fracking hotness

I don't think there was a scene in Divergent where I didn't want to make sweet love with Theo James.

So cricket-life‘s asked me to do the meme thing about Sri Lanka. Here we go then xD

Push off a cliff: Sanath Jayasuria. Arrange an election for this and 20 million Sri Lankans would agree. Who on Earth told you to screw that very much successful line up and screw our chances in a world cup?
Frick frack: Angelo Mathews (hot & handsome, k everyone’s dreaming for that).
Marry: Lahiru Thirimanne maybe cos such a cutiepie. My mom’s never pleased with him so that’s a con anyway.    
Set on fire: Slinga Malinga. Remember the times he wandered everywhere with that WT20 trophy and didn’t let anyone else to touch it. For God’s sake, captaincy was by a committee.
Wrap a blanket around: Chaminda Vaas. My poor poor Vaasy he never had the sendoff he deserved. Also Chandi, the most humble, nicest, adorable, down to earth kid we have.
Be roommates with: Kumar Sangakkara cos he’s too messy and unorganized same as me and we can create our own living hell. Oh and he’s from my brother school (as in partner schools) so definitely it’s him.

arathesane asked:

BSG - for the fandom meme.

Yay! Thank you :) 

  • Push off a cliff - Fisk. What a dick.
  • Frick frack - Lee. Hot diggity. 
  • Marry - Maybe Tyrol? I can’t break up an OTP, and Tyrol has morals and set of practical skills. He’d make a good husband.
  • Set on fire - Cavil. I mean really.
  • Wrap a blanket around - Laura. 
  • Be roommates with - Romo Lampkin.

anonymous asked:

I'm like the anon that thinks of kinky smut as I'm falling asleep. I had a dream of Germany and Italy doing the frick frack and it was hot and I didn't want it to stop. Oh my gosh...I'm a pervert. I'm sorry D:

That’s sounds perfectly reasonable to me, anon. This blog is a judgement-free porn-positive space.

dolphinsareevil asked:

Yume Nikki (fangames acceptable)

  • Push off a cliff -I guess the creepy mouth girl from 2kki
  • Frick frack -Odorika or the hot tub girl from Hell Diary, she seems like fun~
  • Marry -I don’t really jam with the idea of marriage but I guess Urotsuki?
  • Set on fire -Shadow Lady chaser? If anything it’d just look awesome
  • Wrap a blanket around - Chie
  • Be roommates with -Irene

anonymous asked:

Dear medi,I want to ea t 5 millio n bug s with you. You have a nice bbopopboppoPOBOpoppdop. You make me c mummy. You should frick frack. Someday I will frick frack. You + me HOT TO MA TOES . If I saw you now I’d pee a litl. I want to pet dog with you. I would build gigrjeojoigfd just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be i luh u birthichih . We could fcucfkc under the stars. Love, master dongnobbler (P.S. put u wingwang in da wizard sleeve .)

this is beautiful