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Killer Frost enters the game. yay. Loved that ending. “I’d rather die” -Caitlin Snow. my bby. She was so strong during that entire ep. Fought pain, fought her friends to keep her necklace aka sanity, used her doctor skills even when she had surgical tools in her lil belly. Cisco broke my heart about 7680 times in 3 minutes. Loved it.

That said, KILLER FROST TIME. Cait will be back later, no worries. My theory is that Firestorm will be back to battle/save her. Stein did promise they’d be there for her if needs be and -howconvenientHR.gif- the Legends’ mission is done in a week.

Anywooooo back to 318. Does that episode mean, in a way, the three prophecies were about Caitlin? XD 

1. the betrayal

2. the fall, bby girl died on us -my heart-

3. fate worse than death, since she’d have rather died than become Killer Frost

@reeseneseira@andromeda-phoenix​ we joked about this a while ago. Joke’s on us lol.

I love the fact that it took Caitlin dying to have a full Killer Frost. Since day 1 on this show, metas die/seemingly die before they go meta. Sometimes the writers forgot I guess, but Barry died for a sec. Cisco died too, and his vibe powers were activated by that even if it happened in another timeline because #vibe. So while the scene was heartbreaking, I loved it. Reminded me of Caitlin Snow’s transformation in the comics, after the “incident”. 

Also also, does that mean she makes her own costume too? I can’t see Cisco stopping a fight with her to call her out on her fashion choices. “You need leather to be a supervillain, LEATHER! Gimme 30 minutes”

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Czytając Twoje prace czuję się jakbym siedziała z kimś bliskim

Tak myślę, że to jedna z najbardziej znaczących wiadomości, jakie tu dostałem.