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can we talk abt how in that trophy gif when yoongi goes to grab it his hand holds more the trophy than jimins hand and then yoongi moves his hand up so his hand is more firmly holding/on top of jimin??? God these small moments just fuck me up

this,,, is probably the closest we’ve gotten to y and j willingly and deliberately holding hands on camera


ace babyface: sora saying frick
homobird: and he says it like
homobird: really quietly
ace babyface: like its a really bad word
homobird: like under his breath
homobird: he like gets a paper cut
homobird: and hunches over
homobird: and in the quietst voice you can imagine
homobird: “fr i ck”

betsey came  up with this idea andn i lvoe hER FOR IT

  • me: i've done it...i've finally coded an ai program able to perfectly imitate human intelligence
  • AI: *snaps finger guns* what the fr*ck is up my dudes, hope you're having a real coolio neato day beause personally, i wanna heckin die!!!
  • me: *violently hacks my computer to pieces with a hatchet*

Request: hi! i love your scenarios so much honestly♥ so if you feel like it could you maybe do performance unit as friends please? (i really loved your bf series too ♥) thank you so much!!
Members: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino (svt)


  • The aggressively supportive best friend
  • Tells you to work hard but also texts you with a million and a half exclamation points if you wind up staying up late to do exactly that
  • And then he whines when you nag him about staying up too late to practice 
  • Him: But I have to practice!!
  • The kind of best friend who will let you practice makeup on his so long as you SWEAR you won’t tell the boys or take pictures
  • But of course you creepshot a few and he just scREAMS while you cackle 
  • If you send them to Seungkwan he’ll get real damn dramatic about how wow,,, he can’t believe you,,, his own very best friend,,, betrayed his trust like that,,, how dare you 
  • He pouts at you a lot with big-ass puppy dog eyes to try and get you to pity him 
  • Wants you to pity him so you’ll do something for him, which half the time is just you buying him food when he’s too lazy to pick up his phone and order takeout
  • A lot of the time it’s also helping him with his chores BUT THOSE EYES NEVER WORK WHEN IT COMES TO THAT GET REAL HOSHI YOU’RE NOT GONNA MOP FOR HIM
  • Probably wants to do those super lame bromance jokes lmfao doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl or something else he WILL make you do them
  • You: do you want a protein shake bro
  • Hoshi: nah bro, you’re the only strength I need bro
  • You: bro 
  • Hoshi: bro
  • Minghao, somewhere in the background: I want you both to shut up 
  • Gets you guys matching hats that say “best” on one and “bro” on the other
  • But half the time you guys switch places and wind up spelling out “bro best” instead LMAO
  • Gets you autographs of all your favorite idols 
  • Probably wants to send you memes but doesn’t know how to get them
  • Gets frustrated when you send him memes until he realizes he can just steal them 
  • Likes taking selfies with you where you guys do the little finger heart
  • If someone upsets you BOY HOWDY does his temper flare like someone better hold him back cause he has an image to maintain,,,
  • It’s just??? You’re his best friend??? You’ve always been there for him and you’re someone he wants to meet his future spouse and be the godparent to any of his mini Soonyoungs
  • And now someone was daring to mess with you??? He thought the fr*ck not bitch
  • Hoshi is the ride or die best friend 
  • Demands that you push him around in a shopping cart whenever you guys go shopping
  • If he sees a cute girl and you start pushing him over he’ll panic because he looks five years old BUT THAT’S ALL THE MORE REASON TO DO IT
  • Mess with him just do it HE NEEDS TO BE MESSED WITH 
  • You keep him in check really?? The members feel blessed he has a friend like you for this because they can’t always but they know that you and Soonyoung have each other’s backs


