts laughing as he runs a thumb over your tear stained cheeks, looking to be taking in everything about you, his eyes shaping into cute crescents and you can’t take in that he was made for you,
• His smooth skin and warm personality was made for you, just like you where made for him,
• “Holy shit, it’s you, the clumsiest person in Asia,”
• Seongwoo slides out of the cubicle and you start crying,
• It’s been an emotional day okay, and a long shift and you’re tired and hungry,
• Daniel doesn’t hesitate to wrap his good arm around you, pressing his lips to your hairline,
• “I am so so sorry, I just seem to be accident prone,”
• Daniels smile triggers you to smile and the warmth fills your chest, something that makes you feel complete and at peace,
• You do Daniels cast, wrapping the orange carefully around his arm as the pain in your wrist starts to dull,
• “It hurts too?”
• “Like a total bitch,”
• He runs his hand up and down your arm comfortingly, and the pain ebbs even though it makes no sense,
• He asks when you finish your shift and you almost cry when you remember it was 20 minutes ago,
• “I don’t suppose you’re hungry?”
• “I’m actually starving and in critical condition, Imma need and IV soon”
• You go to get dinner together and just talk and talk because nothing has ever felt more natural than being with Daniel,
• You fall asleep on the way to your house in the car and you wake up with Daniel carrying you up your stairs, wandering around to find your bedroom,
• You have no idea how he got in but you’ll worry about it later because you’re pressed against your soulmate warm chest listening to his irregular heart beat and feeling his arms wrapped around you and he’s softly humming and honestly in your element,

• You sleepily persuade him to stay the night and wake up with your back pressed against his chest and arms draped over you, bright orange cast startling you at first, 

• You’re the first to sign his cast and decorate it with swirls and hearts and cartoons and Daniel keeps it to commemorate your meeting,

• You two are a honey couple like please,

• He introduces you to his kitties and then sulks because they automatically love you and lounge all over you,
• But you’re slightly afraid of cats so your just sat rigid and convinced they can sense your fear,
• He always brings you snacks at the hospital because he knows how you hardly ever get to eat because every shift is a busy shift,
• You’re always supporting each other, and when you Finnish if he’s still practicing you’ll get drinks for everyone to remind them to rest because damn, and you become like a mother to all the other boys,

• ” Hey Y/N, What do you think of this footwork,” Or “ Y/N, do you think this is broken?”

• You know all their favourite drinks or what to say to cheer them up, and they always come to you with problems they feel like they can’t ask to each other about
• You automatically know when each other are hurt so a lot of worrying, but at least you know,
• And many many little kisses because they seriously seem to dull the pain,
• Because you two work all the time and are constantly on, you seem to be able to calm each other so it’s a hell of a load of blanket dates in front of the TV falling asleep in each others laps,
• A lot of the things you do together are slow and gentle as you’re usually tired so gentle sloppy kisses or carefully running hands through each others hair,
• Sitting in-between Daniels legs when people are round because your apartment isn’t huge and dammit it’s comfy,
• You just constantly wear his shirts at home because they smell of him and they’re soft and he says it’s a pain but you can tell he loves it,
• He’s a total dork with you,
• If you’ve had an extra emotional day he’ll cheer you up within five minutes,
• Just being two people quietly totally in love and being able to help each other wind down in natural ways and being so damn soft and just generally being way too cute for your own good,

Daniel makes me seriously weak omg pls help

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Maas University: Part Two


The sun started to disappear over the brick buildings of Maas University, painting the sky pink and gold; clouds stretched out for miles. Cassian’s heart felt heavy in his chest as he and Nesta crossed the parking lot, weaving past dozens of teenagers. He didn’t want to leave; he made himself put one foot in front of the other, making way to his jeep.

Leaning against the vehicle, Cassian eyed the sunset, the sky making the red finish on the jeep darker. Crossing his ankles, Cassian’s heart squeezed inside his chest as he leaned back, his elbow resting against the hood.

