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fra-tell-em  asked:

I'm super sorry if this is late and you're not doing these anymore but Slit, B4, 4 would be raaaad o uo

Sure! Content, not-frowning Slit coming up. If anyone else wants to send in any more, feel free to do so, but I’ll be a bit occupied with Askslit + other stuff so it’s gonna take me a while to get to ‘em, and I can’t really make any promises.

anonymous asked:

Heya! Are you going to make a Summer Fraxus collage to match the other three?

This thing has been haunting me for an entire year already lmao as I kept putting it aside “for later” last year till summer actually ended, but I think I’ll try to! It would be a shame to leave it ¾ done. 

Well, I’m gonna spend the entire July mostly in a lab, since I’m doing a summer internship at my uni, but I’ll probably make something for it!