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Panalegs: Just as I was about to give up on The Flash they go and make that Killer Frost costume! Well done, really really well done WOW She looks amazing!! Also the makeup is on point! Poor Cisco but I glad he's been getting more screen lately

Hello! Praise our lord grodd and the baby jaysus for this.

Also yep, Carlos gets to shine like never before. We see so many different sides of Cisco this year and he plays each amazingly. From rich egocentric Flashpoint Cisco to grieving brother and friend, young man falling in love, superhero in the making, broken man last night… it’s great. Some people miss his always happy/joking side but I don’t, he’s still funny and gives his famous one-liners and movies references every now and then. Can’t wait to see him fight Killer Frost next week. 


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