Sara Ludy. “Sunset”, 2015.

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Consciousness Mandala.

With 12 Points and 12 rings in each point this Sacred Geometry Mandala has a foundation of 144 rings. The division into 3 sections represents the symbolism of the trinity, strength and equilibrium. The 12 represents, complex stability, 12 houses, 12 disciples, 12 tribes, etc. The 144 represents a fractal of the number of children in the house of the rising Sun, of the tribe of light (144,000). The contrast of black and white represents the total polarity from manifest Creation to the source of un-manifest potential. Creating a Flower of Life on top of an Flower of Life rotated 30 degrees gives a 12 pointed geometric map to a dodecahedron within a dodecahedron which is defined as a map to self reference. 


Hi guys, I’ve had this idea recently and I definitely need your help. If you start with a line and at both ends add lines such that they are perpendicular to the first one (like on the second picture) and then repeat this process infintely, you get a geometrical figure that seems rather random (not sure if it can be considered as a fractal though). 

The first 3 images show the 3 first steps ; the fourth one is the result after 8 iterations, and the fifth one after 16 iterations.

Problem is that it takes hours to draw it, and I have little knowledge in programming… Could any of you do that for me, or do you know somebody that would ? I would be infinitely thankful if yes. Have a nice day !