fractal consciousness

Egyptian concept of time is represented by the hieroglyph ‘Neheh’, which means ‘eternal repetition’, or, in a more esoteric sense, “repetition of the original” which is the definition of a fractal process unfolding.  

Shekinah is the English transliteration of a grammatically feminine Hebrew/Egyptian word that means ‘the dwelling or settling’, and is used to denote the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God, especially in the Temple.

Neheh Shekinah then, appears to mean the “eternal repetition of the original divine presence of God”.  And shows a fundamental quality of God that is cyclical, eternal, and changing.  The very substance of reality as a ‘process fractal’ or Monad.   


Consciousness Mandala.

With 12 Points and 12 rings in each point this Sacred Geometry Mandala has a foundation of 144 rings. The division into 3 sections represents the symbolism of the trinity, strength and equilibrium. The 12 represents, complex stability, 12 houses, 12 disciples, 12 tribes, etc. The 144 represents a fractal of the number of children in the house of the rising Sun, of the tribe of light (144,000). The contrast of black and white represents the total polarity from manifest Creation to the source of un-manifest potential. Creating a Flower of Life on top of an Flower of Life rotated 30 degrees gives a 12 pointed geometric map to a dodecahedron within a dodecahedron which is defined as a map to self reference. 

To understand the infinite, eternal Reality is not the GOAL of individualized beings in the Illusion of Creation, because the Reality can never be understood; it is to be realized by conscious experience. Therefore, the GOAL is to realize the Reality and attain the “I am God” state in human form.

The bubble makes this incredible goal achievable. From the very bubbling forth of individualized consciousness into its early gas and mineral forms, and throughout its inexorable evolution via plant, animal, and human bodies, to its eventual involution within the subtle and mental worlds, existence is essentially bubbular. “You are all souls, not bodies. Picture yourself as drops, and your body as bubbles inside the ocean. Now, each of you drops sees neither your own drop-state nor the drop-state of others. You see your own bubbles and bubbles of others, and this large bubble of the world. So Meher Baba explained at a gathering in May 1943, during discussion of the “Divine Theme” chart, later printed in the Supplement to God Speaks.The chart shows the evolution and involution of consciousness as a progressive development through increasingly intelligent and self-aware bubbles. As the means of this development, the bubble is the universal form whereby Reality is sustained by Illusion. The fluid nexus of the mysterious relation between cosmos and individual, ocean and drop, the bubble is endowed with a kind of slippery absolute instrumentality. So Meher Baba explains with regard to the “Ten States of God” chart, also included in the Supplement:

Imagine the infinitely unconscious God state A, before the Creation came into being, as motionless infinite ocean. A puff of wind then stirred the tranquil uniformity of this ocean, and immense waves, countless drops of water, and innumerable bubbles appeared from out of the uniformity of the limitless, infinite ocean. The puff of wind that set the ocean into commotion may be compared to the impulse of the infinite, original urge-to-know originating with the infinite, orginal whim of God, surging in God to know Himself through His infinite God State II. The stir on the surface of the ocean, caused by the infinite urge, surcharged every drop of that infinite ocean with the infinite urge-to-know itself. Thus Paramatma [Over-Soul] in His infinitely unconscious state A, being urged to know Himself, simultaneously bestirs the tranquil poise of every atma [soul] in Paramatma with an urge to know itself. This could only be understood when Paramatma is compared to an infinite ocean and the atmas to the drops of that infinite ocean. But it must also be well noted that every drop of the ocean, when in the ocean, is ocean itself, until the drops inherit individuality through bubble formations over the surface of the ocean. Every bubble thus formed would then bestow a separate and a particular individuality upon every drop. And this created separateness would exist with the uniform indivisibility of the drops of the infinite ocean as long as these bubbles creating separateness exist. As soon as the bubbles burst, the drops, which are and were already in the ocean itself, come to realize that they are and were one with the infinite ocean; and they gain this consciousness of the eternal infinity in the infinite ocean only after they first experience separateness and then dispel the bubbles of ignorance that were instrumental in bestowing upon them the experience of their apparent separateness from their inherent indivisibility.Nietzsche understood that “all our so-called consciousness is a more or less fantastic commentary on an unknown, perhaps unknowable, but felt text.” Gershom Scholem saw that “not system but commentary is the legitimate form through which truth is approached. Meher Baba’s bubble radically fulfills the intersection of these principles on a cosmic scale, defining the experience of each being, and the universe itself, as an ever-expanding and absolutely unique commentary producing the infinite truth of the self it encircles.