  • Takes a LOT of selfies with you 
  • Always posts them like “hanging out with the best bud” but also takes a lot of creepshots of you just to make you s u f f e r 
  • If he sees someone taking a picture of the two of you he does the bunny ears behind your head because he’s actually a child
  • You guys are always ready to judge the crap out of someone else together 
  • Like you two have mastered the subtle looks and eye rolls whenever someone is acting like an idiot 
  • Always consults you on your fashion choices 
  • “No no you can’t wear THAT shade it totally clashes with your pants”
  • “Jun we’re literally just going to the grocery store”
  • “Yeah but you know they have that one cute cashier who usually works Tuesdays”
  • “Hdsdjfhej You Right what would I do without you???”
  • “Go out looking like a walking child’s coloring book now change into your one sweater we bought last winter-”
  • Writes on your arms a lot 
  • Sometimes it’s little doodles (he’s gotten outrageously good at drawing flowers through this)
  • Sometimes it’s words written in other languages (“Jun I know what that means stop writing it on my arm”)
  • Sometimes it’s reminders for you (one time wrote your entire grocery list on your arm and you were like wtf how do you know what I need and he was just I raided your cupboards again not sorry)
  • And it’s just like a cute lil bestfriend thing and one time to get back at him for writing a dirty word in Chinese on you, you wrote every swear word you know on his neck when he fell asleep at your house just before he went to schedules 
  • Jun: There’s revenge and then there’s just pure evil
  • You: I regret nothing 
  • The kind of friend who hugs you a lot and, when you’re sad and feel like your whole world is falling apart, kisses your forehead 
  • And there’s nothing romantic about it, it’s just a safe place for you to land when you need comfort and reassurance 
  • He always knows just how to cheer you up and the right things to say 
  • You mean a lot to him; you’re the first person he introduces his new relationships to, and he tells everyone you’re pretty much his sibling because to him you’re family???
  • Again, there’s no romance there but there’s still a bond that’s as strong to him as his bond with his family members and members 
  • Shows up at your door at like 3 am with slushies like “hey the members took over my bed and Hoshi keeps kicking me in the face please let me in I brought sugar”
  • Tbh that’s the only bribery you need lmao but you both know you’d let him in anyways because he always pays for your snacks


  • The real mvp who takes nice photos of you when you aren’t looking so you look naturally wonderful
  • And he’s so good at photography too like have you seen their instagram??? So you always wind up coming out like some unearthly beautiful being???
  • We all need a Minghao in our life tf
  • Pats your head a lot and he literally doesn’t care if you’re shorter or taller He’ll Always Find A Way And An Excuse
  • Nags you a lot, Minghao more like Momhao
  • We’ve seen Minghao scold the members when he gets all fired up like that’s him @ you every time you do something dumb 
  • But you’re so used to it you usually just laugh or something and he’s like TAKE ME SERIOUSLY DAMMIT
  • Late night sleepovers with him and sometimes Jeonghan and Jun where you guys wear face masks and talk shit about anyone who’s bothering you and watch whatever kdrama one of you is hooked on 
  • He always has the best comebacks so if anyone dares mess with you when he’s around, savage The8 comes out and the person winds up running off with their tail between their legs and he’s just “damn right”
  • Fully expects you to run every decision by him and acts offended when you don’t
  • Also expects you to update him on everything
  • He may leave other people on read but not you because what if someone hit on you or what if you forgot something at the store??? He needs to know these important updates especially ones like the former 
  • If you even breathe a word of complaint to him about being single he’s gonna try and set you up
  • And half the time it’s with these drop dead idol level gorgeous people and you’re like “dhjasfhe MINGHAO I CARE BARELY LOOK THEM IN THE EYE”
  • And he’s just “um??? Only the best for my bestie you should be thanking me”
  • No one messes with you when they learn Minghao is your best friend because 1) the boy can serve a comeback like nobody’s business and 2) he has demonstrated his martial arts techniques and everyone is pretty sure he can suplex them and 3) he is an idol with connections dammit
  • To him, you’re his rock really, he wouldn’t date anyone you didn’t approve of and if someone had a problem with you, he’d choose you in a heartbeat
  • Because anyone who didn’t understand how important your friendship was to him wasn’t worth dating??? He wanted you to be his friend forever, by his side through every step of his life, from when he got married to when he had his kids and vice versa
  • Him: I know I’ve found the one when they become your best friend too
  • You: that’s cheesy but also Accurate love u bro


