my entire life i have had my emotions clouded by anxiety. i’m unable to experience them as they inherently are. rather, i experience a sense of urgency and nervousness in all i feel, plus a need to understand, so i try to rationalize or intellectualize the emotions and connect a to b and b to c and so on and so forth. labelling each way i feel as a concrete good or bad. it’s so unhealthy. i can read about it and try to educate myself about the “right” way to feel but that won’t allow me to learn how to feel things properly. it’s not something that can be taught. i mean, maybe it is and i’m clueless. but i’m determined to fix it. EQ is just as important as IQ, and rn my EQ is practically nonexistent. this realization has me fucked up today, i’ve been in bed in silence since i woke up just thinking about this repeatedly and my entire internalized life makes so much sense now. i don’t know if this even makes sense to anyone else because it’s difficult to put into words 


Nothing says “I love you” quite like a cult based accent give away right?? Ayyy but im finally done!! 

Accent: Scopophobia - Preorder Thread
Tentative Price:
500g ??


  • An accent will be given away for every run of 10 orders (ex: 3 runs = 3 given away)
  • Reblog with your UN/ID to enter
  • You can reblog more than once
  • Winner(s) chosen by RNG
  • Comments and critiques are nice?? (but totally not necessary!!)

Happy Valentines day everyone!!

So, I’ve been playing around with an idea for a little while but haven’t actually implemented it within clan lore yet…

“A dragon need only peer into their heart of hearts, their soul, to find themselves.” – some dragon mystic, probably

In other words, I’ve got a headcanon that while the flight deities may not directly interfere with nests within their territories, their magic subconsciously does. And it’s this bit of influence that sees the potential of a dragon by “weighing” their soul.

This is all done within the egg, when a dragon is most closely linked with the magic of their flight’s deity. This weighing determines a dragon’s magical/physical might, based on how well the deities magic meshes with their own.

And because I like to randomize stuff a lot, I built up this chart to use with a d20 dice to make it easier to decide what dragons get what:

  • 1: Scorned by Deity (barest amount of elemental link)*
  • 2-4: Low Potential
  • 5-16: Average Potential
  • 17-19: High Potential
  • 20: Blessed by Deity (highest amount of elemental link)**

I just haven’t decided on if I want to have this be a thing that I assign OOC, or if it’ll be done by some kind of Seer within the clan, as a kind of “welcome to the clan thing, let’s see how useful you’ll be”.

*Since my headcanon for breeding is pretty much just a mixing of magic from the parents (intimate situations unnecessary), this also affects how easily they can create eggs with their partner. This applies more toward those scorned (”sterile”, not enough magic available to mix with partner).

**Basically “Hero” status, one small step down from demi-god.

(EDIT: more notes)

I want to gift bomb some folks.

So, for the next 30 minutes, anyone who reblogs this with the name and user-number of someone (doesn’t have to be you, give me the name of a friend to bomb!) will get an assortment of stuff from my hoard!
Everyone will get at least two apparel items, two types of food (might not be full stacks), and a trinket/material. However, I do have some extra skins/accents and festival stuff that needs new homes, so those will be going out to some lucky people too!
If you do post a friend’s name and want to be mentioned in the message I send them, let me know. (I can also make the note a bit romantic if you want as well. It is Valentine’s Day, after all. :P)

Edit: Alright! Time’s up! Everyone who has replied will get a message from me in time, just keep an eye on your message box! :3