Waiting beside him, Nesta’s face was imperial and closed off, her blue grey eyes bright against the setting sun; eyelashes casting shadows onto her ivory skin. Taking her hand in his, he brought it to his lips before brushing her knuckles with his thumb. Shoulders relaxing almost imperceptibly, his wife looked at him. She didn’t want to leave either.

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The Club’s Medical staff confirmed after running more tests that Rafinha Alcantara along with the deep cut in his forehead has a fractured nose. 

Therefore he will miss the Copa match against Atletico Madrid and will most likely miss more matches 

His return will depend on how his injury heals.

Get well soon Rafa

optimusxjazz  asked:

Hmmm how about 2doc. The months after Muds gets out of jail and tries to go straight an narrow. (Straight as he can get) and trying to make up with 2d after the years of abuse. Could be some good sap

(I REALLY HOPE THIS IS OKAY? I tried my very best)

Murdoc Niccals was never known to have guilt eating him up, and when it suddenly started showing up in his range of emotions, he knew something had changed. It had, obviously, being behind bars changed a man and the fact that Murdoc thought that it was going to be easy peasy to go through seemed ridiculous now, even to himself. He was back, and what he had endured there (among things, another two fractures on his nose) had made him realise other things. 2D had gotten less bad attention after the return, and even the blue haired singer seemed weirded out by that. No punches, no things thrown after him - Murdoc was quieter than usually. 

“Faceache,” Murdoc finally said one day and immediately felt the guilt almost burn his tongue, “Stu.” He furrowed his brow and bit his bottom lip as he thought for a moment. There was an uncomfortable silence between them, 2D looking at him with almost the same expression, “I need to say a few things, yeah? They’re gonna be hard, you know I don’t do this very often. I’m glad to be back.”

“You’re back,” 2D said with a small smile, “I’m kinda reluctantly ‘ere but I’m glad you’re back. Gorillaz isn’t the same without you.”

Murdoc gave a little smile, “If you ever say I said stuff like this, I’ll break ya neck, got it? But I’m sorry for these years, I’ve realised I need to change. You know how it is, my bastard of a father. It’s hard for me to tell people I care about them.”

2D raised his brows in surprise, “Wot? You’re apologisin’?” He tilted his head, black eyes full of expression, “For wot?”

Murdoc felt his chest constrict as he thought back to everything he’d done in the past, “You bloody well know what I’m apologising for, you loon. Don’t be thick. C'mere.” He pulled him in for an awkward hug and 2D’s reaction was nothing, he seemed too taken aback by the fact that the bassist would do such a thing. Murdoc on the other hand felt as though a long-time need to be close to someone finally happened. He held on tighter and that was when arms wrapped around him too, and it surprised Murdoc so much that he had to blink a few times. If he could, he would’ve pinched himself because suddenly a croaky but soft voice spoke, “You know I care ‘bout you, Muds… but maybe lay off on the threats.”


Characters: Tom Holland, Y/n

Songs: Twentytwofourteen by The Album Leaf 

im planning on doing a mini seris with this, thats why its kinda short and to the point, im not sure if i like it, let me know what you think!!


Oh yeah, sure, Mum. I’ll go give lessons to the kid down the street! Which kid in particular would I be giving my free time to exactly? Tom? Tom Holland? The incredibly annoying kid down the street? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even care to learn to play the guitar for crying out loud!

Your pace grew slower which each step closer to his house. You have been dreading this day for a week. Not only was Tom incredibly annoying to you, but he also happened to be your ‘ex boyfriend’ from sixth grade. Everyone had that relationship that wasn’t really a relationship, but you all thought it was. You only talked when you passed in the halls and when you saw each other after school. You two ‘dated’ for a year and half and went on one measly date that ended up with you getting grounded. You ended it after several failed attempts to fix whatever you two even had.

