OKAY, I finally finished one of the fae girls I am going to sell. The other one will be a gijinka design but man I couldn’t pass up on drawing this beautiful fairy’s wings!

~Rhiannon is in the AH for 2500 gems.

I am willing to take treasure too, if PMed. A larger version of the image, and a name scroll available upon request =}.

And she has a new home woop!

And there he is.

Guys. Guys. I rly…rly want this dreggun. Plz. Halp. S.O.S. Maydaymaydaymayday.

He’s Clay/Clay/Aqua–and there exists onsite…one. Just one. So I’m, uh. Gonna’ need some help. Neeeeds to have Water eyes for the plot stuff I have goin’ on for him. But! I can prob’ly work with everything else. Just…need those colors. And his Flight, of course.

ouob Anyone able to help? I’D BE FOREVER GRATEFUL. (Especially if you’re able to redirect someone my way, too–definitely.)


Commission examples! Above there’s some busts i’ve done for people and bottom some specials i do usually for gem gene scrolls (and those are just close ups of bigger paintings!) 

Busts like these are  450gems or 420kt, special slots are up from 1200 gems and i also offer black&white busts for  200gems or 190kt

If you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer!

[My thread is here!] 

aviana-fr  asked:

Friend you seem like a lore cheerleader, here is my question: How do name clan

heck ya i am!

heres a few ideas for naming your clan:

is there a landmark around your clans location either on the canon map or within your own lore? like a lightning struck tree or a delta where the river meets the sea? name your clan after it.

go old school latin -just make sure you translate the words correctly dont want to accidentally insult anybody in your lore

is there something your clan takes great pride in? like a value or a belief? incorporate it into the name

find a name generator on google and just keep flipping thro it until you find one aint no shame in flipping thro a dictionary either

get silly and have a little fun. take the pun route

name them after their position on the map. clan of the northern point or clan of the western scape

incorporate a deity or their home flight into the name like ancestral arcane (clan). *note: if clan sounds weird feel free to drop it.

remember: this is your clan dont worry about how good your clans name is in comparison to everyone elses. just pick a name that you like. you dont even have to stick with it you can change it as you please. and dont be discouraged if you cant find one its ok to not have one at all.


Ramses had been dozing, just barely flirting with sleep, when a wet thump sounded behind him. He slid himself up dazedly, twisting to glance over his shoulder. Aedon had hefted a golden porpoise onto the raised portion of the cavern’s floor, where the water didn’t touch and Ramses sat.

Bewilderment crossed the werewolf’s face. He turned to face Aedon completely. “What is that?”

“Lunch,” the merman replied flatly, as if the answer was obvious and Ramses was foolish for asking.

Ramses opened his mouth. Closed it. He shook his head. If he had been shifted into wolf form, the creature might have looked appetizing. Maybe. In the right light. But at that moment, he was distinctly human. So the porpoise, bleeding and twitching occasionally, looked anything but inviting.

“What am I supposed to do with an ENTIRE golden porpoise?” Ramses finally looked up from the creature. His eyes locked with the merman’s. Softly, as if he were about to utter the sweet nothings of a lover, he breathed, “What the fuck, Aedon.”

This is simultaneously the best and worst thing we’ve ever plotted.

Gorgeous art by @monstravat <3


Fierce and Exalted have had a nest! The have the Terminus emblem in their bios, but you can bump that out if you want. 

They aren’t yet on the auction house, so send a crossroad for the one you’d like for 35kt/40g! They will be placed on the auction house later today.

Black/crimson/crimson Cherub/peregrine/spines  Sold!

Obsidian/crimson/crimson Cherub/peregrine/spines Sold

Obsidian/crimson/crimson Cherub/hypnotic/gembond Sold

Obsidian/crimson/crimson Cherub/peregrine/spines