  • Goes on late night convenience store trips with you
  • You guys decked out in hoodies and caps and arguing about which instant ramen to get 
  • “Chan it’s 2 am and you picked last time AND you got to pick tonight’s movie let me pick the damn ramen”
  • “The ramen you pick isn’t spicy enough”
  • Grabs a bunch of snacks and puts them on the counter when you’re digging around your wallet for money 
  • You glare at him but he just grins cause he knows you’re gonna buy them anyways 
  • Wants to battle you in pokemon whenever he has a free moment cause you keep beating him and it’s sO ANNOYING 
  • If you rub it in his face he will Fight You but playfully of course
  • Him: I need to get stronger so that I can carry you and put you somewhere else every time you annoy me
  • You: W o w 
  • Steals bites of your food all the time and you always try and whack his hand away with your utensil BUT IT DOESN’T STOP HIM 
  • Also shares drinks with you but neither of you give a hoot and a half about that it’s just a natural friend thing between you two 
  • Probably made a secret handshake with you tbh 
  • Believes in solving debates on what you guys are gonna do today with rock paper scissors 
  • “I wanna go to the amusement park”
  • “I wanna stay home and watch Moana again”
  • Once tried to implement spock and lizard into that game, it turned into a hellish moment and you agreed the classic is better 
  • Leaves you notes but they’re not cute 
  • They’re things like “lol I stole the last of your whipped cream so I could write “Loser” on Hoshi’s forehead while he takes a nap sorry” 
  • Complains to you 25/8 when the members baby him too much and then complains even more if you baby him as well to tease him 
  • “You’re supposed to be on my side I can’t believe this” 
  • Playfully bickers with you about s o   m a n y   t h i n g s 
  • Panics a little when you get upset because he’s still young and doesn’t always know how to handle it but he always sits you down and listens to you and offers to kick some ass because you’re his best friend who dares mess with you??? 
  • He has an arsenal of scary and strong hyungs at his disposal and that means so do you 
  • Occasionally when it’s really late at night he’ll text you reminders like “hey I know I don’t say it often but thank you for being my best friend you mean a lot to me”
  • Follows it with “don’t tell the members I said this tho they’ll tEASE ME”

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My nosejob experience!!

for anon, who wanted me to make a before and after post talking about my rhinoplasty, so keep reading for a wild journey of embarrasing selfies and pain!!

//tw bruises and blood

((some of this pictures are better quality than others since some are taken with my phone and others with my camera. also keep in mind that 90% of these selfies were taken with the purpose of doing before & afters,not actually looking decent so try not to judge me ookay ill shut up now))

k so here are some pictures of my pre-op nose

from the front:


as you can see it was quite big for my face, had a bump on my bridge and i didnt have a very nice profile. so i made an appointment with a highly recommended plastic surgeon and he told me it would cost about $20000 pesos and i had to get some tests done blah blah blah, irrelevant stuff.

so on august 16th i went to the hospital at 6am and my mum took the last sleepy pre op pictures of me in the ugly hospital gowns thingys

then i went into the operating room, the surgeons put me down right away and i woke up about an hour later confused as fr*ck and they took me to my room.

this is what i looked like when i first woke up and yes, the first thing i did was ask for my phone so i could take bloddy and bruised selfies for the internet

i couldnt breath (obviously), i had a constant nosebleed, wet wipes under my eyes for the bruising (im sure your surgeon will tell you this but just in case!! a tip: make ice cubes out of tea for your eyes to make the swelling go down faster) and a cast on my nose. i couldnt feel pain on my face (wich was still a lil numb in places) and i actually felt almost no pain on my nose during my whole recovery but coming down from the anesthesia was awfully painful for me. it was probably because this was my first surgery and i hadnt been put down before but if you’re not a wimp, unlike me, you’ll be fine.

