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Shower thought : Killer Frost doesn’t hurt ladies?? Back on earth 2, she was fine shooting ice at the team, got a bit too close to E2 Iris’ neck but didn’t hurt her and it’s only when Zoom threatened Jesse that she attacked him. Earth 1 now, girl is stabbing and icing boys all around… but when it’s Tracy she hesitates and misses her shots anyway. And while she caitnapped Cecile, she didn’t harm her, Cecile said it herself. Julian back in 307 didn’t have the same treatment…

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Good! I hoped that the ratings will be higher, perhaps this will send the message what can save this show... anyway can we talk about frost epicness? Like fucking sliding on ice, being extra and entering in ice fog, and freezing HR cup just to screw with him? This episode killed me ok, I only miss those flashing white eyes, I hope they will make an appearance in the future.

So epic!!!! Look, I have this week’s Gotham, Lucifer, AOS, iZombie and OUAT to watch and some actual work to do and here I am rewatching Flash scenes in slow-mo with VLC just to spot any details (did you guys notice Barry tackling Frost during their ice vs speed chase? so funny frame by frame). Her surfing on ice or however it’s called in english was just the coooolest. I wanted her to do this so bad but I thought nah, it’d be too complicated and expensive to do on TV. WRONG. 

Btw I have this tinfoil hat theory that Frost froze HR’s coffee on purpose to warn him because hey girl if you can freeze coffee remotely, maybe try freezing Tracy’s heart?? And nope. She conveniently misses her shots at her. She doesn’t hurt Cécile or Joe when she could. Only person she does hurt is the guy with healing powers… And she didn’t look super happy when Savibarry asked to “kill the girl”. And, and… she called Barry and Cisco “Barry and Cisco”, Killer Frost always called them Flash and Vibe in 307 and later when she saves Iris. Idk, I’m not saying she is a double agent or am I, but it’s cool to see there’s still some Caitlin somewhere in there, even when the transformation is supposedly complete. 

I do love the idea of evil Cait and evil Barry being Reverse Team Flash and battling Team Flash though, so the sane part of my brain ignores the tinfoil hat stuff.

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