You have not spoken since, an occasional ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ if you see each other but nothing over the top. Tom grew up to do his own thing, like you did yours. Which is what got you into this situation. Although, this wasn’t your fault. Your mum and his have remained somewhat friend’s throughout the years and apparently during one of their Mum-Brunches with all of the other little Mums in town, she brought up that you played guitar and how fabulous you were, and Nikki mentioned that Tom had been wanting to learn to play.

Since you only lived two streets down you got there in just the right time. 4 pm, what an odd time. You kicked up the front steps and knocked on the door, immediately shoving your frigid hands back into the pockets of your jacket. It just had to be freezing out, of course.

Soon enough, you were greeted with a warm smile as the door opened. Nikki welcomed you in, wanting you to get warm as soon as possible. Bless her soul. You stepped into the mud-room and began taking off your shoes and jacket. No matter how cold it was outside, they always had the heat up to what felt like a hundred degrees. As you put your jacket on the coat rack, Nikki called for Tom at the bottom of the stairs.

“I have to run a few errands, I hope you don’t mind.” She looked back to you, smiling wide as if you and her son had been best friends for years, like you didn’t find her son to be a complete and utter nescience. You smiled back.

“Not at all, I think we will be okay.”

You heard a couple thumps and bangs and running around upstairs before finally hearing a door close and what seemed to be a calm, cool, and collected Tom descending the stairs. He hopped the last two steps and swung around the banister, not looking at you yet. You didn’t either. You kept your eyes on Nikki, you wished she would stay. Besides, where are all this kid’s brothers?

“Okay, Tom. I’ll be back, behave, please.” She turned to Tom, kissing his cheek and him returning the favor with quick ‘loveyoutoo’. Nikki beamed at you once more before exiting out of the door, leaving you two by yourselves.

For a few moments, you both sat there in silence. Not looking at each other, you focused on your shoelace and him on whatever was around his feet. You looked up for a moment to see if he was going to speak, but were met with his eyes and you quickly darted yours away.

“So, your mom told mine you had your own guitar? I didn’t bring mine.” You finally spoke.

“You didn’t bring your own?”

“Well, no. I don’t want to get damaged or anything of the sort.”

“I’m not that reckless.” Tom said monotone, you laughed at the joke.

He sighed before walking down off the platform and into the hallway, waving for you to follow him.

He led you to the living room where you saw a little stand with a guitar that looked like it was top of line. Maybe even better than yours. You marvel at it for a moment, looking at the designs and the way it was crafted. You hadn’t noticed you made an audible ‘Woah,’ Until you hear Tom snickering behind you.

“Okay, so I have never really taught anyone before so I don’t know how this will turn out but…” You trailed, not really sure where to end that sentence.

Tom nodded and was watching intently. To be honest, you didn’t even think that he would be interested in this. You thought his Mum set this up for him, that it was her idea. But that preconceived notion changed quickly as he watched your fingers glide across the strings. Not even really playing anything but just getting a feel for the instrument.

“Do you know the parts of a guitar?” You asked, he shook his head. “Well, this is the neck, pretty self explanatory, these lines, they are frets. You use these to tune to the guitar, and these are bridge pins.” You speak, pointing to everything you said. Tom nods.

The next two hours suprised you. Tom actually listened. He learned a lot in a short amount of time, and not once did he really annoy you as bad as you thought. A few comments here and there made you groan or roll your eyes but nothing to the point of wanting to bash his head with the instrument.

Maybe he wasn’t incredibly annoying as you once thought. Maybe he wasn’t the kid you once knew. Well, obviously, everyone changes from when they were eleven, but Tom was different. Tom was just…Tom. He was always out there, energetic, the class clown, the guy who didn’t care much for school, and everything you hated but it seemed to have faded and you were actually sad. Maybe because that’s what made him, him and as much as you loathed it, the thing that you loathe more was people becoming things they aren’t. Maybe he changed, maybe he made himself change. Who knows.

