[HD] 170218 BTS The WINGS Tour in Seoul (Day 1)
©Merry White

Maknae line comparing their pinkies….
Does Jimin’s pinky even reach half of Tae & Kook’s? *-*


New bio templates!

Don’t let the pictures fool you, it’s Available for all flights!

Exceptionally these bio templates won’t be located in my Forum Thread but in a google doc, I’m currently making a new thread so this is just a temporary resource directory while I work on it. Other templates will come, hopefully this week, and they will also be located on this directory, I’ll make make my new thread once I’m done releasing them all. The graphics/resources will be released individually on the forum thread. 

If you have any issues or questions, send me an ask or message me.

Also sorry for the weird pictures’ format, Tumblr upload hates me


Your Sins May Be Personal But They Are Never Private

“If the Church is truly the body of Christ, then everything we do must have some effect on the body, even those acts we think nobody sees. Fr. Mike shares how this may be tough to acknowledge when it comes to sin we wish only affected us privately, but he also points out how all the good we do that nobody sees is empowering the Church in some way as well.”