during this day my face got rEALLY swollen and bruised (i dont have any pics of that bc i was feeling awful but if you want to get a nosejob be prepared to look like an overweighted squirrell who lost a bar fight for a few days)

this is what i looked like about 5 days after the surgery, cast still on, a lot less swollen (but still a lil swollen), still bruised and hating life:

so yeah, the gaping fish look is gonna stay w/ u for those few days where you cant breath through your nose and sleeping is a lot harder when you cant move. or lay down too much. or breathe. 

like a week after the surgery i went to get my cast off and i didnt hurt at all, but was kinda uncomfortable having your nose that sensitive. I also got my nose cleaned, wich was a tru hASHTAG BLESSING i had never appreciated being able to breathe that much. ps: keep in mind that the cast makes your nose look weird so the first impression isnt the end result, dont get weirded out if you look like a pig at first (i know i did). anywayss, without my cast nd a lot less swollen i looked like dis!!

i had a lot of anxiety and was even depressed over the way i looked and this truly helped me get my confidence back. surgery doesnt fix things, you do. but i feel so incredibly happy with the way i look now and it changed my life for the better even though i had doubts until the day before the surgery (but srsly dont take big decisions if youre having second thougts, i set a bad example dudes)

always remember that youre beautiful no matter what and even tho you dont need plastic surgery, theres nothing wrong with it if you want it. do whatever makes you happy, its ya body

thank u so much to anyone who took the time to read this long ass post ily and feel free to ask me anything!!

(ps: technically im not recovered yet, the full recovery is 6 months and its only  been like a month but ill update this when its time!!)

(ps 2: sorry for any misspelling, english is not my first language and please correct me if i wrote something wrong)

this post has been getting a lot more attention recently, i think its been two years since i got my nose done?? im avoiding reading this whole post again because its probably going to make me cringe and want to die from embarrassment but i thought id update a bit on how my nose looks now since i never got around doing it!

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Hollywood. As for Ep. 304, well... whatever the writer's intent with the Jaime/Geneva scene, it seemed to miss the mark for a lot of fans. Considering the franchise hinges on Claire and Jaime, I'd expect a big push to refocus on that. And I think the shipper blogs help in that regard. Your enthusiasm for all things Claire and Jaime is wonderful. Remind casual fans and even production what is important to you about the show. It doesn't go unnoticed. Print Shop is coming (and f*ck Fr*nk). :)

Woot! Jamie and Claire….. Yesssssss!

I think some of it was to increase the angst and desperation for Jamie and Claire reunion. However, I also think they don’t understand their audience either.

My son is a casual viewer. He and I finally watched the latest ep and even he was so over the separation. He thought the Geneva sex was rape even though they tried to hide that, and he did not understand why they were making Fr*nk seem like a martyr.

Literally everyone watches for Jamie and Claire. It is their story. Yes, life has to happen for them, but they were dangerously close to only portraying Claire’s story through the people around her. We were kind of out of her POV and that’s why these missteps were so apparent.

todoroki + kitty headcanons!

  • it all started one day when todoroki was walking to class, and this cat starts following him
  • he doesn’t even notice, until he’s walking up the stairs into ua and momo calls out from somewhere behind him and is like, “todoroki, is that your cat?”
  • todo turns around, completely confused and staring at momo until his gaze drifts down and yeah, there’s a cat there. it’s snow white with long hair, and he doesn’t think twice about it until he sees its eyes. one is gold but the right eye is bright blue. 
  • momo’s pretty sure she saw todoroki’s eyes sparkle

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Little freak out/rant (sickness trigger warning)

I swear I think my body is rejecting food. Everything I eat no matter what it is has me feeling sick and without fail I vomit. I don’t know what the h*ck is wrong with me and it’s freaking me out!!! I can’t even eat “safe” foods without feeling sick. I just had watermelon and I feel sick to my stomach. But it’s with everything no matter what so what the fr*ck????

more melchritz

anon said: melchiritz prom hcs maybe!!! or just anything abt them going to dances n stuff as a couple n being the Cutest™

hope this is everything u want and more xoxo (theyre so out of order enjoy anyway though lmao)

thought these up w @confessionsofageekyfangirl who is the best to talk about hcs with

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