fr: 322

Writing Challenge #322

Write a short story that includes these three characters and their roles, below.

Protagonist: A forgetful diver who discovered the lost city of Atlantis by accident.

Antagonist: An envious mermaid/merman that hates mankind.

Mentor/Ally: An honorable selkie that has been betrayed in the past.


Room 322 in Hotel Zaza is a very strange room.

For one, it is not listed as a room in the Hotel’s website. It is also a third of the size as the other rooms. There is no carpet, the bed is held up with chains. This is also the only room with a brick wall as well. The mirror on that brick wall leads to the idea that it might be a two-way mirror.

322 is also the number for Skull and Bones Secret Society which explains the numerous skull pictures and stuff. There are other creepy pictures in the room as well, like the two girls in the pink dresses and dead eyes. Also, a picture of Jay Comeaux, who is the Pres. of Stanford Group Company.

Why does this room exist? What purpose does it serve?