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(in)Complete Portrait Giveaway! 

I don’t even know if this is a giveaway but recently I’m stuck with my art ideas, more likely I want to make stuff and I have ideas but I just can’t do it, but I had so much fun doing this a few months back and I haven’t done something like this in tumblr for a while, so… here I am ! 


  1. I will accept 15 requests. Usually I make bigger ones, but this are more complicated than what I usually do. 
  2. you must follow me
  3. reblog this
  4. you have to send me an image / picture here, keep in mind that the better the quality the easiest is for me to make it ! 
  5. Send me the colour you want in the background (except white / black ), I think this kind of pink makes them look waaaay cooler but I can try others
  6. If this takes only a few notes over 15, I will make them in order, if the numbers of notes goes over 50 I will select the “winners” with and announce them on May 20th
  7. Of course, It’s completely free! But keep in mind that this things take time so don’t expect me to them in .9 seconds. This things take time!
  8. Interact with me! If you are a winner I want at least a comment about it! A lot of times has happened that I post the drawing and people don’t even like it. That just makes me want to stop (and I have stopped in the past) 

That’s it ! Thank you for your time ! (: 
Edit: on the 20th I will contact directly or make a post of the winners and then you will eventually send the pictures and infos, I’m sorry that wasn’t clear in the rules (it was in my head, I swear!)

fra-tell-em  asked:

I'm super sorry if this is late and you're not doing these anymore but Slit, B4, 4 would be raaaad o uo

Sure! Content, not-frowning Slit coming up. If anyone else wants to send in any more, feel free to do so, but I’ll be a bit occupied with Askslit + other stuff so it’s gonna take me a while to get to ‘em, and I can’t really make any promises.