Plus, it’s only been two hours. Who knows if he is just putting on an act.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked you, putting down the guitar back into the stand.

“Actually, yeah. A water would be nice.” Tom half smiled and started walking to the kitchen, you following close behind. Opening the fridge and sticking his head inside, you sat at the counter.

“So, what have you been up too recently?” Tom asked, handing you a ice cold water and taking one for himself while leaning on the counter across from you.

“Nothing, really. I don’t do much, I’m a bit of a bore.” You laugh and he smiles.

“You play guitar, and pretty good I might add. You ever think of starting a band of some sort? Doing something with it?”

“To be honest, no. What about you? Anything up with you lately?” You make a face as soon as you say it, realizing you completely forgot about it. “Nevermind.” You turn  light shade of pink and look down at your cap.

“Yeah, that. It’s so surreal.”

“Can’t imagine it wouldn’t be.”

Silence fills the air. Not in a tense way but in way that is comforting. Things had been so awkward for a while but you could really start to feel more comfortable around him. You start laughing.


“Do you remember. . going to the cinema-”

“Shut up.” Tom whines and puts his hands in his face.

“And you were so keen on impressing me,” you giggle, recalling the first ‘date’ you and Tom ever had. “It was a great faceplant into the ground.”

Tom groans and puts his head down, also recalling the embarrassing moment. Thinking back to it, you had not even noticed it wasn’t an act to do that, but he actually fell and fractured his nose. You see him start laughing to himself and pick his head from up from counter.

“Well, if we are playing this game. Do you remember when-”

“No, shut up. I already know what it is!” You groan as he did and feel yourself turn a million shades of red.

“Y/n, you put yourself in a shopping cart and made me push you around the parking lot,” he couldn’t contain his laughing, he had to stop several times to even form a sentence, which made you laugh harder at your own embarrassment. “I let go, and you went flying into the guardrail and just went, WHOOSH!”  He motions what it looked like you did.

You both laughed it off for a couple seconds, remembering the only two things that you both ever did as past boyfriend and girlfriend.

Are you sure this is the Tom you hated for years?

“We should hangout again sometime, and not just guitar lessons.” He proposes, sipping his water.

Not responding you looked at him. A soft smile was plastered on his face, waiting on an answer to his question. You thought for a moment.

Was it really that bad of an idea?

“I think that’d be fun.”

MONSTA X (Yandere Ver): Seeing You Being Bullied/Attacked By A Group Of Boys After School

 @e-mpyrean Asked:  Hi my cuties 💕 I was so happy to see that your request are open again and here I am making one 😅 I was thinking about monstax (yandere) reaction to him seeing you being bullied after school by a bunch of boys and then hurting you. Thank you all for being so perfect human beings , love you all ❤️

AHHHH!~ I really liked this request!~ We love you more darling!~

*WARNING* Strong Violence Ahead!


As he started to make his way over to where you usually waited for him after school he stopped in his tracks at the sound of your voice crying out for help, but as soon as your piercing scream sounded he broke out into a run to where you were. The next thing you knew, he was standing between the man who had grabbed a handful of your hair, with his hand tightly wrapped around his wrist. He gave the man a long, hard stare as he put pressure on the his wrist, little by little making him yell out in pain as he let go of your hair and tried to retract his hand back, but Shownu was not going to let him get away so easily for what he had done to you. It was one thing to bully you, but to lay a hand on you? Unacceptable. After the rest of the men had run off due to their fear of an intimidating Shownu standing there, glaring their way, he took a blow to the strangers stomach as he still held onto him. All you could do was stand there and watch the man take punch after punch until he could no longer hold himself up and ended up falling, only to be held up by Shownu, who still held onto him.  After he was done he finally let go, making him fall to the ground with a hard thud. Never again did those boys mess with you after that.

“Next time I won’t be so nice. That was just a warning.”

