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Okay okay but like they all went to space with only the clothes on their backs. What do they wear on laundry day? Cuz they probably at least wear underwear under their suits. Does the castle even have a laundry room? Or do Alteans just not get dirty so they don’t need to wash their clothes. Now I’m just imagining all of them just sitting in that common room area in just their under clothes waiting for their actual clothes to be clean. Or like sitting in their own rooms completely nude just wrapped up in their blankets waiting for Coran to come by to drop off their newly washed clothes. OR CORAN AND ALLURA LENDING THEM CLOTHES? Idk man, I’m just concerned that the space kids have fresh washed clothes and are staying hygienic.

Fresh Clothes

Peter entered the room with clothes of his neatly folded on his arms. Stiles was half awake when he entered. “I brought you this. I figured you better have some looser clothes…” He looked down as he handed them to Stiles, hoping the other wouldn’t notice those were actually his. “How are you feeling?


SWASH Express Clothing Care System

Well, today we bring you a solution to all your dry cleaning-related woes and ever-growing demands for fresh clothes: meet SWASH™ Express Clothing Care System, a convenient household appliance created for the sole purpose of saving you some precious cleaning time, cutting your dry cleaning costs and preventing excessive fabric wear and tear through washing regimens.