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136 The Taskmaster

The 136 type holds itself to a high standard of loyalty. Within this type, the 1 provides an overarching sense of never being fully satisfied and always needing to strive to improve. When combined with the external focus of both 3 and 6, this leaves the 136 feeling as though they always could have done better, which can be used to fuel both self-deprecation and self-improvement. The strength of this type lies in their ability to identify and accomplish clear goals set for themselves as well as those set for others. In all of their focus to live up to the expectations of those around them, 136s can sometimes forget the loyalty they owe themselves is worth no less than the loyalty you show to others.

(description by @naughty-nanny)

kolekcjonerka-poezji  asked:

Co z takim ciekawym talentem, że tak to nazwę, robisz na codzień w życiu? W sensie uczysz się, pracujesz, egzystujesz? Nie wiem dlaczego, ale ciekawi mnie to ☺ PS. Twoja twórczość aż sama prosi się o uśmiech i miłe ukłucie w sercu. Dziękuję

Studiuję, pochłaniam masło orzechowe, oddaję cześć Cate Blanchett, wspominam swoje gafy i wdycham smog. I - zgadza się - egzystuję.


316 Three One six - หวังว่า… (Please Be Mine)(Dance ver.)

“What you do you wait around, waitin’ ‘til she breaks down
One day at the crib, she gon’ let you break ground
Soon found out she was so real with it
One year, no love man who would deal with it
Me I fell for it, romancin’, financin'
A couple years back I woulda told you there was no chance in hell
But oh well, here I was
That’s how it be when you’re fallin’ in, umm
I wouldn’t say that; maybe it was”

Blog Changes

Hello! I bring some exciting news. 

0316 Entertainment has been teasing for a new girl group for a while, and as of this week, they have revealed their first girl group, named Rose Quartz. With the news of the upcoming debut, we, the admins, have discussed the topic on whether or not we should post updates about the new group, and decided that this blog will be going through a change. This blog will now be dedicated to posting updates about both groups, Three One Six and Rose Quartz. 

For that reason, we’ve changed our url from 316boys to 0316enter.

For an easier navigation, a new tag system will be added, and our tags page will be updated once it’s complete.

An introduction post to Rose Quartz will be posted soon, but a detailed post will be made once more info/profiles are released.

We hope you enjoy!