in a unique turn of events, universal music japan and sme japan is “debuting” a five member kitty copycat group of shinee for “cats” to promote their upcoming thirteenth japanese single, “because of you”. “kimi no sei de for cat” is a collaboration with the japan acoustic institute. the song is arranged in a way that will be “appealing to cats”.

five-kitty group, shinyan, a copycat group of shinee, will debut with a version of shinee’s “kimi no sei de” that is “for cats”. shinyan consists of: onewyan, jongnyan, keynyan, minonyan and taeminyan. when asked about their debut song, onewyan said: “in order to show a snappy and fluffy dance, we’re fracticing from mewoning ‘til night daily.” leader onewnyan also said: “in order to make shinee known to many, we have to be purrfect and not lose to them! please give us losts of love.

first blog post

hello everyone! we are onewnyan, jongnyan, keynyan, minonyan and taeminyan. together, we shinyan meow! this time, we are having our japan debut with the song “kimi no sei de for cat”. in this blog, we will purrsonally show you our ordinary, meowsual image as we shot our mewisc video! please cheer fur us! - by onewnyan

shinyan - official member profiles ✨

onewnyan (オニュにゃん) ✨

date of birth: december 14th, 2011
personality: gentle
hobby: playing with balls, sleeping.
favorite food: will earnestly eat chicken.
charm point: calm / gentle appearance, droopy ears.

onewnyan is shinyan’s leader. he has a gentle disposition, so the other kitty members mess with him a lot. but, on the other hand, once his switch is flipped, he shows off the snappiest (ie: angry) movements more than any other cat. he is actually good at playing with balls and, when doing fanservice, he does it better than any other cat. even is appearance is like that of a flying butter ball.

jongnyan (ジョンにゃん) ✨

date of birth: april 8th, 2012
personality: narcissist
hobby: singing, looking at the mirror
favorite food: eel (but on the taste, the appearance is “nope”.)
charm point: slender, flexible body.

jongnyan is shinyan’s main vocal. actually, though he is really good at singing, he is actually also the kitty who cries the easiest / most. in other words, he is always purring. he is a cool guy who cannot behave. that’s why he is always spreading around the sweet scent of cat powder (ie: catnip) (because he is always moving around)

keynyan (キーにゃん) ✨

date of birth: september 23, 2013
personality: cunning / dexterous, gentle with kids.
hobby: half body bathing (ie: soaking in a tub).
favorite food: lemon milk.
charm point: looks at the camera, has a gentle appearance / face.

keynyan is the brains of shinyan. he is concerned about the kitty members’ fashion and is good at helping them with it. as such, it’s established that he is the mother of the group. he also understands the human language - a smart, all around almighty kitty.

minonyan (ミノにゃん) ✨

date of birth: december 9, 2013
personality: likes exercising.
hobby: eating.
favorite food: will earnestly eat anything.
charm point: big body, long velvet hair.

minonyan is the largest kitty member. his reflexes are extremely good and, during the music video recording, he would freely run around. he is the most charismatic cat who always bother the director and camera men. the secret ot making him behave is preparing and giving him a delicious meal.

taeminyan (テミにゃん) ✨

date of birth: july 18, 2015
personality: afraid of strangers.
hobby: practicing dancing.
favorite food: milk, flounder in boiled vegetables.
charm point: big. pearl aqua green eyes.

taeminyan is good at dancing, though you couldn’t tell this in his moist / teary big eyes. while being the youngest of their group, he is also their center - the ace cat of the world. he receives so much love from the other shinyan members, and taeminyan loves his kitty hyungs back. but, his love is really willful and whimsical, so sometimes when you think he’s being an angel, he’s actually being a devil. the scary youngest cat.

the “official” website for shinyan can be found here, while the “official” twitter can be found here.

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This is science vs. religion, Chaos vs. noise, and a bit about prime numbers… and it’s very pretty (don’t be fooled by the ugly cicadas, they’re only in it for a short while). The fracticals that is, although Molly is also pretty. Not that I’m obsessed or anything.