fracking hotness

Appreciation Post

Let us all appreciate Riza Hawkeye’s curves and sexy back (yeah we all know that you have a tattoo and a scar on your back but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re still hot)

Let us also appreciate Roy Mustang shirtless. Enough said. He is the flame alchemist for a reason.

(then imagine them doing the do)


First off, I apologize for missing the apostrophe on “let’s”. It’s one of the many buttons broken on my estupid keyboard. How am I typing this? Seperate mobile device.

Came up with this weird idea while making myself sandwhich, cuz food and whatevs, and I just kinda wondered how angsty Dan ended up with that adorbs hot dog Kevin(like seriously, what a catch). So a few brainfarts later this happened…

Hope I made you laugh :P …or cringe

  • He’d be that really sassy professor that was done with all of your shizzle pizzle 200% but also really helpful when you think about it
  • if he didn’t teach music, he would be teaching english/ history
  • He’d be super chill about everythiNG and he’d be that one professor that you could always go to for help/ advice
  • But he also wouldn’t refrain from cursing in front of his class because “we are all fucking adults here, you should be ready to here adult language”
  • He would be arguably the best professor in his department
  • low-key everybody crushes on him, but nobody will ever admit to it
  • one day he would walk in with silver/mint/pink hair and everybody would just roll with it because he works it

And here are some golden professor!yoongi quotes

  • “Look you literal six year old, as much as I would like to argue about that .5 point that you got off on my test on FUCKING GRAMMAR, I’ve had a really shitty day and unless you want me to take off 5 more points because truthfully, .5 was generous, you best get your ass out of my sight”
  • “if you fucking quote Shakespeare one last time, i will drag your ass to the counselor to have your schedule changed.”
  • “I am so glad to learn that the one thing that you are taking away from my lesson is that ‘jimmy is so frick-fracking hot’, sandra. Next time I see you on your phone, please just walk out”
  • “s—sir, are naps really necessary at this point—”“huuuuuush. yes yes it is. now read page 23 till i wake up. go.”
  • “y'know teachers are legally allowed to set your phone on fire? you didn’t? well, we can, and i suggest you put the device away before it becomes my next marshmallow.”
  • “Well class, I read your essays the other day. And I have got to say, this is the first time that I’ve ever seen so much bullshittery in one assignment. And no, Jason, there will be no do-overs. This isn’t fucking preschool.”
  • “so that’s why Columbus sailed the— FOR FUCKS SAKES AMY. No one gives a damn about how you gave Trevor a hickey last period, get over it. You should be giving him study notes, not body marks.”
  • “That better not be the sound of porn on your computer Bart because I REFUSE to deal with this bullshittery today.”
  • “If I hear the words 'mitochondria’ and 'powerhouse of the cell’ one more time, I’m assigning 20 chapters of readings. For gods sakes, I don’t even teach fucking bio”
  • “If I find one piece of gum underneath my desks, I’ll use your faces to scrub it off, am I clear?”
  • “for the sweet love of god, Jessica get your hands out of Philip’s pants, and you, wipe the drool from your face. Ugh. Disgusting little shits”
  • “Timmy, if you’d pull your head out your ass, maybe you’d get the answer to question 7.”
  • “Please tell me everybody got this question right or I’m just going to go quit my job.”
  • “Anymore questions? No? Good, because I wasn’t planning on answering any.”
  • “Tommy, I know those nachos are in your mouth. No, I literally SEE them. Why’re are you even trying to deny it? Would you just—STOP SPEAKING, YOU’RE GETTING CHEESE ALL OVER MY TABLES.”
  • “just….. just…. stop talking… God, at times like these I wish I just took that job offer in Japan”
  • “Oh god, I can practically feel the IQ dropping in this room. Jimmy, son, please take a 5 minute break outside. You need to have some time to yourself and reflect on what you have done.”
  • “Yeah, uh, I didn’t bother grading all your papers because by the time I got to the 16th F, I kinda threw your papers in the shredder and ate myself a cake.”
  • “Henry please tell me that face you are making is because you are thoroughly enjoying the magic of the Charles Dickens, not because you are jerking off underneath the desk to Cece.”
  • “are… are you… are you wearing a Trump hat? Jade, no, just get out of my class. now. NOW”
  • “Honestly, class is supposed to end in 30 minutes, but because I am hung over as FUCK today and because I don’t have the necessary energy to deal with your bullshittery without throwing up, I am letting you out early. If any of you fuckers send me an email in the next 24 hours, expect underworld.”
  • “So then I told him, suck your balls? You should suck—” “Uh…..Mr. Min? Where’s the point to this story that involves our lesson?” “Hush up, Meghan, I’m getting there!”

This was a lot longer than I thought it would be… should I do more?

Elsanna AU in which Elsa and Anna met each other online and fell in love with each other in a series of dates and make-out sessions that may or may not have escalated into hot frick-frack.

Then one day they find out that they were long-lost sisters separated at birth and they have to deal with their incestuous feelings in many awkward ways that involve a lot of rejecting their feelings, refusing to go on dates, and celibacy because they both really want to do it but they’re sisters so they can’t but they end up doing it anyway.

Has this been done before?

ok but i feel like i’m the only person who doesn’t think jackson told danny

i feel like it was just danny being smart, man.

jesus christ guys, learn how to whisper

i’m too hot for this danger and dying bullshit 

yea fuck this i’ll just continue being human, clueless danny that works for me

i get to frick frack with the hot gay twin AND I don’t die this is the life