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{Fractured Loyalty: intro}[closed]

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Fluttershy slept peacefully the night of the event. She was dreaming about bunnies and otters. Outside her tree house Twilight, Applejack and Rarity met. There was only one they still had to meet with: Rainbow Dash.

“She aint gonna show,” AJ whispered. “We’d best go at it without her.”

“She’ll be here,” Twilight told them.

“We don’t need her for it,” Rarity commented.

“She’ll never do it,” AJ stated blunted.

Twili rolled her eyes, frankly tired of AJ’s negativity towards Dash’s involvement with the whole thing. She finally stomped a hoof lightly, leaves crunching under her hoof “Okay. What gives. Why are you so sure?”

“Don’t you guys see it with her?” AJ shook her head. “Dash is attracte-”

Just then they thought they heard someone. The three skittish mares rose on their hind legs and looked around.