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The minute he saw the scene unfold before his very eyes he did not think twice as he dashed over to your aid as he shoved away the boy who was about to slam his hand down on you. After putting you behind him as if to protect you from your bully, he shoved him again and again, while he yelled that if he was a real man that wanted to fight, then he was the one that he should be fighting with and not you. His blood boiled. You were his and for someone to touch you, especially in that way, he lost it. You tried to calm him down but it was no use. The next thing you knew, Wonho had the boy on the floor while he was sitting on top hitting him in the face over and over again with his fists, until blood started to flow out, but that still didn’t stop him from continuing from wailing on him. He didn’t care if he was bleeding, in actuality he didn’t even notice it because the only color that he saw was red through the whole thing, until you finally pulled him out of his rage by throwing your hands on his shoulders and pulling him off of the unconscious boy who now laid there.

*huffs* “I’m sorry you had to see that Y/N…but I just go crazy when you’re in pain and when other guys touch you….I can’t stand it…”

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It tore him apart when he found you sitting on the ground slumped over, your clothes ripped and dirty, and scratches upon your face. He ran over to where you were and noticed the men who had done this to and started to chase after them, but ended up loosing them in the crowd of other students. He immediately ran back over to where you were and scoped you up into his arms and carried you back to your house where he helped patch you up and softly apologized over and over again for not coming to your rescue sooner. The next day when he had rattled the name of the ringleader who hurt you, out of everyone in school including his group of friends. Once he found the face of the boy from yesterday he never let him out of his sight. Through out the rest of the day, Hyungwon followed him through the halls, to his classes, and then outside as he made his way home after school. The boy started running through the dark afternoon as he realized that Hyungwon was right on his tail, making him break out in a panic into a nearby wooded area. All Hyungwon could do was slyly grin, as he reached into his pocket for his knife that he had chosen to cut him with, just like he had done to your beautiful face. 

“You hurt someone that is the most precious to me. Now you have to pay…”

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When he heard you yell out for them to get away from you as he turned the corner to where you were, huddled up against the wall with your hands over your head, he became angry. He charged against the man and used all his strength to shove him to the ground with a loud thud, but it wasn’t over. Just then another man who was also harassing you just then went up to Jooheon and started to throw punches here and there his way. Even though he got hit a few times it still didn’t stop him from defending you. He yelled at you to run away so you wouldn’t get hurt, but you just couldn’t. The only thing you could do was watch as they both exchanged hits over, and over again. Jooheon didn’t stop until the other man was laying on the ground, beaten and broken. When he had found you after he finished what was needed to be done he huffed looking over at you, although his cheek was swollen and bruised along with one of his eyes, and his lip was busted, the only thing that he did next was gave you a warm smile, knowing that you were okay now.

“Y/N! Get out of here! I don’t want you getting hurt again so please get somewhere safe! When I’m done with this bastard for touching you I will go find you! Now go!”

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Seeing the scene play out from across the school yard made his heart leap out of his chest. He felt as if his whole world came crashing down on him. His legs started to quickly pick up as he started running to where you were being flung back and forth between two boys and then thrown into the metal fence that you clung to from falling to the ground when they noticed Kihyun pushing and shoving people out of the way just to get to you. When he finally got to where you were he looked over at you with sad eyes then shot both strangers a death glare as he lowly snarled. If only he would have been watching you sooner and more closely, then you would have been okay, but here you were, clinging to the fence with your hair a mess and tears streaming down your face. His heart ached as he roundhouse kicked one of the boys, only to be grabbed by the other but swiftly broke free and grabbed one of his arms, only to break it in three different way in the end making him fall to the ground. The other boy who was watching picked scrambled to his feet and ran off in fear of something much worse happening to him if he didn’t get out of there in time. After he had calmed down, Kihyun walked over to you,picked you up slowly and embraced you in a tight hug shutting his eyes tightly.

“God…..I thought I was going to lose you…I’m sorry that I wasn’t here sooner Y/N…I’m here now.”

