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Appreciation Post

Let us all appreciate Riza Hawkeye’s curves and sexy back (yeah we all know that you have a tattoo and a scar on your back but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re still hot)

Let us also appreciate Roy Mustang shirtless. Enough said. He is the flame alchemist for a reason.

(then imagine them doing the do)


thedoormann i do not know what does a roman bath house is like but am i funny yet. Read the tags for more fun C:

What is Fracking? How Is It Dangerous?

Fracking has been a hot-button issue among policy-makers, scientists, environmentalists, and the general public alike. But what exactly is fracking?

Fracking, or “hydraulic fracturing”, is a way of extracting the oil or gas that’s embedded in subterranean rocks. It’s achieved by forcing liquid– usually water– through the fissures of those rocks at high pressure.

Jaime Trosper over at From Quark to Quasars provides a good overview of this process. She then answers a lot of questions about fracking, such as:

  • Does fracking makes economic sense? 
  • Does it harm the environment?
  • Does it endanger the communities that live around fracking sites?
  • Does fracking harm the workers involved in the process?

Click on the image above to read Jamie’s article.

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Guy Friday

Lawrence Diallagio Has Seamlessly Made The Transition From The Pitch To Life Post-Play. Lordy, He Was Beautiful On The Pitch, And He Remains So To This Day. He’s A True Sport Stud With His Work With The Dallaglio Cycle Slam, Raising Funds For Cancer Research And Rugby.

And Lordy…The Man Is Fracking Hot In Skin-Tight Lycra!!!

Woof, Baby!

Elsanna AU in which Elsa and Anna met each other online and fell in love with each other in a series of dates and make-out sessions that may or may not have escalated into hot frick-frack.

Then one day they find out that they were long-lost sisters separated at birth and they have to deal with their incestuous feelings in many awkward ways that involve a lot of rejecting their feelings, refusing to go on dates, and celibacy because they both really want to do it but they’re sisters so they can’t but they end up doing it anyway.

Has this been done before?