This is the story of @realradioactivesandwich . There was once two slices of moldy bread separated at birth named Slice 1 and Slice 2. Throughout their lives each would get in trouble in their wastelands of drippy sandwich shops during recess. At one point they happened to be in a deli at the same time when a roast beef panini melted the place down. Somehow each survived but only be being permanently cheesed together. They found love in making delectable psychedelic dub music together and became known as Radioactive Sandwich. Now Slice 1 and Slice 2 go around serving up melty stringy oozy delightfully delicious samplings of dubby sandwiches for the hungry appetites of grumbly tummies everywhere. Our stomachs are thanking us for the 2 platters of audio being served to us at Prelude. Put on your bibs, this is gonna get messy.
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Prelude tickets:

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Hey you didn’t answer the bottom question, you definitely should :3

mayes-zhavvorsi asked you:
       Your blog is quite lovely. Care to share some of your favorites?

Well, I’ve avoided picking favorites for a reason. I can’t find a way to do so fairly. But, I suppose I can answer that question in a modified form.

Here are a couple of blogs off the top of my head with original content or posts, that I think deserve more viewers:

We welcome Dr. Strangefunk to the #FractalFactory tomorrow for Prelude. We’ve gotten to know and love this strange enigmatic audio chemist throughout the past few months and are delighted for him to visit our warehouse oasis. A unique style of psy has put him on the map, playing all over North America already in 2015. The Doctor has cooked up crazy concoctions of funk and jazz influenced psychedelic music for Zenon Records and TechSafari and will be unleashing powerful brews upon the Fractilians.

Illusory Experiences:

We welcome Dj Rikam to the #FractalFactory for Prelude this weekend. He is a huge inspiration to the world of #Fractaltribe. As the organizer of #Eclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival up in Quebec, Canada, the standard for organization and quality production has been set very high. This is the one festival that we would not and could not miss. Incredible vibes, music, and attention to detail throughout. He is also the founder of #TechSafari Records, from which his catalog of sounds to DJ with is vast and of great quality. Uplifting and pure psychedelic, his sounds cannot be defined as anything else other than pure #Psytrance". He has experience DJing around the world and we are both proud to present these selections to the open ears of those in attendance this weekend.

So tickets have been going quickly today for #fractalfest2015 pre-gathering #prelude this weekend. We are only using two rooms this weekend and have a smaller capacity. Tickets are only available until sat afternoon and there will be none at the door. Oh, Here is a photo of our projector.
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Our friend Corey prepping some #ultraviolet paint for #tiedye tapestries. The most talented tie dye artist we’ve seen. He had 3 of these masterpieces hanging in the chill space. #psychedelic #psychedelictrance #psytrance #yearofthefractilian #fractaltribe #fractalfactory #chill #blacklight #art #psyusa #psydeco #psygathering #weirdproper