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He wasn’t too fond of anyone else but him and your family being around you. He didn’t really trust anyone, so he always stayed by your side. But who would have guessed that the one time that he was actually late in meeting with you after school to walk you home would end up in you getting hurt? He dropped everything right when he saw the three men walk up to you, and towered over you as the main person put a hand on your shoulder and pushed you back into the wall that you stood against making you shake in fear for what was to come next, but you never knew. Minhyuk took you by surprise as you felt the warmth of his back on your hands that you held out in front of you. There he stood, protecting you with him arms outstretched wide on either side of him. He smirked as he started to degrade the men only making them start to throw blows at him. Putting their fists to his stomach, chest, and finally face. But he didn’t flinch one bit as he continued to get hit. He clenched his eyes shut and stood his ground, taking every hit that was sent his way. When the men had finally had enough and they took off, he fell to his knees as you fell beside him, in a worried panic. He just smiled at you with his bleeding mouth, and his black and blue painted eyes, and apologized to you for being late.

“I’m okay, I promise Y/N…As long as you’re okay then so am I…You’re the only thing that I want to keep safe even if it means I would get hurt or worse..”

Originally posted by wonhobe


Seeing you banged up by the boys who had been giving you a hard time for a while now made him numb. Stumbling upon you who was crying on one of the benches after school made him weak. The men had gone off already, after they finished what they came to do and it made him more angry that he couldn’t to anything with the anger that was already consuming him from you being hurt and him not being there in time to keep you safe. He felt sick and grit his teeth as he blinked back tears. After taking you home, and making sure you were safe he went back out on the streets where he started to trash the streets as he kicked down people’s trashcans, punching mailboxes until they broke off their posts. Anything that he came in contact with was sure to be pumled by his bare hands. The next day at school, he waited outside of the classroom of the man who had hurt you the day before. As soon as he stepped out he quickly lashed out sending his fist flying into the bully’s stomach making him hunch over only to be greeted with Changkyun’s knee to his face, fracturing his nose. Before he left the boy who was now laying on the floor screaming out in pain, he told him that if he dare look your way, then he would break much more than his nose.

“Hey! You stay away from her you got it? I don’t even want you looking at Y/N. She’s mine and I swear if you touch her again, the next thing that will break will be your neck.”

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Hope you liked it :-)!

Gifs credited to rightful owners!~

-Admin Bonbori

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Murdoc getting into a bar fight after getting really drunk and he ends up getting his nose broken again? Maybe the rest of the band could try to stop him but man is he boozed up

(Fooooul language, fragile masculinity and sexism in this, oops. Enjoy protective boys - I went a little away from the request but I hope it is ok)

The four of them always loved a drink, or if you asked Murdoc, several drinks, after a concert. It was traditional almost, to have a beer or a drink with a funny straw. Normally, they’d go home when Murdoc started falling asleep over the table but something was different today. Murdoc had had various drinks but somehow, he was still going, not lying half-awake on the floor, but instead seemed to be on the prowl for a hook-up.

The rest of them watched him from the table. Luckily, the bar was small and unknown, making them able to be left by themselves. It was their expertise to find these small places.

“Should we go get him?” 2D mumbled into his beer, eyeing Murdoc who was currently leaning against the wall and smiling at a young woman, who was clearly not interested in his way-too-drunk behaviour. It wasn’t exactly charming.

“Nah, let him get a slap,” Russel replied and Noodle giggled. They clinked their drinks.

“Cheers to that,” Noodle said and sucked on the straw. She put it down and let out a sigh of content.

“A guy now?” Russel raised his brows, “Jesus, he is drunk. He barely lets that side out.”

“He isn’t hitting on him,” 2D said, playing with an empty shot glass. It was sticky, making him crinkle his nose, “Look at his face. No charm.”

Murdoc eventually pointed to their table and the man walked up to them. Murdoc, on the other hand, went back to hunting down the woman from before.

