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You Make Me Crazy

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1036

Warnings: swearing, slight angst (barely), arguing, smut.

**Just a silly little thing I wrote when I was bored… 

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Sam rolled his eyes at the two of you as he stood at the head of the map room table, his arms loosely folder over his chest. Here they go again. You and Dean had been fighting for over an hour about a new case Sam had found. Dean thought it was a pack of werewolves migrating up the interstate, but you knew better. The victims were found deep in the woods, most in various small caverns. Each victim was in a different state of… dismemberment.

“It’s a wendigo, you moron!” You shouted as you slammed your fists into the table, shooting from your chair. “Some of the victims still had their hearts intact! How does that still sound like a werewolf to you?”

Dean scoffed turning away from you. You knew you had him, he knew he was wrong. But he was a Winchester and would never admit it.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I was just wondering if someone commissioned it would you draw original characters for them? Your art is truly incredible and it would be great to see what you do with characters who you only receive written descriptions for. 😊

Of course:) I would draw anything. OCs, fanart, humans, creatures, even furries you name it hahaha. Descriptions alone are ok but be prepared for me to be bothersome, because I would want it to fit to the commissioners liking.