Concept: Black market baby trade of Pearlcatchers, within Pearlcatcher culture, where a poor couple might sell their offspring to a higher-class Pearlcatcher who, through some tragedy, lost their own child young. The purchased child has their pearl taken away, and replaced with the dead child’s pearl. For all intents and purposes, it is understood that this child is now the deceased- they are called by the dead child’s name, treated with the same favor as the dead child, and expected to act accordingly. Their own pearl is usually buried with the dead offspring- in essence, a life is traded for a life.

Light Sprite Cost Per Pixel

Ok I had a thought. People always say they “spend a lot of money on pixels” when they have expensive items/dragons despite it not actually really mattering because its just “fake” wealth so I thought it would be cool to see how much money a Light Sprite actually costs per pixel.

Here’s a Light Sprite, a transparent .png found on the site. Lets move Mrs. Light Sprite into Photoshop and check how many pixels she takes up using the histogram.

15,373 pixels. Not bad. Now lets go to the auction house and see the lowest price for a Light Sprite.

A whopping 48500g. If we divide 48500 by 15373 we get 3.2, rounded. 3.2g for every pixel on a Light Sprite. Now lets display that visually using FR’s gem packages

500g gets you 156 pixels of a Light Sprite:

1050g gets you 328 pixels of a Light Sprite:

2150g gets you 672 pixels of a Light Sprite:

5500g gets you 1718 pixels of a Light Sprite:

11500g gets you 3593 pixels of a Light Sprite:

Conclusion: Pixels are indeed expensive when you are a 2013 Light Sprite.

Reasons why Snappers and Tundras make the best Hatchling Protectors

1. Tundras are v soft and v fluff = warm living blanket to surround the eggs and keep them from getting cold

2. Tundras are v soft and fluff (part 2) = they are v good for snuggling and comforting hatchlings when scared

3. Snappers are big but gentle = They can be intimidating to those outside the clan but v sweet and kind to the hatchlings (the perfect protector !!! ) 

4. Snappers are sturdy af = hatchlings can play and climb on them safely (though they might fall off it they aren’t careful !!! )

5. Yes


my favourite part of the tour 

One more doodle. More of my terrible twosome Saravix and Uthok (shh who still needs his genes and rb im working on it okaaay)

The barbs and tip of Saravix’s tail are razor sharp, just as any good plague spiral’s should be. She totally uses it as a weapon.


you kno that thing otters do where they fluff their babys fur all up so the baby can float safely on the water while they go off to do their own thing and all the baby otter can do is just float and wait? what if water flight tundras did that