They eyed the man for a moment, none of them really saying anything until Russel cleared his throat, “Can we help you?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the man didn’t look at Russel but turned his attention on Noodle instead, “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Why?” Noodle said simply.

“Because you look sexy as hell, I’d love to get you home with me,” was the reply, all of them reacting by grimacing.

“Uhh… No thanks, I’m good,” Noodle said, holding up her glass in demonstration, “Look, all full.”

“Oh c’mon,” he continued, leaning onto the table. Noodle scooted away and further in on the bench. She groaned, wondering why the hell she hadn’t sat down in the middle of her boys. The man urged on, “Just a shot then?”

“Dude, she said no,” Russel grumbled and 2D followed him by nodding. The man turned his head to him, looking almost repulsed.

“Is she yours?” He growled and Noodle gasped at that, turning her body away from him.

“Yours?” 2D exclaimed, “She isn’t anyone’s!”

The man leaned down over her, “Oh come on, sweetheart. Don’t be so boring.”

“Ew go away, you creep,” Noodle shouted, tempted to throw her alcohol in his eyes.

“Fine, you’re fucking ugly anyway,” the man hissed and sudden his shoulder was grabbed.

“Wha’s going on ‘ere?” Murdoc slurred, looking at the man with utter disgust. He had popped up out of the blue.

“Just trying to figure out what your lady costs, apparently, a drink isn’t enough,” he snarled and before he knew it, a fist was flying at him at full force. He fell back onto the floor and Murdoc towered over him. The rest of the band stood very quickly.

“Fucking hell, Murdoc,” 2D said in awe, looking down at the poor sod on the floor. He was bleeding from his nose and mouth, looking bewildered and confused about what had happened.

“He deserved it, he did,” Murdoc growled, leaning down to pick him up by the collar, “Nobody speaks to Noodle like that.”

Noodle sighed, “Can you not do that? Start a barfight?”

“I do whatever I want, love,” Murdoc said, dropping him onto the floor again.

Noodle grimaced, “Please don’t call me that.”

“Wha’d you mean?” Murdoc turned to face her but in the next moment, he was pulled down onto the floor and the fight really began.

They wrestled on the floor, Murdoc gaining a possible new fracture to his nose and the man a black eye, and as Noodle complained and 2D bit his nails, Russel just watched.


It took a few minutes before the owner threw them out, Russel having to carry Murdoc down the street till they found a cab.

“I liked that place, why’d have to get us banned from it?” 2D grumbled, arm around Noodle as they walked.

“Nobody fuckin’ disrespects my girl,” Murdoc slurred, half asleep in Russel’s arms. Noodle smiled shyly, leaning into 2D as they walked down the small street.

“You guys are the best, you know that?” Noodle grinned, “My boys.”


Original request from a lovely anon:  Awesome! So can I request something based off of Congratulations from the cut songs of Hamilton? But instead of Angelica going off on Hamilton about him cheating, it’s the reader going off on Tony about signing an accords that put her and the rest of team cap in that inhumane underwater middle of the Atlantic prison with the rest of Cap’s team? There doesn’t have to be a ship in this (maybe Tony X Reader would fit best with the song? Or Tony and the reader are exes?). Thank you!

A/N: Alright, my dude, I got super inspired to write this and I was able to bang it out in just under 24 hours, how fkin great is that? Wait, don’t answer, I don’t know if it’s any good. Anyways! Thank you so much for sending this in! It definitely was a challenge for me, but I hope it’s angsty enough for you. ;u; The song can be found here

Pairing: TonyxReader

Word Count: 1230

Warnings: Slight language, angst

“(Y/N), I can’t ask you to do this for me.” Steve says, shaking his head. “I can’t ask you to go against Tony.”

“You do realize I’m not doing this for you, right?” I raise my eyebrows at him. “I believe in this shit too. It’s bigger than all of us, and you know it.”

“You’ll be a criminal.”

“Just another thing to check off the bucket list.”


