fractal consciousness

Egyptian concept of time is represented by the hieroglyph ‘Neheh’, which means ‘eternal repetition’, or, in a more esoteric sense, “repetition of the original” which is the definition of a fractal process unfolding.  

Shekinah is the English transliteration of a grammatically feminine Hebrew/Egyptian word that means ‘the dwelling or settling’, and is used to denote the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God, especially in the Temple.

Neheh Shekinah then, appears to mean the “eternal repetition of the original divine presence of God”.  And shows a fundamental quality of God that is cyclical, eternal, and changing.  The very substance of reality as a ‘process fractal’ or Monad.   

-Richard E. Gordon III, 32

None thought wave-image, meaning: an iteration of wave inside the yin-yang, can move or jump out from the (endless) circle of Knowing which encompasses yin-yang, no matter how fractally complex and polarized and colorful and dramatic thought wave-image is simulated. Thinking is a imaginative fractal iteration inside the knowing Mind. Thought wave-image appears here as a singing bird on the tree, there it draws the image of war. But every thinking -waving-imagining, is inside Mind as its form and wavedance, showing itself to itself in all waves, as Everything. All sensations, thoughts, images - are waveforms of Knowing Mind, and as inseparable, they cannot leave or harm the always full-circle of Mind.

The body and everything you perceive and sense, imagine and think, is a wave in universal Mind. The body cannot leave the untouchable circle of your mind, it never existed as something separate. It cannot „exist on its own“ or „die“. It has no own being.

What you are is unharmed and uncreated.