frac sand mining
Article: Mining for sand for fracking holds risks for communities, study says

As a domestic energy boom driven by hydraulic fracturing spreads, so could strip-mining for sand needed for the controversial production process, introducing risks to water, air, public health and property values, according to a report issued Thursday.

Very glad to see this under-covered issue getting a bit of national ink in yesterday’s L.A. Times.
Frac Sand Mine Proposed Near School Sparks Battle In Small Wisconsin Town - Huffington Post

Lynne Peeples:

A nearly 400-acre open-pit frac sand mine has been proposed for a site less than half a mile from the school, and now those residents who welcome the mine’s promises of wealth and prosperity have squared off against those who fear its consequences to their health, way of life and property values.

“Our home is also about a half-mile from the mine,” added Schone, who grew up in Glenwood City and owns a nearby gas station and restaurant. “Our four children would be exposed 24 hours a day.”

The site sits even closer to the Hilltopper baseball diamond, track and football field. …

Schone suggested that he knows town officials who have “done a 180” on the issue. He suspects some swings are due to the discovery of valuable sand under those officials’ own property.

“There are conflicts of interest all over the place,” said [Jim] Tittle.