“No, Steve. I’m not backing down.” I say adamantly. “I don’t care what Tony says, he’s just gonna have to deal with the fallout of his stupid ass decision.”

Yeah. They caught us. A good portion of Steve’s team I’m stuck between Clint and Scott. Sam is right next to Wanda. Whoever’s keeping us hasn’t got any plans for us, but they’ve been cruel to the strongest of us. They’ve doped up Wanda so much that she’s still conscious, but no where near a state of cognizance. They’ve got her in a straight jacket and they’ve even stuck a shock collar on her. From what I’ve heard and seen, they’ve used it a few times too. She’s stopped moving around her cell, just sitting, complacent, against the wall.

Sam hasn’t stopped pacing since he was shoved into his cell. He fought the whole way in, quipping to the best of his ability. He even managed to land a solid punch to the nose of one of the guards. He broke the man’s nose and fractured his cheekbone before anyone could rush forward to stop him. Clint’s just sitting on his bed, unusually quiet. Scott hasn’t moved from his perch either. He’s keeping his mouth shut and his eyes forward, and it’s clear that this whole prison thing isn’t new to him. I myself have opted for laying on my bed and waiting for the inevitable eternity of living here for the rest of my miserable life.

“The futurist is here, gentleman!” Clint calls. I smack our adjoining wall. “Sorry, ladies.”

“Thank you.” I mutter, rolling over and sitting up, Tony’s entered the containment deck. I sigh and lay back down.

“As I was saying,” Clint starts again. “The futurist is here! He sees all. He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not.”

“(Y/N),” Tony’s voice is quiet when it reaches my ears. “(Y/N), look at me.”

“Not happening, sweetheart.” I scoff.

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Why Choose Me? || Bucky x Reader

Summary → A particularly difficult mission and a close call beckons shaky confessions and difficult questions.  

Word Count → 1.4K

Warnings → Mentions of blood & violence, cursing.

A/N →This was supposed to be a drabble based on prompts #5 & #65 requested by @maggallicious. I apologize for the delay, but once I started writing this ficlet took on a mind of it’s own! Enjoy!

The intermingled stench of sweat and blood that clouded the quinjet was unbearable, only worsening the tension that hung heavily throughout the aircraft. You kept your gaze trained on the padded floor beneath your combat boots, using the back of your hand to wipe away the fresh blood that streamed from your nose and pooled at your upper lip. You knew from your vast array of injuries over the years that your nose was fractured, at a bare minimum, if not broken. You consciously refused to take notice of or acknowledge the buzzing sting of where the bullet had grazed your left shoulder, rationalizing that contemplating the wound would only exaggerate the pain. You quietly continued the mental recount of every injury and wound that decorated your weary form, observing the mission had not gone at all as planned. 

At the earlier briefing, Steve had described a simple reconnaissance mission of an abandoned Hydra facility. Your mission, along with Bucky’s, was to gather and recover as much intel from the archives of the deserted warehouse as possible. The pair of you had received exhaustive instructions, numerous blue prints of the multi-story structure, and specific extraction protocol. What none of you had expected, however, was to find several operatives left behind amongst the rubble, ready to defend the remains. The fighting had begun almost instantaneously after breaching the perimeter, taking Bucky and you entirely by surprise. It had ended in a close call.  

Too close. 

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Dean Winchester X Daughter!Reader- Blazin’ By (Part 19)

Word Count: 863

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18

Warning: Angst, description of injuries, etc.

Limping to the Bunker door, you held your dislocated shoulder with your good arm.  Of course you had to get beaten the shit out of to avoid suspicion, but you knew that your dad and uncle would find out about your deal.  They are the ones who are trying to get rid of Lucifer after all.  Leaning up against the wall, you banged your hand on the door, wincing when you jostled your shoulder.  You kicked the door, confident that they would hear you.  Licking your lips, you frowned at the metallic taste of blood on them, guessing that your nose is broken.  

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